Philippine Independent film

Table of Content

Background of the Study

Since today is a fast changing universe and that media are a large influence to what the society is now. Philippines has no flight to this impact. As a affair of fact. Philippines is one of the states most influenced by media. From the latest tendencies of manner down to which serve rinsing being used is based on what is seen and heard from different mediums. The media either as forums in which of import issues are debated or as narrators that carry beliefs and values across people. infinite. and clip are cardinal to the creative activity and care of our assorted civilizations ( Baran. 2012 ) . The audiences can take an active function in determining the civilization in the mass communicating procedure that at the same clip. determine them. Media. peculiarly telecasting are used by media practicians and media audiences for mass communicating intents to further of import societal. political. or cultural bases. Television is one of the most used medium today. Watching films is the cheapest signifier of amusement for the Filipino multitudes. It affects and echoes what the society is now.

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From teleseryes to advertizements. the telecasting has this impact to the viewer’s head consciously and unconsciously. Thus. giving the media the duty to offer the audience ethical and valuable information. A movie acts as a medium of communicating in the signifier of linguistic communication. by agencies of marks which are used to show the interior world of film shapers. These are certain values contributed or communicated by films and they are either good or harmful to the entire development of viewing audiences ( Maligalig. 1997 ) . Mass Media is one of those factors that affect a person’s value formation among themselves. peculiarly among the young person. Since Filipinos are fond of amusement and the telecasting itself. we are easy moved by the fast growth industry. Along with this fast growth industry is the much wider credence of audience to the messages conveyed by media. Harmonizing to Rodman ( 2006 ) people become progressively dependent on media and media content to understand what is traveling on around them. to larn how to move meaningfully. and to get away.

Today’s coevals. the most current topic is the societal and political position of the state. may it be a tendency in societal media about issues such as gender and whether it may be posted as positive or negative. Along with this turning movie industries is the freedom of look to which the Philippine independent movie is known. In conformity to this freedom of look the local movie industry has the sky as their bound to whatever they are to portray in their plants. Philippine film. in short. appears to hold reached full circle: it is at the phase of refinement and explicating its ain conventions and. in the procedure. acquiring in close contact with the agitation in the other humanistic disciplines and at the same clip. the serious critical attending and concern of people with a broader involvement in civilization. This is inevitable ; as an art signifier the film in the Philippines can no longer remain stray from the chief current of esthesias and thoughts that form other artistic signifiers. such as literature. picture. the theatre. etc.

Neither can it wing from the actuality of societal life which. after all. is the beginning of all artistic look ( Daroy. 2014 ) . Filipino independent movies being independent to the messages they want the audience to convey must be cognizant of how they portray their topics. peculiarly political and societal issues. This is likely the most sensitive subjects that the state is confronting for many old ages and in line with this. media are a large subscriber to how the people perceive this sort of medium. In today’s media. films and movies are really good thought and planned that it is non impossible for them to come in the heads of the viewing audiences. It somehow affects and alterations their ain perceptual experiences about things. may it be positively or negatively. But another concern is how good the viewing audiences are cognizant of this sort of issues. They can easy take in messages sent by films or movies but can non filtrate which is to come in and which is non. As an art signifier. movie reflects the civilization and the beliefs of the people it caters to and most of the times is the 1 who shapes their consciousness ( Daroy. 2014 ) .

The Philippines is a palimpsest where traditional. modern and postmodern influences manifest themselves contemporaneously. Its political relations is traditional. its civilization modern and its media postmodern. Understanding the function of new engineerings. such as digital media. under fortunes requires an grasp of incommensurable factors that are however intercalated. The surface of Philippine political relations appears unflappable but underneath it. impressions of the political are being reformulated as a effect of the new media and its globalizing influence ( Pertierra. 2012 ) . As a communicating pupil. the research worker would desire to derive more cognition about the Filipino’s degree of consciousness to independent movies. Whether it mirrors the world and state of affairss that is go oning about or is it merely another mere amusement for them. Indie films as what it is normally called. tackle existent life sensitive issues that the society experience.

