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The key to giving a good haircut is understanding what the client wants to achieve. A thorough evaluation and consultation is the first and most important step, which involves listening to the client and asking questions. The cutting technique used can either be regular shears or a razor, and it is important to show the finished cut to the client and not hide any mistakes. Applying gel and explaining the process is a good way to get the client to purchase the product, and blow-drying and styling the hair should be demonstrated so the client can achieve the same look at home. The goal is for the client to love their hair and be able to work with it at home.

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Providing a satisfactory haircut to a client can be difficult. To prevent disappointing them, it is important to understand their desired outcome. The first step in giving a good haircut and building a lasting customer relationship is conducting a thorough evaluation and consultation. This includes welcoming the client at your workstation and attentively listening to their requirements. Rather than assuming, it is better to ask questions and fully comprehend their preferences. Typically, clients may not effectively express what they want, so it’s crucial to clarify any uncertainties.

When it comes to hair cutting, there are two options: using regular cutting shears or a razor. The choice depends on the client’s preference. I personally prefer using the razor because it creates a messy and not so clean look, which is popular nowadays. After finishing the cut, it is essential to show the client the completed result from all angles and let them approve. It is not recommended to hide any mistakes as clients tend to closely examine their haircuts at home. Once approved, apply gel to the hair and explain its application process and purpose.

This is a guaranteed way to persuade them to purchase the product as well and make your commission extremely rewarding! When they express their desire for you to style their hair, make sure to blow dry and style it to their liking. It is crucial to demonstrate and explain the process to them so that they can achieve the same look at home. It can be incredibly frustrating when you leave a salon looking stunning but never manage to recreate the same style because you lack the knowledge. While it may appear as though the stylist has some magical abilities, our intention is for the client to adore their hair and be able to handle it with ease on their own. Once they have showered your work with praise and expressed their love for their hair, this is the perfect moment to sell them the product.

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