Persuasive On Paying College Athletes Essay

First of all, the risk factor involved with collegiate sports is all to high to not compensate players. If a student-athlete is hurt or unsuccessful, the coaches and administrators can thus waive a player and left with nothing. Moreover, no one mentions the lifetime of health care bills that await some student- athletes in contact sports. How can a “free education” compensate them for debilitating injuries caused during their time on campus? And how can we as fans truly enjoy a football game knowing that one player’s career-ending injury will leave him saddled with nothing more than a lifetime of pain and actor’s bills?

This is one reason why we must compensate players.

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Persuasive On Paying College Athletes
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Second of all, college sports is big business. You might argue College sports generate billions Of dollars, to be exact 11 Billion dollars in annual revenues. These revenues are given to NCAA executives, athletic directors and coaches in the form of salaries, and no athlete sees a dollar, When they truly are the reason these billions of dollars are made.

The NCAA is flourishing while players continue to struggle paying for food, travel, books and other expenses. Now you might say, why can’t such one go get a job.

However, College sports are a lull time job, practices take priority after all academics are finished and thus, allows no time for a secular job. The main reason paying college athletes has not been legalized is that many view college athletics as amateur sports. Many say that paying college athletes would debase the essence of amateur sports. However, On the subject of the word amateur, the Being dictionary defines an amateur as someone who does something for spurs pleasure, and no gain. As stated before, athletes devote their lives to sports,And play for their greater good thus it can almost be likened to a job.

Therefore, how are these sports truly “Amateur” . Also ones who refute paying college athletes say that there is a great unfairness with paying college athletes. How could the smaller schools, who do not make as much money as other, be able to compensate players, while staying afloat financially. However this can easily be fixed with a set system by the NCAA. 11 Billion dollars can be dispersed evenly to assist these smaller programs, therefore there is more than enough possible aid these schools in compensating players without struggling financially.

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