Most normally they are known for bold exposures of world. Uncovering the truth and puting no boundaries. doing it every bit realistic as it can. But as coevals alterations so does the movie industry. Nowadays. we are inside the mainstream epoch wherein about everything in telecastings are for tendencies. On doing movies that either provenders rational hungriness or satisfies escapist amusement lies a really funny and oppugning captivation of how Filipinos and the human existences in general relate to each other and to the universe. Due to an rational hungriness that needs to be fed. Filipino independent movies confronts existent life issues that the society experience while mainstream films offer the mass market dreamer amusement which divert off from world ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. studymode. com/essays/Philippine-Independent-Films-Versus-Mainstream-Movies-1049850. hypertext markup language. . pg. 1 ) . In this coevals where indie movie is being widely accepted. produced and even nominated in some known movie festivals and gain assorted awards. the research worker considered that it is timely to do a survey of Philippine independent movie and how it is used as a medium in portraying the country’s political and societal issues.

Statement of the Problem

This survey aims to happen out the nature of Philippine independent movies. how they feature the country’s political and societal issues and how they affect the viewing audiences. Specifically. it seeks to reply the undermentioned inquiries:

1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents in footings of: a. sex?b. age?c. faith?d. nationality?e. civil position?f. educational attainment?g. profession?2. What is the degree of exposure of the respondents when it comes to Philippine indie movies? 3. What political and societal issues are portrayed in Philippine Independent Films? 4. What is the degree of effectivity of Philippine independent movies as: a ) watchdog?

B ) forum for exchange of sentiments?degree Celsius ) instructor?

Significance of the Study

Since indie movies are rushing up to the top and is now more appreciated by the audience. this survey would profit most Filipino viewing audiences. Since it aims to undertake the societal and political consciousness of Filipinos on what they perceive from Philippine independent movies. It can give them consciousness that what is portrayed in telecastings are true or non. Give them ratings to how they will filtrate the freedom of look through movies and consciousness to their part to the society’s issues. Specifically. people behind the media can profit from this survey. Since they are a great impact and influence to the viewing audiences.

Their consciousness and ethical values to how they affect the audience with their plants whether it is adept and educational or merely another signifier of amusement that allows the people to get away the existent jobs of life. Besides. this survey would besides profit communicating pupils that will give them awareness that they are large subscribers in determining the society. And that it all depends in their ethical values and ability to present efficient movies or mediums to the people. To the local mass media which are largely the audience of this movies. For their consciousness of the importance and out-turn of such mediums and their part to societal and political consciousness.

Scope and Restrictions

The survey focuses on the Philippines political and societal issues as portrayed in indie movies and as perceived by the audience. The research worker will utilize four Indie films which are indiscriminately selected by the research worker. The research worker will carry on a movie reappraisal for the respondents and will be carry oning a study based on the movie the respondents watched. Though this survey focuses on the societal and political issues portrayed by Indie Films. it besides aims to analyze other facets indie movie characteristics refering the country’s civilization in the movie industry to give farther and broader cognition about the Philippine indie movie. The study’s venue is the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation in Lucena City. The respondents of the survey are pupils enrolled in Art Appreciation category. Sociology category. Ethical motives category. Society and Culture category and professors from the College of Arts and Sciences who are advisors of the chosen categories.

Theoretical Model

The attitude alteration theory is adapted from psychological science. Mass Communication theorists adapt these borrowed theories to inquiries and issues in communicating. People’s behaviour with respect to issues more important— democracy. ethnicity. authorities. and gender functions. for illustration is influenced by the attitudes and perceptual experiences presented by our mass media ( Baran. 2012 ) . In regard to this theory. mass media being extremely influential has a great impact to how the audience will see and understand messages delivered in Indie Films.

