Kayla Jones 11:00-11:50 Word Count: Parenthood Most of my life I was raised in a two parent home - Parenthood introduction. My father was not always there because of work but when he was he always made time for me and my two older brothers. Most of my friends were being raised by single parents are never really spoke of their fathers much. I never knew how they felt because even when my parents divorced I still never knew what it felt like to only have one parent in my life.

How I feel is you made this child and basically abandoning your child is showing how much you really do not have a care in the world for your child. Sometimes it is necessary but if your life is completely fine and you just feel that you don’t need to be there for your kid then that’s, not assuming a responsibility you’ve created. Both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child. One reason why both parents should have equal responsibility of raising a child is because it can create an emotional rift between one of the parents and the child.

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According to Scott in the article “Co-Parenting”, a successful divorce is one in which the parents’ divorce each other but do not require the child to divorce one of the parents, either as a result of parental conflict or by one parent not being available to the child (Scott). Not all parents are meant to be married things happen and they grow apart. But that should never change their relationship with their children. ”Thus it is a well-established fact that a child experiencing the dissolution of the family structure will do better if the parents are able to get along and reduce trauma in an already traumatic experience.

Co-Parenting can be a viable option when it is implemented by parents who want it to work because they understand that the child’s needs supersede their own self-interest and it can be successful and rewarding for both the child and the parents. ” (Scott) As children grow they take everything from their parents. “Your parents’ duty is to nurture you, so that you can grow up to become a person who is strong and able to support oneself. Parents must realize that when it comes to raising a child, they must put in an equal amount of effort so that the child learns new things, prevents family breakdowns and prevents the child from straying off the ‘right’ path. ” (Scott) You can always tell the difference between children that have parents with morals and that have taught them right from wrong from children that has parents come from stable single parent homes. It’s a difference in between stable single parent homes and unstable single parent homes. A stable single parent home can be as strong as a married stable home the parents both have morals, rules, and standards.

A unstable single parent home is one in which the father may be in and out of the children’s life can also be a mother that does not have any morals, rules, or standards. Another reason both parents should assume equal responsibilities is to elevate stress from an over burned mother. I feel like children that are raised without one of the parents tend to be lacking something when they are little or even more as they grow up. In an article I read the young boy’s mother divorced his father because he was a drug abuser, he never got so much as a happy birthday and from his father.

The article says that becoming a man does not come with age. He had to realize that his father was not going to be there and he had to go ahead and do what he had to do in life, like get his education and not live by the statistics that kids that grow up in a single parent household will end up on drugs and not finish school, he had to live up to expectations (McKay, “Man growing up fatherless”). Another article I read is now concerning a female being raised without a father. Fathers give their daughters the emotional confidence that they need to take with them, masculinity and affection.

Females may find themselves lacking in appeal no matter how pretty they may be or whatever they may have going for them. Women without fathers are to have less likely to set boundaries around men, and less likely to be strong (Sunstone, “How do fatherless girls gain confidence”). I can agree with that article because growing up none of my friends had fathers and their total way of thinking about boys was totally different from mine because I knew better my father taught me better.

Without fathers, children often encounter problems understanding who they are and what they ought to be like, and that’s where they start to question their confidence, and as many other people whom also have fathers encounter the same problems I personally feel that it often has to do with some sort of missing link. “Women typically do not need a male companion to raise a boy into a strong man because they always seem to make it happen, but it helps a whole lot. A strong man is not about being physically fit. It is a man who can operate as an independent individual in the adult world.

”(McKay) “Dominance is not the fundamental of a relationship; love is. If either companion cannot express themselves there is no love, openness is what makes a lasting family. There is no specific role expected from the two but you’ve supposed to be born into a family with a mother and father. ” (Scott) Family is everything to me I would never let my child go without a father. “There are many thoughts about, who’s in charge of the success of others and the answer could be you are your own success, But that besides all, think about your childhood who were the people that support you and guide you on the right path?

The answers are two words that in the dictionary could have a common meaning but in your heart should mean everything, MOM and DAD; they are your family, your guides, and your inspirations as some people call them. They are the ones that besides all your mistakes never will let you down, they are who after every fall will help you getting up, those who say we are here when no one is, your parents are part of your consciousness that few ever see or appreciate, they are the reason that you have to succeed in your life, you might think that success can be for yourself, but thanks to your parents you were there to achieve that success.

I can agree with that quote because I am everything I am today because of my parents. They always taught me life lessons that have stuck with me over the years. Each parent can teach a child so many different things. The whole time my parents was going through their divorce my mom never spoke one world about it. I always thought it was because of us maybe we were the problem in their relationship. Everything seemed to be just fine before we came alone. But that was my father’s decision to leave and be with somebody else. He was still a father to me but that made me so much closer to my mother.

She never left my side was always there and we now have a bond we never had when my parents were married I was daddy’s little girl. I try to let her know as much as I can that I appreciate her and everything she has done and continues to do. Even though they did not stay married they did assume the responsibility and raised their kids. Work Cited Scott, Michael. “Co- Parenting. ” November 2002. Mediate. <http://www. mediate. com>. McKay, Brett, and Kate McKay. “Man from Growing Up Fatherless. ” Difficulties of Growing Up Without a Father. 17 June 2009. Web

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