Precis on “My First Conk”

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Malcolm X laments the degrading experience of receiving a conk and highlights the loss of identity suffered by African-Americans. He shares a personal anecdote to emphasize the impact of this act of self-degradation (“This was my first really big step toward self degradation.”). Furthermore, he underscores the prevalence of conks among African-Americans by citing the example of those in the so-called ‘middle class’ (“…the one you’ll see on the heads of the black so-called ‘middle class’…”).

Malcolm X convinces African-Americans to maintain their pride and fight for their individuality by employing specific strategies. In this piece, he directly addresses the African-American community, particularly those who are dissatisfied with themselves, using a tone of shame.

“How to Escape from a Bad Date”

In his 2002 essay “How to Escape from a Bad Date,” Joshua Piven provides a detailed guide on how to navigate an uncomfortable situation while on a date. Piven effectively communicates his advice by organizing it into sections with headings and a numbered list, and provides numerous examples for each scenario. By elaborating on these instructions, Piven aims to assist individuals of all genders in escaping a bad date, all while injecting humor into his writing.

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