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Psycholgical approaches to health and care practice mariia

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On a moral practical everyday life modeling is an excellent way of helping attention overcome with anxiety. For example a nurse found out that children in hospital suffer from reduce stress and they recover quickly from surgery if the treatment that they are about to have are modeled for example using films and video tapes. The psychotic Approach – understanding challenging behavior by a basic tenant of this perspective is that the most of the behavior is driven by unconscious forces.

It is therefore very important to recognize the way we might not be able to understand behavior if we were using questions and answering techniques as the individual may not know what is troubling hem and it is nesters to delve a deeper and try to interpret the behavior on the assumption that the behavior is in some way a symptom of what is going on in the unconscious mind.

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Psycholgical approaches to health and care practice mariia
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The Social Learning Theory – promotion of anti- discriminatory behavior and practices has been discussed earlier that the way people can learn new behavior by observing others.

First they note down the model that is influenced whether we like to imitate the behavior or not. For example of a model who is a very famous celebrity called the late princess Diana and when she came to the hospital to visit a patient who had HIVE and AIDS at the capital in 1987 she shaded that patient’s hand who had AIDS and not only broke a tattoo on the subject but she also helped to remove a great deal of prejudice and misunderstanding about the illness. The use of positive role model in health and social care is education campaign and this explains the role model that can be played with powerful part of behavior.

For example Jamie Oliver he has an image impact in terms of getting local authorities to introduce cooked school meals which were much less healthy. The Humanistic Approach – empathy is a very crucial feature of this approach o helping others to develop empathy. It is very common like sympathy where we feel sorry for someone and we require to really listen to the emotions and respect them for who they are. This is not always very easy as we don’t understand why someone feels so bad about an issue that we could easily dismiss.

True empathy requires us to put aside the problem about another person and all we could do is put ourselves in their shoes. Rather like empathy understanding importance when applying this perspective to health and social care practice. Rogers often refers to more than just understanding an intellectual level. This is a major barrier to understanding and it will help the client or the patient instead we need to listen carefully to what is being said and ask questions to the problem.

The Cognitive Approach – supporting individuals with learning difficulties who can experience enormous frustration in their daily lives as they feel to make sense to what we can experience. The cognitive approach can be used to help people who do not understand the situation. This could be by identifying irritation thoughts as an individual and can be guided to change them with consequent benefit for their emotion and behavior.

Cognitive word of this type can be improved by self esteem and increase outbursts which may be affected by a lack of understanding of the equipment of a given situation for example having to wait for a meal. Supporting individuals with emotional problems is widely used with individuals with a variety of emotional problems. This perspective begins by examining how the negative thought influenced feelings which then lead to changing in behavior. Supporting individuals with depression is a psychologist called Aaron Beck who has a formulated a helpful approach to understanding depression known as a cognitive behavior harpy.

The pattern of the behavior is common to suffering from depression and is described as a cognitive triad. This then generates to a conviction that the world contains problems and difficulties that the individual is powerless to overcome. The goal of the cognitive therapy is to challenge these negatives thoughts and to encourage the patient to develop alternative and more positive ways of seeing the world. Supporting individuals with post traumatic stress disorder – This disorder consists of a group of symptoms as outlined below.

This is commonly experienced by soldiers but are also experienced by others ho have undergone a traumatic experience such as rape which is too much for them to bear. Traumatic events: Nightmares, flashbacks, recall of the event and fireworks. Avoidance events: The person tries to avoid thinking about the trauma and brings it back to the mind so the person may not be able to remember anything. Increased arousal: difficulties falling or staying asleep, concentrating, hyperactive and exaggerated response.

The Biological Approach – Understanding developmental norms and they are developed by Arnold Sell for an assessment scale to enable judgment to be made about a child’s behavior and understanding the matter of their age and this is composed to the child’s goal against their scores at an earlier age to determine the development. These are the three overlapping stages at which development can be measured. Between two and a half years of age Between four and six years old Between six and nine years old.

Understanding the effects of shift work on individuals When we are working shifts especially at night we tend to find that there are certain times when we are feeling overwhelmed and urging to sleep while we should be working. Those unpleasant physical effects occur because of corruptions to circadian biological rhythms. Cardiac rhythms have given a cycle of physiological bodily process which laps force between 24 and 25 hours. For example our core body temperature which follows the level of alertness. For most people the lowest core temperature is 36. Degree Celsius and the very highest is 37. 2 degrees Celsius. The core body temperature falls over the course of the day. This is why we feel sleepy. Shift workers on an evening shift have to be awake and function at night with a high level when their body temperature is dropping the lowest telling us that they want to go to sleep. Therefore they deed to sleep on time and return home on time when their body clock is telling them to be alert. The brain is also involved in sleep and this is called the pineal gland and this is responsible for production of the hormone melatonin.

As it gets darker the light levels increases between 8 and 10 these levels increase within 2 hours beginning to fall from 2. References Circadian rhythms www. Guardian. Co. UK/science/2004/deck/04/locators. Health Cognitive behavioral therapy www. Respects. AC. UK Sell assessment scale BTW. Guiltlessness. Org MI Role model can be used within the new therapy and counseling centre in my sociality is for example a nurse is expected to be on a high level standard of warmth and competent so where as we might aspect a surgeon to be similarly level headed competent who would be expecting to a particular warmth.

The people that would benefit from it is a group of individuals who have a particular culture or society who will get influenced by others and this will work by helping the therapy and counseling for leading us to adopt certain roles and try to live up to that role to the expectation that goes with the role. The humanistic approach can be used within the new therapy and counseling centre in my sociality by for example by looking at human experiences from their viewpoint of my individuals of groups by focuses on their ideas of free will and believing that my group of individuals can make their own choices.

This can work by their hierarchy of needs to progress through each level before making sure they meet all their individual needs. Advantages of my two perspectives are that one of my perspective is about influencing on people’s role model by observing and changing behavior to the role model according to their jobs and expectations in the health and social; care eating and adopting it later it later in life and my other perspective looks at my individuals needs like the importance in their diet and making sure they meet it and to understand why they need to meet their humanistic needs.

The needs are physical needs, safety and security needs, love and emotion needs and self actualization needs. Disadvantages of my two perspectives are that if they don’t follow their role model this will effect on their social role and will not be able to understand their role and it will become really confusing for them and my humanistic approach because my individuals won’t be able to make their choice f they don’t meet their needs and it could possibly be physically , intellectually, emotionally and socially and could make my individual feel really bad.

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