Meanwhile the charming slug theory. from the name itself ‘bullet’ conceptualizes on the thought that. whatever the media portrays it is easy accepted by the audience. Like a slug that easy strikes. So. in this instance whatever thought it is delivered in a societal and political indie movie. it is no surprise that the spectator might hold a sudden alteration of perceptual experience towards his ain. On the other manus. cultural theory has the implicit in premise that our experience of world is an on-going. societal building. non something that is merely sent. delivered. or otherwise transmitted to a docile public… Audience members don’t merely passively take and store spots of information in mental filing cabinets. they actively process this information. reshape it. and store merely what serves culturally defined demands ( Baran. 2012 ) .

Audiences still filter what they hear and see in movies. Issues being tackled in Indie films are comparatively events go oning in the existent universe. So. it depends on the spectator whether it is the truth for him or non. Dependency theory argues that particularly in our complex and altering society. people become progressively dependent on media and media content to understand what is traveling on around them. to larn how to act meaningfully. and for flight ( Baran. 2012 ) . So. Indie films features the civilization peculiarly the societal and political facet of the state. and becomes a manner to inform people about the issues being compromised.

Related to this is the docket scene. a theory that argues that media may non state us what to believe. but media surely tell us what to believe about. Television is an effectual medium where the message is left for the audience to believe about. unconsciously impacting the manner they perceive things.

This falls to cultivation theory which states that telecasting screening can hold long-run effects that bit by bit affect the audience. Their primary focal point falls on the consequence of sing in the attitudes of the spectator as opposed to created behaviour. Media. films in specific has that certain power to cultivate us with the messages they bring. Cultivation theory as the thought that telecasting constructs a version of the universe that. despite its possible inaccuracies. becomes the recognized world merely because the civilization believes it to be true.

Similar to this is social-learning theory which tells that people can larn new thoughts and behaviour from watching other people. Though actions are learned and seen on telecasting. we can non maintain the viewing audiences from accommodating the civilization of the characters in films. Showcasing new ways of speaking. dressing. socialising etc. which are different from the civilization that the viewing audiences were accustomed to. For illustration is the manner Filipinos are today. by and large the teens in their manner of socialization and being liberated which is adopted from American movies.

Conceptual Model

Mass Communication theories such as attitude alteration theory. charming slug theory. cultural theory. dependence theory and docket puting theory. All theories that explains the function of mass media in cultivating and impacting the audiences. the households and persons. Yet. it is difficult to mensurate the degree of influence societal media has given the viewers’ when it comes to societal and political issues that is conveyed in indie movies.

Filipino independent movie is portion of the mass media which cultivates and transform the manner people see and perceives the societal and political facets. which can be considered as the most controversial issues today. Peoples respond otherwise to shoot depending upon their gender. race. category. sexual orientation. and personal background. Since this art signifier of directing messages is portion of the societal media and sing the mass communicating theories. it can hold comparative effects in societal and political positions and the method of their apprehension and credence to this affair and how it happens. To further explicate the background. the research worker prepared an illustration that will function as the conceptual paradigm.

Figure 1. Conceptual paradigm of the survey.

Definitions of Term

The undermentioned footings are made for lucidity and more understanding Aspect as used in the survey. refers to a peculiar portion or characteristic of a affairAwareness means the province of holding cognition of. apprehension of. grasp. acknowledgment. perceptual experience. or acquaintance with a peculiar affair ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. thefreedictionary. com/awareness ) . Culture means a refined apprehension or grasp of this ( Compact Oxford EnglishDictionary. 2003 ) . Effectiveness means bing in fact. though non officially acknowledge as such ( Compact Oxford English Dictionary. 2003 ) .

