Racial ethnic and cultural prejudice in the workplace assignment

In the novel, pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, Elizabeth finds herself. She judges people the wrong way and overall contradicts everything she had previously thought. The number one thing she contradicted in the novel, was her happiness. She first claims to be happier than Jane but then says, “If you were to give me forty such men, I never could be so happy as you. Till I have your disposition, your goodness, I never can have your happiness. ” (Jane 424) By saying this it is assumed that Elizabeth is not happy with herself compared to her sister.

Is it better to be good, to think the best of people, and be happy eke Jane? Or is it better to see the world accurately, and feel less happiness, much like Elizabeth? I believe that Elizabethan statement about herself is correct. She will never be as happy as her sister or at least on the same level until she has the same mindset as Jane. But Elizabeth and Jane are two different characters and it is noticed throughout the novel. Jane is more reserved and much gentler than Elizabeth is, while Elizabethan tongue is much too sharp for her own good. However, you cannot be happy with life until you are happy with yourself.

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Elizabeth can’t have someone else love her when she doesn’t love herself. Once Elizabeth realizes that Mr.. Dairy isn’t quite what she originally thought she opens herself up and begins to become happy just like Jane. If Elizabeth was this way in the beginning she would have had the same disposition as Jane throughout the novel. She does find her type of Cane’s goodness and disposition, it just took way too long to find it. It is said that people who are always happy are airheads, too oblivious to see the real world around them. Is it better to be this way and be happy all the time?

Or see the world for what it really is? There are pros and cons to both philosophies. With being happy all the time and seeing the best of people you will be taken advantage of. But also with that you will be happy and not worry about anything. Seeing the real world will open your eyes to many things and maybe you’ll have the chance to change the world yourself. You could be more educated than the closed-minded people who reject everything bad because they want to have happiness. However, seeing all the bad in the world guarantees you won’t be happy . I’d rather see the world for what it is.

Its better to be educated about your world than live in a bubble with your happiness. You should want to accurately see the world, it’ll put you a step ahead of everyone else. Elizabeth Bennett finds her own happy medium of accuracy of the world and happiness. This is good because she is open minded while being happy, it just took the whole book to do so. Once she adopted the same disposition as her older sister she was TABLE to find love for herself. She forgot all she had thought about Mr.. Dairy and found love. In way a way it is good to see the world for what it is but also be happy.

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