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Exotic anumals Research Paper

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    But how they get it is not always the biggest problem. Owners have been known to make life threatening mistakes when handling their wild animals. Most of them are just so oblivious to the animal that they own and the capabilities of that animal that they neglect to do all the things necessary to keep themselves safe, the animals safe, and the community around them safe. Veterinarians and animal rights organizations have informed the public on many occasions how dangerous owning an exotic pet is to the owner and the community it resides in.

    Exotic animals should never be held as pets because it of the high risk of physical harm to the owner or neighboring people, the diseases they spread, and the harm it brings to them as well. To state the obvious, wild animals are feared by so many simply because of their instinct to kill. A family 12 foot long Burmese python got out of its aquarium and strangled a 2 year old girl from Florida. Coccid Animals Aren’t Pets”) The cages, aquariums, etc. That owners put their exotic animals in usually do not provide much help in keeping these animals contained.

    Since unmans are not supposed to be caring for exotic animals, the equipment they use for them does not always meet their actual needs. Therefore, a situation like the python getting out of where it was confined will happen. Most of these wild animals may appear cute and small when they are newborns but as they get older they clearly grow into bigger and more dangerous animals. The owners of these particular animals most likely do not know how to contain animals of those sizes. “Even when bred in captivity, exotic animals retain all of their natural instincts. They cannot be considered “domesticated” or ‘tamed. (“Ten Fast Facts about Captive Exotic Animals”) All animals have natural born instincts. A dog usually craves attention from its owner, and wants to be around people. However, a tiger, chimpanzee, bear, python, etc. Has the natural born instinct to want to kill and be wild. What is instilled in an animal from the time it is born is not something that goes away. Therefore, the human race cannot try to domesticate these animals without having the consequences. These animals are no strangers to killing and injuring, and as hey grow older they become more of who they really are.

    Obviously, exotic animals are a very clear physical risk to humans lives. One thing that may go unnoticed when speaking of wild animals as pets is the fact that many diseases can and will be spread when dealing with these animals. There is a lack of considerable knowledge when it comes to wild animals. Every animal can very well carry very terminal and fatal diseases. As the Department of Primary Industries warns, people are exposed to the bacteria, protozoa, fungi, viruses, and parasites that cause Zionism. Noticeable Diseases”) Zionism is an infectious disease that is transmitted between an animal to a human and in rare cases a human to an animal. Commonly, when something like Zionism is inhabited by a human, it is from an animal that is unfamiliar or foreign to their normal lives. Humans that are around exotic animals must always stay aware of the many risks they are at and take the proper precautions. To make things worse, just by being humans we are more susceptible to all the different kinds of diseases these animals can spread. Other diseases such as the tragic rabies epidemic in

    Iambi, or the terrible outbreak of the Nippy virus infection that happened in Malaysia can attest to the fact that these diseases can really occur and make a big impact. It also shows how fatal these conditions can become to a human. Aside from Zionism, some diseases may be obtained simply because the animal is living in an environment that is unnatural to them. “Although the discovery of such Zionism is often related to better diagnostic tools, the leading causes of their emergence are human behavior and modifications to natural habitats. (Chromed) Diseases are also caused by the impotency of humans to healthily care for them. After the owners of the animals mistreat them because of their lack of knowledge for their exotic animal, sicknesses may appear without even realizing that anything is even wrong. Most wild animals do not show any signs of them being sick which makes it really difficult for their owners to know to seek treatment for them. Most people jump straight to the conclusion that the exotic animals are the ones that hold all the responsibility when things go wrong.

    What is ignored however is how the humans are harming the animals although it is mostly intentional. The physical needs of an exotic animal on a daily basis are extremely too much for a human to handle. For instance, many species of monkeys, birds, and wildcats often have to travel several miles a day to be healthy. (ASPIC) Since it is unlikely for a human to do that, the wild animal will fail to live as it is supposed to. Aside from that, humans also have a big incapability to instill their authority over the animal once it is fully grown. Because of this, the owner tends to result to harmful measures.

    This quote from the ASPIC says “Since the vast majority of people who keep exotic animals cannot meet their needs, the animals may be caged, chained, or even beaten into submission. ” (ASPIC) This can cause more problems than one may think. This could make the animal more ferocious and eager to kill. The owners of exotic animals are also harming them because they are very incapable Of feeding the animals the correct food which can lead to illness. As ASPIC mentioned in their article, malnutrition, stress, and behavioral disorders are common, and because exotic animals tend to hide their illnesses, most of the time it will just grow worse.

    ASPIC also states that eating medical care is extremely hard to find since the common vet will not be knowledgeable enough to know what to do with animals they are not familiar with. As if all that was not enough, the environment in which an exotic animal lives in is very important. Certain aspects off wild animal’s natural habitat are a necessity to their living as they grow. Basically, this means that exotic animals have never been made to be in a domesticated environment.

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