Forum refers to meeting or medium for an exchange of positions ( Compact Oxford English Dictionary. 2003 ) . Impact is a pronounced consequence or influence ( Compact Oxford English Dictionary. 2003 ) . Indie movie as used in this survey is a movie produced non belonging to a major record company Influence refers to the power or ability to impact someone’s beliefs or actions ( Compact Oxford English Dictionary. 2003 ) .

Knowledge refers to information and accomplishments acquired through experience and instruction and consciousness or acquaintance of a fact or state of affairs ( Compact Oxford English Dictionary. 2003 ) .Political refers to the authorities or public personal businesss of a state ( Compact Oxford English Dictionary. 2003 ) .Portrayal means a representation or act or procedure of picturing or portraying ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. thefreedictionary. com/portrayal ) . Sensitivity as used in the survey refers to the sensitiveness of a individual towards a given matter Social associating to society ( Compact Oxford English Dictionary. 2003 ) . Teacher as used in the survey refers to a medium where cognition or experience is acquired Watchdog refers to a individual or a group that monitors the patterns of companies supplying a peculiar service or public-service corporation ( Compact Oxford English Dictionary. 2003 ) .


This chapter will discourse related literatures and surveies that will back up the research. These surveies will be parts of information. facts and thoughts sing the Filipino independent movies and how it perceives societal and political issues in the state.

Related LITERATURESFilm is an artistic linguistic communication which is expressed by agencies of images in gesture. with or without sound( hypertext transfer protocol: //dirp4. pelvic inflammatory diseases. gov. ph/ris/taps/tapspp0103. pdf ) .Movies have a historically determined signifier and construction that create significance and they have a complex set of conventions to pass on significance and do it accessible. We as viewing audiences have helped make the construction and conventions of movies by basking what we see on screen and wanting to see more of the same. Like all facets of popular civilization. movies develop out of a funny sort of dialogue procedure. in which film makers attempt to understand what we want to see. and we let them cognize if they are right by purchasing tickets and leasing pictures ( Kolker. 1999 ) .

There are many things in our lives that we don’t want to take earnestly. Movies are one of them. We go to the films to be entertained. scared. grossed out ; to do out. spend clip. hold something to discourse subsequently. But we don’t frequently want to believe approximately films as a serious portion of our emotional or rational lives. or even handle them with the same strength we use when we discuss athleticss or political relations. Outside of a movie survey class we seldom hear other people engaged in a treatment of movies that goes much deeper than secret plan or characters ( Kolker. 1999 ) .

Film is non merely amusement but is portion of industrial and political civilization ( Kolker. 1999 ) . All states. our ain included. understand the power of movie and telecasting to act upon their people. to propagandise values and political orientations ( Kolker. 1999 ) . The unstable nature of the state is reflected in the movie industry. The chances of good movies in the Philippines. harmonizing to Red. is really black. But he stresses. that there are promoting marks. Whenever foreign movie festivals come about. the low-budget movies of alternate Filipino moviemakers are constantly invited. That fact is a clear mark. says Red. that good filmmaking has managed to digest – that in the general refuse pile of the Filipinos. a few worthy treasures still manage to reflect. Movies are a powerful force in Philippine society.

Movies. more than merely a beginning of amusement. reflect a nation’s personality. On the Ag screen takes form all the hopes. dreams and phantasies of the common adult male: legends. love. the material of myths and do believe. Its heroes go larger than life. frequently achieving the stature of supermans. They are looked upon as function theoretical accounts. functioning as resources of inspiration ( hypertext transfer protocol: //dirp4. pelvic inflammatory diseases. gov. ph/ris/taps/tapspp0103. pdf ) . In the invariably altering universe of the Filipino movie industry. movie festivals have become Windowss through which the Philippines let the universe see its screen images.

It leaves a glance of thoughts that tackles the issues of the state. Film doing dramas a major function in our industry right now. it leads into the development of the Filipino civilization in footings of creativeness and prowess. It may take on making different people’s positions. and opens the head of the people about what is truly go oning in the society. Indie movies create a immense impact non merely in the state but besides internationally. It catches a batch of attending even without come ining the mainstream. merely because the industry has elevated into a different degree already. The authors evolve every bit good. deriving new thoughts. different positions. and a batch more narratives.

