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Prallel Lives- the Jim Twins

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  • Pages 2
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    Margaret Richardson and Terry Connelly have almost the same taste in clothes, they both have four children and both were married on the same day. It’s not surprising because they are identical twins, thought they didn’t even meet until they were in their mid-thirties. It’s well-known that twins are closer than most brothers and sisters and this can become extreme: e. g. Grace and Virginia Kennedy invented their own language while Greta and Freda Chapman could speak the same words at the same time in the same voice, it was like telepathy.

    Tom Bouchard professor traced more than hundred pairs of twins who were adopted by different parents at birth. Each twin was tested and interviewed about their personality and everyday life. The most incredible story was that of the Jim Twins who only met a t the age of 39. They were adopted by different families and both were named Jim by their new families. They both grew up with an adopted brother called Jerry. When they were children they both had a dog called Toy. Both men were divorced and remarried. Both first wives were called Linda and both second wives were called Betty.

    They both gave the name James Alan to their first son. Even their height and weight were the same. They had the same handwriting and the same face expressions. They both spent their holiday in Florida at the same beach every year. Even their homes and gardens were very similar. In 2002 both men died of the same illness on the same day. Of course some of this must be coincidence. Upbringing is also important, but rather our genes influence our lives: e. g. OQ, our hobbies, our personalities, attitudes, tastes, health, even the clothes and the food we like.

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    What did the Jim twins have in common?
    The Jim Twins were said to have shared an uncanny set of similari- ties, such as the names of their wives and children, career choices, and preferences for particular brands of beer and cigarettes. They were in- vited to the University of Minnesota by Bouchard and thus became the first pair of MISTRA separated twins.
    What is the story of Jim Springer and Jim Lewis and its significance?
    Jim Lewis and Jim Springer are identical twins who were separated at birth. They met for the first time in 1979 when they were 39. It must have been like meeting a penpal for the first time. Then the Jims discovered a host of uncanny parallels between their completely separate lives.
    What was the point of studying the Jim twins?
    Jim Springer said he had “always felt an emptiness,” until he was reunited with his identical twin. Their story of unbelievable resemblances became a fascinating case for scientists, who studied the twins as they examined 'nature versus nurture'.
    Who were the Giggle twins?
    Also known as the "giggle twins" (because they "laugh and fold their arms the same way"), Barbara Herbert and Daphne Goodship spent the first four decades of their lives apart.

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