Pestel and SWOT Analysis of British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco ( BAT ) is one of the taking international baccy makers around the universe. Despite of several limitations and barriers, the concern is runing really passionately while bring forthing high quality baccy merchandises. It is the 2nd largest amongst other five that besides dominates international markets and 8 old ages prolonging success as the lone baccy concern in Dow Jones universe index. By puting 112 million lbs on research and development, BAT produces 724 billion coffin nails per twelvemonth and keeping leading in more than 50 markets amongst 180.

By holding more than 250 trade names, BAT makes one out of eight grownup tobacco users, among one billion in the universe, to take their 1s. Besides coffin nails, BAT besides manufactures Smokeless Snus, Cigars, Roll-your-own and Pipe baccy. Its International Drive trade names include Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Vogue, Victory, Rothmans, Kool, Benson & A ; Hedges, State Express 555, Peter Stuyvesant, Viceroy and John Player Gold Leaf. It has, a broad geographic characteristic and a good proportionate, trade name scope that ever offer something valued to the consumers within varied monetary value standards.

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History and Infrastructure

BAT was founded in 1902 as a joint venture between Imperial Tobacco Company of United Kingdom and American Tobacco Company of United States, with the agreement that both the company will non merchandise in one another ‘s local markets and will be able to utilize each other ‘s hallmarks and trade names in their several part. Then expanded in Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, South Africa and China ; West Indies in 1904, India, Ceylon and Egypt in 1905, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and Norway in 1906, Finland, Indonesia and East Africa in 1908, and Malaysia in 1911. Same twelvemonth, American Tobacco Company disassociates from the joint venture.

Expansion continued Argentina in 1913, Brazil in 1914, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico and Central America in 1921, North Carolina in 1927 and during this twelvemonth it had its twenty-fifth day of remembrance ; Central and East Europe and Far East in 1990 ; Hungary, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the Czech Republic, Russia, Romania and Poland in 1992. The American Tobacco Company once more merged in 1994. Expansion once more in 2001, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, South Korea and Nigeria ; Italy in 2003 ; Sweden in 2005 and stopped its UK operations in 2007.

BAT has it ‘s headquarter in London and is being employed by more than 60,000 people throughout the universe. It maintains a strong multicultural working environment and has a construction where each local workplace has its ain independence of taking stairss and duties for their actions. Decisions are taken matching to the local state of affairs and stakeholders within a defined rules and policies.

Macro and Micro Environmental Issues

Macro Environmental Factors

With the model of PEST/PESTEL/PESTLE analysis, BAT ‘s menaces and chances are defined, and aid to visualise external facets, which normally can non be controlled and have possible to impact aims.

Political/ Legal

By and large, baccy industries are implemented regulative control by enforcing revenue enhancements and responsibility charges. Besides limitations on selling, advertizement, and exhibition of the merchandise, avoid descriptions like, visible radiation and mild, nicotine, C monoxide smoke outputs and baccy ingredients, prohibition of smoking in public topographic points – BAT is cognizant of these facets and employ attorneies to hold legal advice on these societal duties, selling and stakeholders issues.


Tobacco responsibility was raised in line with rising prices. The impact of high revenue enhancement in the UK coffin nail market resulted in high monetary values, which led to cut down one-year industry volumes, greater monetary value competition and merchandising down by consumers to lower-price coffin nail trade names. Enforcing revenue enhancements on baccy causes major gross for authorities around the universe. Such industry, like BAT contributes well to the fiscal system of more than 150 states. About 100 million of people worldwide do hold occupation chances from the industry.

Social and Culture

Due to hazards to wellness figure of tobacco users has decreased over the old ages as people are going educated. BAT is cognizant and manages operations responsibly. They are working through duologue in advertisement aims, dismaying about wellness perilousness on packages, prohibition of smoking in public topographic points and prohibitions on exposing at POS.


Due to advancement in engineering devising of coffin nail is to the full automated into machines, from processing of baccy to cutting cigarette paper and filters. Packaging are besides automated, coffin nails are filled into several trade name battalions, wrap in protective movie and placed in cartons.

Factory machines at each location are modern-day and those can non be redeployed are destroyed. BAT itself participate in technological advancement by transporting their ain researches either into their section or other establishments for introducing new and fresh thoughts and production. They believe in proving and accommodating new available engineering for their production. BATB has besides developed and promoted new cultivation methods that to refill dirt by utilizing organic substance for better birthrate construction every bit good as holding environmental benefit. They work with BAT Biodiversity Partnership and Bangladesh Agriculture University.

Micro Environmental Factors

The microenvironment factors determine BAT ‘s internal entities that can be controlled and manipulated to roll up information for selling schemes.

Merchandise BAT manufactures Cigarettes, Smokeless Snus, Cigars, Roll-your-own and Pipe baccy.