Artistic signifier is best idea of relation to a percipient. the human being who watches the drama. reads the novel. listens to a piece of music. or view the movie. Percept in all stages of life is an activity ( Bordwell & A ; Thompson. 2004 ) . Movies are a powerful force in Philippine society. Movies. more than merely a beginning of amusement. reflect a nation’s personality. That is why it is all the more saddening to observe the blue province of our film industry. Each hebdomad. we are confronted by a seamy parade of sex. force. and fatuous comedies ( hypertext transfer protocol: //dirp4. pelvic inflammatory diseases. gov. ph/ris/taps/tapspp0103. pdf ) . To state that independent filmmaking has become the psyche of Philippine film is no longer an hyperbole.

For old ages. Filipino independent film makers like Kidlat Tahimik ( Perfumed Nightmare. 1977 ) . Raymond Red ( Anino. 2001 ) . and Brillante Mendoza ( Kinatay. 2009 ) among many others have received critical acclamation worldwide. As movie festivals. competitions and distribution channels such as Cinemalaya and Cinema One have motivated immature rebel film makers in recent old ages. indie movies have become synonymous to creative content and positions for many Filipinos today. Although the Philippine indie movie industry has come a long manner from its early developments in the Marcos epoch when realistic portraiture of Filipino society in the humanistic disciplines was non considered “beautiful” by the absolutism. authorities support is still missing to sufficiently assist indie film makers ( hypertext transfer protocol: //film. culture360. asef. org/magazine/in-focus/the-situation-and-directions-of-philippine-independent-cinema/ # sthash. vFxrZDtu. dpuf ) .

Harmonizing to Bohn. Hieber and Unguraid ( 2000 ) . along with slumber. work and school. mass communicating ingestion are the activities that dominate Americans’ lives and that it consumes about tierce of the mean twenty-four hours

The rise of Philippine Independent Films may hold been a large measure for animating Filipinos who wants to capture their audience through what their position is when it comes to what is traveling on around them. On fiddling escape is by a really funny and oppugning captivation of how we Filipinos and the human existences in general relate to each other and to the universe. Whether they are about societal commentary. political statement. psychological survey. or acute penetrations into human relationships. all of these subjects represent controversial topics that are catered specifically to niche audiences and markets ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lideshare. net/dmonalon/philippine-indie-films-7622088 ) .

In the terminal. what distinguishes independent film is its precedence for artistic enterprise ( over fiscal addition. vis-a-vis mainstream film ) while still being accessible to the audience ( vis-a-vis alternate experimental film ) . Each film maker attempts to demo his ain narrative in an original manner ( hypertext transfer protocol: //film. culture360. asef. org/magazine/in-focus/the-situation-and-directions-of-philippine-independent-cinema/ # sthash. vFxrZDtu. dpuf ) .

Harmonizing to Film. Culture. 300. org. . there have been several issues on Philippine independent filmmaking that have become evident particularly after its emerge a few old ages ago. One of these is the prevailing subject of poorness that exoticizes. even exploits. Filipino poorness. As said by a local Indie author. Paul Sta. Ana. that the chief issue here is the purpose of the film maker which. he admits. is difficult to find. The inquiry is whether film makers are bring forthing these movies because they want to uncover Filipino world or they seek the attending of international movie festivals. He says that context is important non merely in gestating and showing the stuff of the movie but besides understanding the capable place of the film maker.

Related STUDIESThe first decennary of the 21st century is. without a uncertainty. a turning point or Philippine film. The dealingss and kineticss of the state and its film have changed dramatically in the face of the democratisation of the medium. Digital engineering has shifted the landscape of production. distribution. and ingestion of movies in the state and has ushered in a new revitalized moving ridge non merely of independent film but besides of studio and mainstream production towards an embracing national film ( Tiongson. 2013 ) .

