Reaction Paper: Lessons for an Accidental Profession by J.K. Pinto and O.P. Kharbanda

I have learned that the demand for a project manager has been rapidly increasing as a result of organizations response to change and as a repercussion many individuals find themselves undertaking project management responsibilities even without proper training or experience and must often manage this besides doing their current work.

Despite the boom of the profession many organizations doesn’t understand the importance of hiring a project manager with formal background and still appoints almost everyone the role of project manager and as a consequence keeps the term “accidental profession” alive today. I notice that the accidental project manager often than not is someone that has a strong technical background – engineer, programmer, system analyst; or some expertise in the field in which the project is delivering functionality.

Most project manager was able to be in there job not because they wanted to be in there profession but rather the company has no choice but to appoint anyone to do the ad hoc work. Some has become successful without formal training but many find themselves blamed for problems and project failures they were ill-equipped to handle. The article points out that project management is a unique profession and thus must be given priority in an organization by providing individuals who wants to be successful in this field the proper discipline and methodologies.

The author claims that there are twelve points that a project manager must always remember when they are implementing projects. Besides what the author pointed out, a good project manager should also be superb in using personal reputation, power and influence to ensure harmonious relationship with important stakeholders. Based on what I have experience on the job the once neglected profession has now been given the proper limelight by companies and as a testament of this is the creation of organizations (e. g. Project Management Institute) that certify individuals in project management .

The challenging environment has lead to the rosy outlook of the profession as a means of getting the edge in the industry. Should the stakeholders (e. g. companies) in this profession continue to support the further development by setting standards, enforcing compliance and increasing the awareness within the community it would be in no time that the term “accidental profession” becomes extinct and be replace by a “maturing profession” valued by senior executives and the general community.

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