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Poem Analysis Derek Walcott

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Closest at lampfall Like children, like the moth-flame metaphor, The Coleman’s humming jet at the sea’s edge A tuning fork for our still family choir Like Joseph Wright of Derby’s astrological lecture Casts rings of benediction round the aged. I never tired of ocean’s quarrelling, Its silence, its raw voice, Nor of these half-lit, windy leaves, gesticulating higher “Rejoice, rejoice… “

Language/Style/Tone in first verse : metaphorical ( like children,moth flame metaphor), melifilious (it flows,easy to read) Descriptive and comparing ( using examples Joseph wright) Lyrical ( Rejoice Rejoice) .

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Poem Analysis Derek Walcott
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The language is also emotive as the poet is speaking about his personal feelings towards the ocean „ i never tire of the oceans quarelling“. The overall tone of the poem is melancholic and mysterious, especially as they are dealing with the ocean and its beauty.

Content : This particular verse focuses on comparing the oceans quarelling to different things: the first few lines are example of what the quarelling ocean reminds him of such as : the colemans humming jet at the sea’s edge or a tuning fork for our family choir) As the verse progresses the poet talks about the beauty of the ocean „ its silence,raw voice“ The ending rejoice rejoice leads us to believe that the ocean is a positive source and evokes positive feelings for the poet as rejoice is used in happy/thankful situations. V2: But there’s an old fish, a monster Of primal fiction that drives barrelling

Undersea, too old to make a splash, To which I’m hooked! Language/Style : Tone : Suspense, Dark in comparison to the first verse. Language/Style :sudden, fast paced, raises questions, short snappy sentences ( theres a word for that but i forgot?! ) Lots of punctation is used, as if telling an exciting story. Content: Speaks of the evils inside the ocean can be seen as a reflection of the evils found within. Speaks about how the poet is „hooked“ captured by this evils. Although it is harmeless „ too old to make a splash“ it is still evident and causes physcological destruction one can assume. I would see it as your mind haunting you.

V3: Through daydream, through nightmare trolling Me so deep that no lights flash There but the plankton’s drifting, phosphorescent stars. Language: Poetic (use of stars) Eery ( So deep that no lights flash) Flowing(meliflicious) Narrative( speaking in first person, telling a story) Content: Speaking of the dark depths of humans, that are obtained throughout the day or at night ( daydream. nightmare) , the mind is able to have thoughts so dark and obtuse that noone has wondered there before ( no lights flash) They have reached the bottom of their mind aswell as the bottom of the ocean where there is nothing „ but planktons drifting“

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