Jose Rizal Movie Summary and Analysis

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The movie started with a scene demoing Jose Rizal composing while narrating about Spanish maltreatments during his clip. The movie shows how the mendicants mistreat Filipino adult females. how they beat kids and pupils when being disciplined and how they drag Filipino workers when they are being punished. In the movie. he besides narrated how he put himself as a character. Crisostomo Ibarra and Elias. in his novels because like what Ibarra portrays in the novel. he besides wants revolution. When his novel was published. he was besides criticized by a friend for its unsafe content but Jose Rizal merely smiled to him.

A portion in the movie is about the ailments of the “Katipuneros” who are besides ill of the disposal of avaricious mendicants and functionaries. The leader of the “Katipuneros” . Andres Bonifacio. is converting his scared members to revolt before the mendicants deprive their self-respect and rights as a individual. These “Katipuneros” were inspired by Rizal to contend for what they know is right. Another scene in the movie shows the lacrimation of cedula. symbol of Spanish conquering in the Filipino state. as the start of their revolution. They are shouting “Mabuhay Air National Guard Pilipinas. Mabuhay si Dr. Jose Rizal” .

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Paciano. Jose Rizal’s brother. was besides tortured to decease and forced to state Jose’s accused condemnable activities. In November 1896. Jose Rizal was arrested and put to imprison in Fort Santiago. Jose Rizal was forced by the colonel to state his secret association with the Katipuneros. but unluckily. Jose knows nil about it and he merely thought that his name was merely used to beg contributions. The colonel besides mentioned about Jose Rizal’s novel dedicated to Gom-Bur-Za. A flashback happened about Gom-Bur-Za’s decease. named after Mariano Gomez. Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora. which was witnessed by his brother. Paciano.

During his stay in the gaol. he confessed to the gaol retainer that instruction is of import but it may profit or harm you. He narrated to the gaol retainer his childhood life. The movie shows that his female parent was the 1 who foremost taught him alphabet and supplications. Jose Rizal entered Justiniano Aquino Cruz’ school and at that place. he was hit by his instructor and was bullied by the teacher’s boy. Pedro. In this scene. you will see Jose’s behaviour of non running from problems. like how he wrestled Pedro. Rizal besides remembered what his female parent told him about the narrative of the moth. The narrative of the moth can function as his lesson non to be much funny about what is go oning around him because it may convey him to decease. The servant told Jose that his female parent was a great instructor and he must follow her advice. When Rizal was sent to Ateneo de Manila. Paciano suggested to Rizal non to utilize the family name “Mercado” any longer. but alternatively he will utilize “Rizal” because it is harmful for him and he may be involved because their household is near to Father Burgos. Jose operated her mother’s turning sightlessness. but her female parent said that if she will merely see unhappiness and inhuman treatment. it is better to be blind for a life-time.

Another case in the movie is about the conversation of Jose Rizal with Luis Taviel de Andrade. his attorney. Taviel de Andrade reported to him the accusals of being heretic. filibuster and thankless but Jose stresses that he is grateful because he learned from the Spanish schools that people were non treated every bit. A flashback about his instruction in UST. where Filipinos were compared and discriminated by the Spaniards. is besides revealed. He besides said to Andrade that he is ready to oppose everything that does non state the truth. Rizal besides remembered his engagement in the organisation “Comradeship” . where they had a rumble with the Spanish pupils in University of Santo Tomas and he got a large lesion in his brow but fortunately. his uncle. Antonio Rivera. cured him. At that clip. he besides met his cousin and lover. Leonor Rivera. Jose dedicated a verse form to Leonor and that is besides portrayed in Noli Me Tangere when Maria Clara American ginseng during their field day.

Again. Paciano advised Jose Rizal to travel to Europe to analyze Medicine and to freely compose about the immoral disposal of Spanish governments. In Central University of Madrid. a mass meeting organized by pupils against the bishops was shown. Rizal is active in category treatments at that place specifically when he answered and demonstrated to the category all the inquiries of his professor during his anatomy category. In Madrid. he met his other countrymen who besides want freedom from the Spanish Rule and they created a reform motion with Marcelo Del Pilar and Mariano Ponce as its leaders. They formed La Solidaridad in Madrid but mendicants put transcripts of newspaper into fire while praying in the Philippines. He besides wrote Noli Me Tangere in Madrid but mendicants prohibit anyone to have a transcript of the novel in the Philippines.

Governor General Blanco was replaced by Governor General Polavieja. During the Christmas Eve. Taviel de Andrade shared with him a glass of vino and they sang together merrily. He remembered the missive he received from Paciano about force ejection of his household in their ain house ; he besides received a missive from Leonor Rivera about her fixed matrimony with an Englishmen which was besides portrayed in his novel when Maria Clara joined the convent.

On December 26. 1896. Rizal was sent to the test tribunal. Rizal was accused being the psyche and the premier mover of rebellion. Rizal explained his side and told that Dr. Pio Valenzuela asked him to fall in the rebellion but Rizal refused to travel with them because he know that they are non yet ready to contend the armed Spaniards. Rizal said that autonomy is what he merely asks for and he does non desire to accomplish it by revolution but by proper instruction. The test was merely a fast one and they decided to condemn Rizal to decease. His female parent visited him in the gaol and he left a message to her that when he died. he wants his organic structure to be buried with a cross on his grave with his name. day of the month of birth and decease. He besides had a opportunity to state adieu to his sisters ; Rizal gave a lamp to them with his last verse form.

