Why Do I Want to Study Radiation Therapy? Research Paper

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For me radiation therapy is the treatment of cancers with electromagnetic waves, and radiation therapists would be utilizing devices to administer this radiation at the site of cancer in order to destroy cancerous cells.  A radiation therapist would perform the activities concerned with the administration of radiation therapy on the patient, which would be performed on the direction of the oncologist.  The radiation therapist would be performing a very vital task requiring a lot of decision-making, communication skill and subject-matter knowledge.

The role a radiation therapist would be playing is challenging and would be providing a huge amount of job satisfaction, as it would concern with providing treatment to a person who could be terminally ill and have a very short duration of life.  In such a case, the radiation therapist has to make an effort to reduce the problems that arise from the cancer and make the sure that the patient is most comfortable during the end stages of life.  Radiation therapists would also be working with oncologists to treat and cure cancers that have spread to different parts of the body.  For me, the role of a radiation therapist is not only a challenging task, but would also help me to achieve my career objectives.

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If I get into the course in radiation therapy at OU, I would work hard towards gaining knowledge in the field and becoming fully competent with administering radiation therapy to patients suffering from cancers.  I would like to work in a hospital that provides treatment for cancer patients.  Besides, I would also be interested in researching in the field and specializing in palliative radiation therapy that would provide me the skills to work with patients suffering from terminal illness.

I first got interested in radiation therapy in high school, when my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, and was given chemotherapy for treating it.  She was initially cured of the cancer, but after a year, the cancer spread to other parts of her body including her brain and bones.  She required undergoing multiple sessions of radiation therapy.  I would accompany her during these sessions, and I was really impressed with the skills and knowledge possessed by the radiation therapists.  I aspired in becoming a radiation therapist.  Surprisingly, my aunt who was suffering from a serious form of cancer, was cured and was slowly returning back to normal.  This gave me a strong feeling that radiation therapy was very effective and could do miracles for patients suffering from cancers.

My aunt, who was suffering from cancer at one stage, used to give me intricate details of how the procedure was conducted and how the feeling of improvement in her condition was following the use of such therapy.  She also knew that I was interested in entering into the health sciences field.  She felt that radiation therapy was the best option for me.  Slowly I considered that this field was also the best option for me.  I began to search the internet and books in our school library for career options in radiation therapy.  Again this field seemed to be very impressive and slowly I began taking interest in it and considered doing a course in the same.

My academic record would help me to master the skills and knowledge required to work as a radiation therapist.  I was interested in science and working in the healthcare sector since a longtime.  I have completed the pre-degree qualifications required to take up a program in pharmacy.  I have completed this course at the University of Texas at Arlington, which helped me to gain a basic idea of the healthcare area.  The knowledge I acquired at the University of Texas would definitely help me to get an insight at the knowledge and the skills required to become a radiation therapists.

For me the main challenge in the field of radiation therapy would be to provide a ray of hope to cancer patients suffering from terminal illness when all other options have completely failed.  However, radiation therapists can also consider using it as an initial measure.  Under such a circumstance, a lot would depend on the radiation therapist for providing life-saving treatment to the patient.  The patient and the relatives would be depending on the radiation therapist to improve the quality of life of the patient during the end stages, if not save the life of the patient and cure him/her of the cancer.  This would be a big challenge, requiring a lot of efforts in installing confidence in the patient, and communication with the oncologists, nurses and the relatives.

Finally, I do feel that my inherent interests in health sciences and my long-awaiting dream of becoming a radiation therapist would help me to overcome the difficulties in doing this course.  I have an eye for detail, which would help me to ensure that all precautions are taken during administration of radiation therapy to the patient.  I have a knack for devices, machines and computers.  I also have a special feeling for those in suffering and pain.  I know that it is the duty of every human being to help such a person at whatever costs.  To satisfy such patients, it is essential to educate them and to ensure they get a realistic idea of what radiation therapy can do and the extent to which it can help them.

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