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People making out in the school hallways

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There is a major problem in todays school hallways. There is an overabundance of public displays of affection. Some that may be innocent and some that are utterly disgusting. There is a time and place for you to show your loved one how much you love them. School hallways are not this place.

There have been a few attempts at getting rid of this problem, all of which have gone down in vain. Administrators have threatened detention for anyone caught showing their affection in any ways other than the acceptable ones set forth in the OHS Student Handbook.

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People making out in the school hallways
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This course of action has not worked in the least due to many reasons. Firstly teachers do not want to be the bad guy and they just walk by as if they dont even see it. Secondly if a teacher does say anything they do not penalize the offender they just stop the act. So the offender will stop for now and then continue later when the teacher is out of site and out of mind.

Our solution is to equip each and every student and teacher with a pocket size tube of super-glue, and require them to use it on any one caught showing unacceptable PDAs. We feel that if the two offenders want to be that close in school, why not make them that close always. Maybe when they see how annoying this gets to be then this will discourage them from committing these acts in school again. If this course of action does not prove effective then we will be forced to simply bring them all into a room where they can be alone. While they are alone however we will simply blow up the room and rid ourselves of this nuisance.We would all benefit of this second solution because it would take care of two problems. First off it would get rid of this vulgar display and secondly it would take care of the always annoying overcrowding of the hallways and make an easier learning experience in the classroom.

The present solution of giving detentions for PDA is a good idea if enforced. But since teachers feel it necessary to stay on students good sides this plan just doesnt work.

Now I make these suggestions for the benefit of all other students and future students at OHS. I personally would not benefit from this because we are senior and will be out of this in a couple of months.

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People making out in the school hallways. (2018, Dec 20). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/people-making-out-in-the-school-hallways/

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