Our movies non merely manifest our inventiveness. passion and creativeness as a individual ; they besides reflect our esthesias. aspirations. and hopes as a state ( Tiongson. 2013 ) . Filipino films plays a critical function in the society. It has the power to construct or destruct the society and its people. because movie is a really influential medium. Movies as a signifier of artistic look draws the widest audience because this is a really low-cost sort of amusement. For two hours or more. one could hold some clip for merriment and relaxation ( Corazon. 1996 ) . But choice amusement seemed difficult to accomplish presents. The filmmakers’ criterions and intents have changed. same with the motion-picture fans.

Those good old yearss of the film industry were gone. Excellent movies are seldom produced and exhibited in the state. Accountable for this were the motion-picture fans who settle for cheaply-made flicks. and of class. the manufacturers who cater to the public’s wants and desires to be able to derive net income. Film as an art signifier can transform an person. a society. a state. However. we have to emphasize the existent definition of art – that it is a concept. The theory. process. production. airing and map of art ( movie. picture. music. dance. theatre. trades. etc. ) are created or produced by persons who are formed by the influence that perpetrate a western-based cognition about the universe and worlds ( Durian. 2013 ) . It is non so much the fact that the features of a country’s film reflect the distinctive features of its society which accounts for this relationship. but instead the longer and less obvious facts that the artistic and moral worth of films as a popular medium finally corresponds to a society’s corporate outlook ( Maligalig. 1997 ) . Movies in our national experience have been composed of Foreign and Local movie production. and this is a duality which exist to the present twenty-four hours.

Whenever we talk about movies. audiences must be the one to take whether they go for foreign or local movies. Since we are Filipinos. we should sponsor our ain Tagalog films. although Western movies has its influence to our local films. “The content of the films does non look much to find the responses made and that the film provides a powerful stimulation to fantasize life” Wallans Simpson. “Movies influenced them in respect to manners. societal dealingss. ethical motives. careers and self-reformation. Invitation seems to be the individual factor most evident in their responses. After sing a movie young person are inspire to seek to be like the hero. or act upon their action behaviour and conduct” Fleege. The effects of a film presumptively depend on the acquisition of stuff presented to members of the audience. and intelligence related ability to larn. but besides it is related to other factors finding the effects of a film. The more intelligent would be expected to be better in seeing general deductions of the stuff presented even where decisions are non explicitly drawn by the film ( Maligalig. 1997 ) .

Movies reflects the natural elements of life. Sometimes it portrays the world of life. Furthermore. it encourages us to witness the facts and to undertake our beliefs. The influence of the film is non merely through beliefs. The influence of the film is non merely through the eyes of the viewing audiences but besides to their whole personality. It may impact the attitudes and behaviour of the viewing audiences. The encouragement of the film shapers to the viewing audiences to the messages to the film shapers becomes negative. Why? The intent of the film shapers is to carry the audience and the audience intent is to be entertained. Whatever the message is. either positive or negative. the viewing audiences must be the agent on how to respond to it. The negative effects of film brings the viewer’s more to action ( Maligalig. 1997 ) . Mass media are capable of impacting. influencing and altering our attitudes and behaviour. Whatever message id presented to us is said to hold a powerful success that may either be negative or positive depending on how it is presented and how we are traveling to respond to it ( Maligalig. 1997 )

Movies. movies and films were facets of art. Movies become an even more powerful medium for amusement and the transmittal of thoughts. it undertakings world and the semblances of world on theater scenes. in Television sets in 1000000s of places. in schools. schoolroom and in edifice walls in stray small towns ( Maligalig. 1997 ) . Viewing audiences and motion-picture fans are those people who go for watching movies and films. However. they classify as the receiving system and the finish whatever the message is.

