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Prince Derek and the Ring

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Lesson Plan Title: “Prince Derek and the Ring”

Concept / Topic to Teach: How to Compare and Contrast

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Prince Derek and the Ring
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In this lesson, students will be able to:

a.       Understand the meaning of compare and contrast

b.      Make a distinction between compare and contrast

c.       Appreciate the ability to compare and contrast in order to enhance their reading ability


Students are given an assignment at home to write down their observations about the behavior of the two main characters from the story “Prince Derek and the Ring” which they would read using their PC simply by going to the Web site (Whootie Owl, 2009).


Compare – to identify similarities by finding out what the two things have in common

Contrast – to identify how two things are different from each other

Learning Activities

The students will be asked to identify the two main characters, Prince Derek and the Fairy, and describe what they like and what they did not like about the characters. Then the students will be asked to write down a list of the similarities between Prince Derek and the Fairy.

On another table, the students will list the differences between the two characters. This will be followed by their observations on which similarities or differences are significant and by their

conclusions or interpretations. This closely follows the method presented by the Area Education Agency 267 (“Compare and Contrast,” 2009).

                                                                  SUBJECT-SPECIFIC TEACHING METHODS

To help the students identify the personal qualities, ask two students to act as the two main characters and play out what they remember about the relevant scenes. The rest of the class will be divided into two groups. Ask one group to represent the Fairy’s side and the other Prince Derek’s side. Tell each group to list down the qualities of its assigned character as evidenced by his/her behavior. Ask them, “Do they have similar qualities?” Tell them to write these down again using the above AEA 267 method. Afterwards, ask the students how the two characters are different or contrasting. The teacher can model the activity by giving examples of similarities and differences to start off, especially for the benefit of students who have learning disabilities or who are still learning English.


 As a result of participating in these activities, students’ ability to compare and contrast would be assessed by asking them to apply comparing and contrasting to other persons, animals or things.


The students’ analyses (presented in accordance with the AEA 267 method) will serve as the basis for evaluation. (The teacher can determine from the accuracy of the submitted comparisons and contrasts if the students already have a clear understanding of the concept).


Whootie Owl. (2009). Prince Derek and the Ring. Retrieved May 15, 2009 from


Area Education Agency 267. (2009). Compare and Contrast. Retrieved May 15, 2009 from


Cite this Prince Derek and the Ring

Prince Derek and the Ring. (2017, Jan 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/prince-derek-and-the-ring/

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