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Personal Response Agamemnon believe that Agamemnon is a protagonist character with selfish intentions in the play, Agamemnon. Although, he does make a few errors in his period of ruling. Overall, I believe he is a hubris person as he holds great pride in himself, his actions and his decisions. I believe that his intentions of his actions are only meant for his own benefit and that he believes no one else’s value should be more than his value. He has very little effect but, a very important role in the storyline.

He could not have changed or effected any actions that occur from the moment of his victory from Tory to his death ecause of the mistakes he had committed early in his life, such as the sacrifice of his daughter. Despite his previous mistakes, he continued to make decisions for his personal advantage, such as bringing Cassandra as his Trojan princess. Cassandra believe Cassandra is a woman of her word and her self-respect. She was brought to the Kingdom of Argos as a personal benefit for the King.

She had no intention of being with him or responding to his demands. As she enters the Kingdom, she utters a curse on the house of Agamemnon. I believe this is because she was brought to become a mistress without her consent and with heart full of rage towards Agamemnon. I believe any emotional strong woman would have done the same because this shows disrespect towards someone as an individual. She further continues her rage on Agamemnon and the Kingdom as her predicts three prophecies for the future.

Her prophecies include that the King will be seen dead, she herself will die and a new avenger will enter the Kingdom. I cannot say how she had the ability to seek these prophecies for the future but, believe it was done because of the torture and unwilling towards her entry into the Kingdom. Personally believe hat Cassandra’s story is the most powerful and that she contains the most powerful character in the play. This is because she empowers a role of a self- assertive woman who tries to bring justice to herself.

Although her curses and prophecies may seem like revenge for forceful entry to the Kingdom, I believe this is the most that she could have done in a ladylike manner for her situation.

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