Revenge As A Theme Of Hamlets Essay

In the play "Hamlet," by William Shakespeare, the main theme is that followed through plans of revenge lead to tragedy.Throughout the play, several different people want revenge on somebody.Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, wants revenge on the current King of his country, his uncle, who killed Hamlet's father, the original King, in order to take the crown and marry the Queen.When trying to revenge his father by killing his Uncle, Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius, the father of one of his best friends Laertes.

In turn, Laertes wants to revenge his father's death by killing Hamlet.Hamlet's father's arch nemesis, the King of Norway, was killed by Hamlet's father in battle.The King of Norway's son, prince of Norway, Fortinbras, therefore wanted revenge on Denmark. As the play begins, Hamlet is in a grieving period over the death of his father.What makes it worse is that only a few weeks after the horrible and untimely death, Hamlet's mother, the Queen of Denmark, remarries Hamlet's uncle, the deceased King's brother.

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Revenge As A Theme Of Hamlets
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"Thrift Thrift, Horatio.The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables," Hamlet exclaimed to his best friend Horatio.The funeral of his father and the wedding of his mother and uncle were so close together, the leftover food from the funeral was used for the marriage.Hamlet is visited by the ghost of his father, who tells Hamlet that his uncle is the one who killed his father and that Hamlet should revenge his father's death."The serpent that did sting they father's life now wears his crown," said the Ghost who claimed to be Hamlet's father.The one who now wears the crown, Hamlet's uncle, is the one who killed him.Hamlet becomes filled with rage and decides that he must kill his uncle.Unfortunately, Hamlet thinks that his uncle is behind a curtain, stabs through the curtain, and k…

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