Revenge As A Theme Of Hamlets

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The central theme of William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” revolves around the tragic consequences that arise from seeking revenge. Throughout the play, various characters are motivated by a desire for vengeance. The protagonist, Hamlet, seeks to avenge his father’s murder at the hands of his uncle, who killed him to seize power and marry the Queen. In his quest for justice, Hamlet unintentionally kills Polonius, the father of his close friend Laertes. Consequently, Laertes plots to kill Hamlet in order to exact revenge. Furthermore, Hamlet’s father had previously killed the King of Norway in battle, resulting in Fortinbras (the Prince of Norway and son of Denmark’s arch-nemesis) also seeking revenge against Denmark.

At the beginning of the play, Hamlet is mourning his father’s death. To worsen matters,his mother, who is now the QueenofDennark, hastily remarrieshis uncle.In frustration conveyed to, Hamlet mentions that remnants from. In a visitation from the ghost of his father, Hamlet is told that his uncle is the one who committed the murder and encourages him to get vengeance.The ghost, who claims to be Hamlet’s father, reveals that his uncle is currently the king and confirms his guilt. Filled with rage, Hamlet decides he must kill his uncle. Unfortunately, Hamlet mistakenly believes his uncle is hiding behind a curtain and stabs it. However…

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