Monetary value Merchandises are sold at Gross Price with proper VAT. Jobbers are allowed discounted monetary values for orders transcending 6,000 outers or more of coffin nails, cigars and / or baccy for a individual bringing.

Promotion To aware mark client, advertizements are done through Television and newspapers with conformity to the legal and regulative environments. Topographic point BAT delivers merchandise straight to the appropriate premises or any other secure references as understanding, i.e. to valued consumers.

SWOT Analysis

It is used to analyze BAT ‘s concern construction and operations, history and merchandises, gross and scheme.


Strong Market Position

BAT is the 2nd most prima baccy manufacturer. It functions through 50 mills across 41 states, bring forthing 724 billion coffin nails per twelvemonth. By holding more than 250 trade names, it posses strong market stance in several parts and keeping leading in more than 50 markets amongst 180. About more than 5,500 billion coffin nails are being produced globally by the baccy industries, 45 % of the planetary market. Harmonizing 2009, BAT has 13.0 % of market portion in comparing to China National Tobacco Co. , Philip Morris International, Japan Tobacco International, Imperial Tobacco and others of 41.4 % , 15.5 % , 10.8 % , 5.8 % and 13.7 % severally. Due to advantage in multiple tasted trade names, merchandises ‘ demand is high and therefore, cardinal strength for BAT.

Geographically Diversified

BAT has expanded its concern geographically and therefore established growing chances in planetary market by 50 mills scattered across 41 states and have no operability dependencies between the parts. Harmonizing 2010 figures, Eastern and Western Europe have 27.3 % and 11.6 % gross severally ; Americas have 22.1 % , Asia-Pacific of 23 % and Africa & A ; Middle East has 16 % of gross. Nevertheless, BAT does non forbear from developing its concern chances into lifting markets, like, China where figure of tobacco users nowadayss chance for its net income.

Control over Tobacco Leaf

BAT, merely international baccy industry demoing considerable involvement in baccy foliage processing and guarantee equal supply by covering approximately 254, 400 hectares under cultivation. The subordinates states besides have leaf-processing programmes including societal duties and agronomical support to the husbandmans. BAT works with about more than 250,000 of husbandmans across the universe and most of them are straight contracted to provide two-thirds of foliage. They purchase merely from dependable and sustainable beginnings and in 2009, they bought about 400,000 dozenss of baccy foliage of which 80 % was from beginnings in emerging states.


Worsening Operating Profitableness

Over last 6 old ages, operating net income has declined from 3,763 million in 2004 to 2,624 million in 2005 ; nevertheless, there was a steady rise through following consecutives old ages of 3,572 million boulder clay 2008. Even though the net income from Asia-Pacific was ?224 million from 1148 million, the market portion and volumes has lowered because of illicit trade and sheer increase of excise. In America, net income has increased by 134 million to 1186 million while volumes were lowered by 6 % at 151 billion.

In Western Europe, net income rose by 234 million to 994 million, nevertheless, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy and Hungary were offset by turn down otherwise it would hold been increased more by 119 million or 16 % whereas, the volumes rose 6 % to 130 billion. Net income in Eastern Europe has fallen by 59 million to 409 million due to take down volumes by 4 % than old twelvemonth. Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Romania were chiefly had lower public presentation. In Africa and Middle East, the net income has increased by 211 million to 724 million where it could hold been increased by 28 % .

Falling Grosss from Major Operating Sections

Gross excepting responsibility, excise and assorted revenue enhancements, was ?10,768 million during 2004 and has declined to 9,325 million in 2005, nevertheless, once more rose to 9,762, ?10,018 and ?12,122 million in 2006, 2007 and 2008 severally. In 2004, among 5 runing parts 3 has declined in grosss. America has a autumn of 35.6 % , Latin America 2.5 % and Asia-Pacific by 4.6 % . Falling of grosss has caused due to illicit trade, worsening of volumes and deteriorating gross revenues mix and therefore immense losingss in market portion.

Decreasing Operating Cash Flows

Cash flow has declined from operations of 14 % from last twelvemonth, i.e. 2677 million ; this is an indicant of hapless hard currency direction. The free hard currency flow was less by 10.4 % , 2412 million, than last twelvemonth. Due to loss, there is necessity in disposition of capital demands.


Light Cigarettes

More educated people are cognizant of wellness hazards and so merchandises with less nicotine are in demand, which caused adult females smoking population to increase. BAT has established a strong market stance with light coffin nails under some of their popular trade name and increased its gross revenues volumes.