At the last portion of the film. Rizal is confronted by his scruples and his imaginativeness in the signifier of Simoun before the twenty-four hours of his executing. He marched to Bagumbayan and before his executing. he requested to save his caput and be shot confronting the fire squad but the latter petition was denied. Before he was shot. Rizal smiled and said his last words “It is done” . He was shot by many soldiers and a concluding shooting was given by the squad leader. After he was shot. the people shouted for joy. The film ended with the onslaught of the “Katipuneros” to the Spanish high functionaries. Chemical reaction:

The film “Jose Rizal” is an effectual instrument to demo what is truly the state of affairs of the Philippines during his clip. I felt commiseration for those who are abused by the Spanish mendicants. I admired Bonifacio for his willingness to contend for the Filipinos’ rights and privileges. I felt the hurting Paciano is sing when large nails were inserted to his fingers but at the same clip. I was impressed by what Paciano did ; when he did non gave up with Rizal even he was tortured to decease. He ever supports his brother’s program on uncovering the Spanish maltreatments in the Philippines.

I agree with what Jose Rizal said to the gaol retainer that instruction is of import but it can profit or harm you because if you know everything around you. you will be funny and can be involved in some issues. During the flashback of his childhood old ages. I admired Jose Rizal for being active and first-class in category.

In the scene about his female parent stating him the narrative of the moth. I can turn out that female parents know best because Rizal’s female parent warned him non to be funny about what is go oning around him. so we must listen to our mothers’ advices because they know what is best for us and they do non desire us to be in danger.

I besides agreed with what Rizal’s female parent said that she prefers to be blind instead than to see merely sadness and inhuman treatment. Of class. who wants to see merely grieve and cruelty particularly when your household is involved?

I was happy to see a Spaniard. Luis Taviel de Andrade. to assist a Filipino who is against the Spanish authorization. Andrade is non biased and he listens to Rizal’s accounts. He is fixing Rizal for possible inquiries of the plaintiffs. I am proud of Rizal when he said that he is ready to oppose anyone who is non stating the truth ; it shows that he stands for his rules in life.

I was surprised when Jose Rizal and his cousin. Leonor Rivera. were holding a romantic matter because as I know. Filipinos in that clip were really conservative. Knowing that they have merely met for the first clip. it is truly unexpected to see them near sufficiency and about snoging each other.

I admired Paciano once more for being a good and supportive brother to Rizal when he reminded Rizal to analyze harder and non to dishonor their household as he study in Europe. I besides agreed with Paciano’s advice to Rizal to take attention of his wellness because his wellness and his pen are his lone arms against their enemies. Jose’s intelligence. when he answered right and discussed clearly all his professor’s inquiries during his anatomy category. made me proud as a Filipino.

I felt defeated during the scene demoing the mendicants firing the transcripts of La Solidaridad while praying. They are utilizing God’s name even they are making evil things. Friars. cognizing that they are functioning in the church. acknowledge Rizal as a Satan. I am disgusted with the scene where one of the mendicants is coercing the people to esteem him by snoging his manus. and he gives an evil expression to person who does non snog his manus and who merely nods at him.

During an event in Europe with his fellowmen. I was impressed with Rizal’s line. “Unless we foremost learn self-respect. we will non be respected by any other peoples” . It is true that we must first regard ourselves because when other people see that we are respectable and nice. they will besides esteem us.

It is really dissatisfactory to see that there were many unfairnesss shown in the film like the impeachment of Governor General Blanco merely because the mendicants think that he is non rigorous with Rizal. Injustice is besides shown in the film when the occupants were expelled from their place merely because they are oppugning about the high revenue enhancement imposed to them but they do non profit at that place.

I did non acquire the sense of the test tribunal. when even Taviel de Andrade have non yet supported his client and even Rizal have non yet defended himself. the Spanish governments have already decided to guarantee a guilty finding of fact and to condemn him to decease. Aside from being accused. another calamity happened to Rizal when he have to state adieu to his first and merely kid.

On the scene when Simoun appeared to Jose Rizal during his last stay in theprison. I was foremost baffled because I barely understand their conversation. As Rizal had a concluding conversation with his attorney. Taviel de Andrade. before his executing. I felt sad for Taviel when he said that he is ashamed as a Spaniard.

I besides felt nervous when the executing of Rizal is about to go on. I think he wants to be changeable confronting the fire squad because he does non desire to be shot at the dorsum like a treasonist since he is non even a treasonist to his ain state. I besides think that Rizal died merrily since he did everything he can for his state. He did non repent of composing his novels since that became the manner to do the Philippines free. I felt sad when after he was shot. the people were shouting for joy as if no 1 died in forepart of them.

In general. the film was great and I did non detect that it was a long film since I enjoyed watching it. The secret plan was really complicated and there were so many flashbacks. but it is still non hard to follow. I admired the dramatis personaes for presenting their lines good particularly when utilizing the Spanish linguistic communication.

After watching the film. I am now positive that Rizal must be the national hero of the Philippines even he fought merely utilizing his pen because his executing triggered the revolution activities of the Filipinos particularly the “Katipuneros” to contend for the Philippines’ independency. The film has proven that Filipinos are brave adequate to contend the evil Spaniards. The film tells us to love our state more than we love ourselves like what Rizal did. However. there is still a inquiry in my head based on what one of the “Katipuneros” said that Pepe does non desire a bloody revolution. Is the manner of the “Katipuneros” in contending the Spanish dictatorship is favored by Jose Rizal? I can state that Dr. Jose P. Rizal deserves to be out national hero for his love for his household and for his love in our state. I hope that what happened in the yesteryear will ne’er go on once more ; I want the Philippines to remain free and independent.

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