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The student watched the movie Rizal and found the story to be great. Rizal was brave to stand up for his country despite the dangers he faced. The student was impressed by Rizal’s determination to study and achieve his goals. Rizal also defended the Filipinos against the Spaniards and showed pride in being Filipino. The student believes that Rizal’s love for his country and people made him a true hero. The student hopes that the events in the movie will not happen again and is grateful that the Philippines now has democracy.

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Finally, I got the chance to watch the movie Rizal, even though I didn’t fully complete it. Nonetheless, the plotline was truly remarkable. Rizal’s bravery in taking bold steps within his homeland was awe-inspiring. It seemed evident that he did so out of genuine love for both the Philippines and its people, driven by an immense sense of self-pride. Undoubtedly, his heroic deeds served as a commendable role model for all Filipinos. Although I comprehended most of the film, there were certain sections that remained ambiguous to me.

Certain scenes in the text capture my attention. One scene portrays Rizal’s journey in education and travel. He diligently studied, attending various schools and exploring the world to complete his studies and become a doctor with the intention of curing his mother. His determination and goal-oriented mindset led to his success.

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Another scene depicts Rizal defending Filipinos against underestimation by Spaniards. Proudly standing up for his fellow countrymen, Rizal understood the true essence of being Filipino. These principles were implemented in both his life and work, continuing to influence others.

Despite extensive travels, Rizal maintained a deep connection to the Philippines. As stated in his poem “Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika, ay higit pa sa malansang isda,” Rizal’s heart remained rooted in the Philippines. This sentiment remains relevant today as millions of Filipinos abroad still yearn for their home country, missing their families and speaking Tagalog.

The impact of Filipinos on language and culture can be seen, particularly among Americans who have adopted Tagalog words, gestures, and aspects of Filipino lifestyle. The lovable nature of Filipinos shines through as they willingly give their all and make sacrifices for loved ones – a trait that has endeared them to many Americans who choose to marry Filipino women. Like Rizal, their love for country and family drives them to give everything without questioning why trials occur.They welcome challenges and stand up for their beliefs.

Despite facing unjust treatment and inaccurate portrayal, Rizal’s significant role in saving the Philippines from Spanish oppression remains undeniable. The Spaniards refused to acknowledge their wrongdoing, but it is pleasing to witness that the Philippines now enjoys democracy, a legacy Rizal contributed to by shedding light on the true history of the country. It is crucial for us to be aware of our past experiences. Even in harsh circumstances, Rizal remained devoted to writing novels. True heroism lies not in engaging in war or sacrificing oneself for one’s nation but in loving one’s country and its people. Being proud of being Filipino and striving for societal improvement defines a genuine hero. Hopefully, the events depicted in the film will never be repeated.

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