Restaurant classifications

Last, but not least when you dine at an Italian restaurant they will always vive you bread before your appetizer and you will always need silverware when dining at an Italian restaurant. When you go to a classic Chinese restaurant the buildings tend to all look similar. The roofs are all usually slanted, different colors, and have a ruffled look to them. When you go inside there tends to be many dragon like sculptures everywhere, very decorative walls, and sometimes they have Koki ponds inside as well.

The main authentic dishes Chinese restaurants are known for is sushi, fried rice, egg drop soup, chow mien, egg rolls, and sweet and sour chicken. At Chinese restaurants you ill always have the option to eat with chopsticks. At the end of your meal fortune cookies are always given to you. Most authentic Mexican restaurants you go to have similar building structures that look like pueblos.

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When you are inside of a Mexican restaurant it is likely that there are many different colored walls, if the walls are decorated then the decorations probably consist of cacti, Mexican hats, jalapeños, or even portraits of different Hispanic people. The most common authentic Mexican dishes are tamales, enchiladas, mended, beans, rice, and also quadrilles. Tortilla chips re served before any meal at all Mexican restaurants.

When eating at Mexican restaurants you don’t need silverware most of the time unless you eat soup or enchiladas. F you chose to eat at an Italian restaurant some features you would notice about it is that on the inside it looks fairly modern, nothing very decorative on the walls, and just mainly it’s classy looking. Most authentic Italian restaurants serve you bread and butter before your appetizer or main dish. Some classic Italian dishes include chicken Parmigianino, fettuccine Alfred, lasagna, and spaghetti with tomato sauce.

You will use your silverware in pretty much every dish you order from an Italian All in all- all three of these types of restaurants have one restaurant. Thing in common and that is they serve fantastic food! While Chinese restaurants are known for giving out fortune cookies after your meal, Mexican restaurants serve you tortilla chips before your meal, and Italian restaurants give you bread and butter before your meal. Chinese restaurants include a lot of sculptures of dragons, Mexican restaurants have many paintings, and Italian restaurants don’t have a specific dcore.

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