Whenever we talk about messages. it creates cognition and information which will go the receiver’s thought and how to respond to it ( Maligalig. 1997 ) . Under this status. the viewing audiences will non be benefited and will emerge as also-rans in the terminal. Why? The manufacturers will go on doing money with their low budgeted and cheaply made flicks. Not to advert the negative effects entailed by these types of movies to the viewing audiences. Hence. the motion-picture fans should lift from their long slumber and demand for more quality images. Through this. we can assist convey back those yearss of the Philippine film ( Mendoza. 1996 ) .


This chapter tackles about the techniques and processs that will be used by the research worker in coming up with the survey. It includes the research design. research venue. respondents. trying process. research instrument. informations assemblage process. statistical intervention and the analytical model.

Research Design

In this survey. the research worker used a quantitative attack. Specifically. a response analysis which aims to place the facet. and system of communicating Philippine independent movie has that dominates Filipinos when it comes to their position in political and societal issues and how this films present their messages. Related literatures and surveies will be analyzed in order to back up and supply more information to the replies provided by the respondents together with the summarized findings of the questionnaire.

Research Locale

The survey will be conducted in Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation because of its propinquity and the handiness of the necessary informations. The research worker chose the venue because of the respondents’ abilities in replying the given inquiries. In order to acquire different perceptual experiences coming from people from different backgrounds and civilization the research worker would be carry oning the study to five different categories specifically ; Art Appreciation. Society and Culture w/ FP. STD. HIV & A ; ADIS. Socio-Anthropology. Philippine Literature and Ethics.


The respondents of the survey would be coming from several categories. Particularly Art Appreciation categories. Socio-Anthropology category. Society and Culture. and Ethics categories. Professors from this categories would besides be given a questionnaire. believing that they have more experience and wider point of position and cognition about the political and societal issues in the Philippines and they would hold more proficiency when it comes in construing Indie Films. The five categories were chosen in order to hold replies coming from pupils with slightly relevant course of study which we can associate in understanding movies. specifically Filipino indie movie. And acquire different point of positions every bit good from pupils from different backgrounds and have different attitudes.

Sampling Procedure

The sampling design used by the research worker is purposive sampling and random sampling. The purposive sampling is used to garner different perceptual experiences sing the survey. this goes for the pupils from the different categories and the professors. And the random trying would be used for the Mass communicating pupils and Psychology pupils in order to hold comparings between the respondent’s reactions. This design is besides used so that there would be a balance reply coming from those who study and familiarizes themselves with movies and its effects on viewing audiences and those who does non. Research Instrument

The research worker will utilize a questionnaire in order to provide necessary information to finish the survey. In order for the research worker to carry on an interview and study. the research worker will carry on a movie reappraisal for the four ( 4 ) chosen categories.

Aside from the questionnaires and transcripts of indie movies. decisions from different stuffs sing Filipino independent movie and articles about the country’s political and societal issues will besides be used in order to back up the survey. The research worker will besides set her personal decision in add-on of the survey.

Data Gathering Procedures

The research worker gathered stuffs and information from books. cyberspace sites. articles and related surveies for farther issues. Articles and related literatures will be analyzed in order to back up the survey. It is besides used to widen the thoughts and add cognition for the survey. Questionnaires will be distributed to the respondents to acquire perceptual experiences. Subsequently on. the research worker will analyse the gathered information and will construe the information.

The sum-up will be from the results of the collected stuffs information and from the reading made from the questionnaires.

Statistical Treatment

There will be two processs in explicating the gathered information. The gathered informations will be tallied and tabulated through the usage of the undermentioned expression: This expression will be used for the demographic profile and in explicating the study.

1. Percentage

P=_f_ x 100Nitrogen

where:P=percentagef=frequency/number of responsesn=total figure of respondents

2. Weighted AverageWM=?fwNitrogen

where:WM=weighted mean?fw=sum of the merchandise of the frequence and the weight N=number of respondents


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