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In the disk one of Jose Rizal movie, it started by writing the novel about the cancer of the society. It shows here the character of Ibarra. After that they showed to us the bad doings of the friars that time, for example, when the friar raped the Filipina and also when they abused the children even the elders. Then it shows the KKK organization made by Andres Bonifacio. Then Rizal started to fight against the Spaniards using his novels. Paciano was abused here because they want Paciano to tell where Rizal is. At the start of Rizal’s childhood, he heard the things that the Spaniards did to the 3 Priest (GomBurZa).

It also shows here how Rizal learn to pray, write, and read Spanish. Rizal went to school for the first time, after going to school her mother told him the Story of the Moth where the mother of the moth warn his son to keep away with the fire, because he’s stubborn he go near with the fire and so he became burned. The significance of this story is that you must obey your mother because they are the ones who know what’s good for you. After that Rizal change his name Pepe because their family are hot to the spaniards.

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He went to his school at Ateneo where he read the story entitled Caesar, because his pronunciation and good in reading he wad praised by his teacher. Here is where we can see how short Rizal is because he cant put his feet on the ground I he is sitting at the chair. He also study in UST where the Spaniards says that they are more superior than the Filipinos, but Rizal fight them with his own words. We can also see here how the Spaniards punish, kill, and throw Ibarra’s father to the river that was made by Father Damaso. It also shows here how Rizal meet his defense counsel Taviel.

Rizal fell in love with her cousin Uhnor Rivera while Ibarra fell in love with Maria Clara. Rizal went to Europe to study medicine and he used the name Jose Mercado. In the disk two it started in Europe where Rizal studying medicine. He was praised by his professor by being intelligent in the class. The Filipinos who are studying in Europe are always having an assembly to have a talk about the situation in the Philippines. Rizal continues his novels at Europe. At the Philippines it shows here how spaniards fired up all the novels of Rizal and how they treat the Filipinos at the church.

Rizal Questioned Del Pilar about the organization La Solidaridad because Del Pilar wants their group to be in private but Rizal wants to be in public or in national. Rizal went back to the Philippines where he builds La Liga Filipina, but it didn’t work. The spaniards threw Rizal to Dapitan where he found Josephine Bracken that made him fall in love again. Taviel and Rizal had a drink and sing along, when they are singing Rizal remembered the letter of Paciano about the situation in the Philippines when Rizal is in Europe.

It shows here the wedding of Uhnor Rivera to one of the Spaniards and how Maria Clara became a nun. It also shows how Maria Clara died and how Ibarra was killed. They had a party in Malacanang because that’s Christmas, we can see here how the spaniards respect the friars by kissing the hand. The disk three starts in the trial court where Taviel is defending Rizal. It also shows here how the KKK invites Rizal to join their fight with the spaniards, but Rizal didn’t join. Rizal was sentenced to death, so all his family and all the people love him became very sad.

Ibarra showed up to Rizal to say that Rizal can change Ibarra’s destiny and Ibarra can be alive with his novel by changing it. Before Rizal was killed his family saw a letter at the lamp where Rizal was saying goodbye to all. When Rizal was ready to be executing, he told the Spaniards that he wants to face the firing squad, but the spaniards don’t want to. So Rizal faced the people, when Rizal was shot by the firing squad, he turned and faced the sky, and so he died and many people cried. After killing Rizal, KKK fights the Spaniards led by Andres Bonifacio.

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