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Lord of the Flies Henningfeld article Precis

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Diane Andrews Henningfeld

In Diane Andrews Henningfeld’s article on Lord of the Flies, she describes each of what she believes to be an allegory in the novel. The article begins giving its background on the novel, and the close association it shares with R.M. Ballantyne’s The Coral Island. Henningfeld states that an allegory is a story in which the contents form an outside speculation of the story itself. She first relates the novel to being a political allegory, in which it represents some type of government, and how Ralph and Piggy’s lead differ in form of government than Jack’s.

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Lord of the Flies Henningfeld article Precis
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Henningfeld describes the historical relation that this book shares, with the events at the end of World War II, and the early 1950s. The next allegorical representation Henningfeld shares is that it is of a psychological allegory. She does this in a way by saying that each of the characters personifies a different aspect of the human psyche.

She finishes describing this allegorical image by saying that the ego is the conscious mind whose role it is to meditate between the id’s demand for pleasure brought to bear by the superego. The last representation Henningfeld shares is a historical representation, in that the setting of the novel relates to the Garden of Eden. Also, that Jack and Ralph represent the story of Cain and Abel, and that Simon in some sense serves as a Christ figure. Finally, Henningfeld ends with a recap of the book, and the connections her representations can conclude from her teachings, giving an understanding of the information she was attempting to share. Response

I agree in the sense that the book is an allegory of a historical representation to the events for the late 1940s and early 1950s. In sense, the relationship and common ideas that Ralph and Piggy share is much like Eisenhower and Churchill, but also the fact that they attempted to stop dictatorship, much like Germany under Hitler’s rule and Italy under Mussolini’s rule. Golding made an appeal in the novel, making this easy to see not just by a historical minded audience, but to a common audience in the sense that it was currently happened, or just happened, and it was what the world revolved around at the time. A historical allegory was an appeal to the entire audience, and Henningfeld noticed that, stressing the importance in her essay.

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