Market Potential in China

Globally the production of coffin nails by the baccy industries is more than 5,500 billion yearly. About 40 % of entire are consumed by the Chinese tobacco users, i.e. around 2,200 billion of coffin nails. China has its state-owned industry, China National Tobacco, but still there is an increasing demand for other states trade names and for which BAT has a immense market chance. The Cardinal Government of China permitted to put for the production since 2004. Bat along with China Eastern Investments Corporation founded a mill where 100 billion of coffin nails are being manufactured yearly. The concern besides distributes and sells its ain merchandises across China.

Rising Popularity of Smokeless Tobacco

BAT was foremost to present smokeless Swedish-style Snus, relatively less harmful than coffin nails. Snus is such sort of inventions that facilitate to decrease influence of baccy on community and has began its journey since 2005. Net income from snus in the planetary market is estimated around 2 billion in where America itself accounts for 65 % so comes Sweden with 480 million. Other markets in South Africa, Pakistan, India, Algeria, Norway and European parts have tradition of strong smokeless baccy and hence BAT turning chance.


Increasing Health Concerns

Due to smoking people face bosom and respiratory jobs and therefore the ingestion of baccy merchandises are worsening in immense Numberss as people are acquiring witting about their wellness. Even inactive tobacco users frequently have certain complaints. Tobacco companies are frequently taken to tribunal by people for disciplinary or compensation. BAT besides encountered with such sort of incidences, which might be a major cause for decline of grosss.

Rival Schemes

Most prima baccy manufacturers are capable to pending legal actions, valued one million millions of dollars, whereas little manufacturers are at that place every bit rivals as they are non entitled to any cases. Such immense companies are required to reserve a considerable sum of their net incomes that they might necessitate to pay in future for the amendss by their merchandises. On the other manus, little companies in together are taking advantages by offering quality merchandises at lower monetary value and hence acquiring clasp of market portion from conventional manufacturers who, in order to maintain company ‘s premium acknowledgment, can non do their merchandise ‘s monetary value lower a certain degree.

Contraband and Counterfeit Cigarettes

BAT besides encountered with illicit trade and has undertaken some actions along with authoritiess, The Group Business Leaders Alliance Against Counterfeiting, to raise political watchfulness and effects of forgery. With such planned action BAT has encountered decline in growing volumes due to restrict in the supply of duty-free points. About 15 % of all the merchandises in the market are likely to be contraband. During 2003, 19 % of Benson & A ; Hedges trade name history of as illicit coffin nails in which 90 % were faked. Besides such forgery of the merchandises can be seen in Eastern Europe and in Asia part. As these coffin nails are non being taxed, they are economical ; hence, such contraband may drive away BAT ‘s possible consumers.

Foreign Market Entry Modes of BAT

BAT enlargements are discussed with four following facets:


BAT founds exporting to be the most conventional attack of emerging into foreign markets. BAT subordinates use the system of trading domestically produced trade goods out of state. BAT normally depends on Free Trade Zones Company for their exportation merchandises. BAT started its coffin nails export to China at the terminal of the decennary and over the old ages, the exportation has spread across its all parts, like, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Middle East, Turkey, African markets etc. Apart from semi-processed to processed baccy foliage, BAT besides exports boxing merchandises to other states.


Licensing provides the organisations in the intended state to hold entree of BAT ‘s intangible belongingss in exchange of certain sum of fees ; like, hallmarks, fabricating techniques and aid, patents, logos etc. For illustration, BAT has trade hallmarks in Cyprus, Lituania and Malta while gained ?68 million as net income. Government in several states has approved licence for joint venture with the local companies. By 1927, BAT has 120 subordinates and built mills worldwide, in where operations like Leaf-processing has developed ; states like China, Nigeria, Germany, Brazil and India. In 2001, BAT has acquired licence and made joint venture of $ 40 million with Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation, Vinataba.

Joint Venture

BAT has joint ventured with companies worldwide to take jointly on economic actions ; includes ownership, power, understanding, capablenesss, engineering, monetary value, resource, and authorities policies ; where the common aims – entryway into market, net income and hazard sharing, engineering meeting, fabricating jointly and conformity of authorities regulations and ordinances. They ventured regardless of similarities or differences in competitory aims. Besides, political links and supply channel activities are besides beneficent if relationships exist.

In 1902, Imperial Tobacco Company in UK and American Tobacco Company in US formed joint venture as British American Tobacco Company ( BAT ) . During 1960, BAT broadens its concern into cosmetics, nutrient, paper and mush ; in 1964, with UK Tonibell ice-cream company ; During1970, UK packaging company Wiggins Teape and Mardon, Lentheric aroma company, nutrient industries in South Africa and Australia ; with retail companies, Argos of UK and Saks Fifth Avenue of US ; during 1992, ventures spread in Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania and Uzbekistan ; in 1999, BAT has ventured with universe ‘s 4th largest baccy company, Rothmans International ; in 2001, Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation ( Vinataba ) ; in 2006, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. ( BARH ) .

Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI )

Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) is holding ownership of concern in the intended state. Major associates with BAT are in USA as Reynolds America, ITC in India, Vinataba in Vietnam. BAT has invested capital, direction, transferred resources, expertness and engineering. Hence, this investing allows higher degree of control over the concern with the available of trueness and committedness, and better apprehension of clients and concern environment.

In1913, BAT acquired Bozetti & A ; Co. of Argentina ; in 1914, Souza Cruz of Brazil ; in 1921, Cigarrera Bigott Sucs of Venezuela ; within following few old ages in Chile, Central America and Cigarrera La Moderna company in Mexico ; in 1927, Brown & A ; Wiiliamson of North Carolina ; in 1992, Pecsi Dohanygyar of Hungary ; during 2001, new investings in South Korea, Egypt, Nigeria, Vietnam and Turkey. BAT besides possessed Restomat AG, Switzerland and Ente Tabacchi Italian S.p.A ( ETI ) , Italy in 2003 and 2005 severally. In 2008, Tekel of Turkey by winning $ 1.72 billion command.

Growth Strategy

BAT gives importance to the rise of planetary market portion by germinating into new markets and wants to turn their capacity by organic growing, amalgamation and acquisition.

For organic growing, BAT is more focussed on their strategic planetary sectors, which offer good trade name outlook for long tally, particularly Premium and International Brands. Harmonizing to 2007 one-year fiscal study, Global Drive trade names have growing by 10 % while International trade names by 5 % . BAT has mark of optimising the function of Global Drive Brands and are ready to use chances for their enlargement in  Value for Money ” and  Low Monetary value Sections ” .

They besides want to keep or set up good stances in precedence markets by specifying itself as the taking and the greatest profitable of all time. They besides consider transporting on with their development, invention and offering clients typical merchandises within their trade names. BAT besides concentrates in trade selling and distribution by concentrating on Direct Store Gross saless that helps to develop first-class and profitable relationships with the possible clients.

For productiveness, BAT concerns about best using its world-wide resources to hike net incomes and raise fundss for reinvesting in the industry. To be competitory, BAT has cut costs over supply concatenation while bettering merchandise quality and gait for emerging into the planetary market, besides using its people and capital efficaciously.

For Responsibility, BAT purely follows their Business Principles with the stakeholders, which is comprised of Mutual Benefit, Excellent Corporate Conduct and Responsible Product Stewardship. BAT conducts qualitative criterions of concern with employees globally. They besides encourage reasonable baccy ordinance by equilibrating consumers ‘ pick and societal involvements, cut downing injury and determine the company sustain and flourish. For injury decrease scheme, BAT will decrease the pitch and toxins systematically from the merchandises and establish a new coevals merchandise that has fewer hazards to wellness.

Last, for constructing a Winning Organization, BAT provides good working environment and follows scheme that produce leaders who have devotedness, be advanced and who can ease squad in order to construct the company worldwide. During 1990, BAT was intended to concentrate wholly on baccy that provoked and altered the Group. Subsequently in 1995, BAT considered to hold assurance and an purpose to be the leader amongst baccy industries and hence developed a scheme. To decrease supply concatenation complications and accumulate outgo, which were besides portion of the scheme, BAT closed some of its loss incurring companies, like, in 2005, South Hampton works was closed down.

Stockholder concern besides plays important function for BAT scheme. For more than 5 old ages, the net return of stockholders provided by BAT was a notable fact, like, investor who kept ?100 in 2004 would acquire return of ?268 by 2009, plus portion cost increase along with dividends, while FTSE100 would hold supply ?135 merely over same investing and clip span.

Bing consistent in scheme, BAT has made net incomes of ?14, 208 million by the terminal of 2009, 17.2 % more from 2008. The operating net income and net net income was ?4,101 million and ?2,713 million, i.e. 14.8 % and 10.4 % more than 2008, severally. All the grosss so far that BAT has made were due to proper pricing direction, growing volume, outstanding employees public presentations, good exchange rate and however, from their duties towards stakeholders and consumers.


Surely, baccy is harmful and can do major wellness hazards to the tobacco users. Bing cognizant of the fact, BAT produces and sells coffin nails responsibly ; by doing the merchandise legal, forbidden advertizements and shows, working through duologue, ordinances on packages etc. and affirmed in public to decrease the harm while fitting both public demands and communal outlooks. Besides, with the cooperation of outstanding employees who have the passion and ability to serve better public presentation, BAT aimed to be known as the leader and be the first precedence for NGOs, authoritiess, stockholders etc.

It already possesses the 2nd place in the universe baccy industry with a successful even scheme, sustainable operations and quality merchandises, while building long-run stockholder value. Over more than 100 old ages of concern, BAT has established a strong planetary acknowledgment for high quality baccy merchandises in order to run into clients ‘ assorted penchants.

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