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Was Romeo and Juliet ’ s love based on expressions, rebellion, external forces, or was it in actuality true love? There is no denying the fact Romeo and Juliet is a great drama and an exceeding Shakespearean work, but upon closer review, is it a narrative of true love? Many intimations and hints may take one to the belief that the love exhibited in this drama is genuinely due to no more than lecherousness or some other ground.

The first and most obvious ground for why Romeo and Juliet autumn in love is due to their infatuation with each other s beauty. Throughout the full drama they were both wholly fixated on each other s physical visual aspect. Both Romeo and Juliet aspire to happen no other quality in their lover other so that of good expressions. Towards the beginning of this play, Romeo had already received a repute for basking merely beautiful adult females. Romeo expresses that to him beauty is a greater quality than cognition or personality.

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Paralleling Romeo, Juliet appears to happen other qualities attractive in her work forces. When she considers the matrimony of Paris in the beginning of the drama his evident beauty does non rock her determination to keep off matrimony. But every bit shortly as she meets Romeo, of all the good qualities he possesses she speaks merely of his luster and attraction. Which would decidedly take one to believe that they find nil more than visual aspect desirable when it comes to falling in love.

I believe this is most recognizable in the really beginning of the drama. As he gazes at her he is wholly astonished by her beauty. Not even cognizing her name or anything about her personality, Romeo ’ s superficial nature overpowers his common sense and he seemingly falls in love. As he describes her he articulates how he sees her in stating “ O, she doth teach the torches to fire bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of dark Like a rich gem in an Ethiop ’ s ear beauty excessively rich for usage, for Earth excessively beloved So shows a white dove parading with crows As yonder lady o ’ er her chap shows.

The step done, I ’ ll watch her topographic point of base And touching hers, make blessed my ill-mannered manus. Did my bosom love boulder clay now? For swear it sight! For I ne ’ er saw true beauty boulder clay this night. ” In this Romeo is comparing Juliet to a beautiful gem which is excessively rich to be used, and is about supernatural. He inquiries whether he has genuinely loved before, and comes to believe that his old loves have ne’er been echt, and he had ne’er seen true beauty until he encountered Juliet.

These quotation marks confirm the thought that Romeo loves merely through his eyes. He has non talked to Juliet or attempted to happen out even the simplest of facts about her. At this point in the narrative he does non even know the name of this keen beauty in which he speaks. All of which may take one to believe that he is in love with nil more than her physical characteristics and anything else about her is non of import to him, as of yet.

The silent and seemingly gorgeous Juliet has ne’er truly been romantically involved. Bing born into a protective household she has ne’er had a existent relationship and as of yet Juliet has ne’er been allowed to see anything on her ain. So when Juliet comes to run into Romeo she becomes enthralled with his fine-looking visual aspect and romantic nature. When Romeo says, “ If I profane with my unworthiest manus this sanctum shrine, the soft wickedness in this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that unsmooth touch with a stamp kiss. ” She feels flattered and takes his sort words to bosom.

Romeo is highly forward in his actions ; he speaks to her in a really sweet and romantic mode, and kisses her upon their first brush. She is decidedly taken by his words and actions. Juliet, holding deep feelings for this alien, calls her nurse and uneasily asks her to happen out more about this cryptic adult male. When her nurse tells her that he is “ Romeo … the boy of [ Juliet s ] great enemy ” she does non forestall herself from holding these feelings, she merely says, “ My love, sprung from my lone hatred! Too early seen unknown, and cognize excessively late! Colossal birth of love it is to me that I must love a loathed enemy. ” She claims that it is excessively late for her to alter her feelings she has fallen in love with his visual aspect. After falling in love with Romeo she overlooks the fact that they are mortal enemies, captivated by his beauty she pursues him to the full extent.

The thought of Romeo being attracted to nil but Juliet ’ s beauty is obvious throughout the full narrative. Even at the bereaved terminal, when Romeo is mourning Juliet ’ s “ decease ” , he states, “ For here lies Juliet, and her beauty makes this vault a banqueting presence full of light. ” Romeo thinks that Juliet is dead, yet he still speaks of her beauty. Her physical visual aspect is the first thing that Romeo fell in love with, and it is that beauty that he will lose the most. To me both Romeo and Juliet s love for each other does non widen much farther beyond the beauty they see in each other.

It is non merely infatuation that brings these two together it is besides their pursuit for what they think will do their lives worth life, love. Their lives are filled with problems and inquiries of many sorts, and confused and misguided they come to believe that love is the reply. Throughout the narrative it is obvious that these two misbegotten adolescents are engrossed in the thought of being in love. In the beginning Romeo is in love with a adult female named Rosaline, but every bit shortly as that fails he falls in love with Juliet. When Romeo foremost meets Juliet he is non merely smitten by her beauty but the possibility of love, which is truly all he is looking for. For one ground or another Romeo merely wants to fall in love, he wants to be loved. Proof of Romeo s dire demand for love is when he says Tut, I have lost my love ; I am non here.

This is non Romeo ; he s some other where. which means that without love Romeo believes he is nil and that he has left his bosom with his love. In the same manner Juliet merely wants to fall in love, which would explicate why she would non get married Paris, this being on history she was non in love. The manner these two speak of love throughout the narrative proves that love is everything to them. It is apparent to see that truly they are non in love with each other they merely believe they are, or want to believe they are. These teens don t love each other ; they love the idea of being in love. The secretiveness, the romanticism, and the enigma of it all, that is what they fall in love with, non each other.

As teens, it is obvious that Romeo and Juliet use their love and each other to arise against their overbearing or neglecting parents. In the instance of Juliet, she uses this to get away her tyrannizing parents, as she knows that they have other programs for her. As they force her to get married a adult male she doesn t love, she subconsciously searches for a manner to acquire out of this unfavorable quandary. In making so she finds Romeo and convinces herself that she is in love with him.

Her disfavor for Paris and her evident demand to get away matrimony to him is obvious in the lines I will look to wish, if looking wishing move, and It is an honor that I dream non of. Which means that Juliet will seek to wish this adult male which her female parent speaks of, and that she does non wish to get married him. Although the ideas and positions of Romeo s parents are non depicted in the drama, the same ideal can besides be extended to Romeo. He may be falling in love as either a manner to arise against them or get away them all together. From Romeo s parent s deficiency of visual aspect one can presume that they may non pass a great trade of attending to their lone boy and this may be a manner for Romeo to derive attending.

Another ground these two autumn into their delusional love is due to the fact that either subconsciously or consciously they want to get away from their anterior battles or quandary. In the drama, Romeo and Juliet both have a romantic docket that for one ground or another they want to get away. In the beginning of the drama Romeo is plagued by his neglecting relationships of the past, particularly that of his darling Rosaline. His love for this adult female is proven in the manner Romeo is unsure about traveling to the party he merely wants to mourn the adult female who does non wish him in return.

Which is shown in the line in which Romeo says Out of [ Rosaline s ] favor but, where I am in love with which means that although Romeo still loves her, she does non love him in return. Heartbroken and desiring to get away his feelings for her and seeking to bury about her raw he finds Juliet and forgets about this one time lovely beauty Rosaline. In the same manner Juliet wants to get away her battles with the County Paris, a adult male her parents want her to get married. Knowing that her parents would non let her to speak her manner out of it Juliet searches for another manner, and she discovers Romeo. If she were to marry Romeo she could non get married Paris, doing it an exceeding flight from her matrimony to him.

From the beginning of clip, people have fallen in love for the same grounds Romeo and Juliet did. They both may hold had subterranean motivations for falling in love, whether it be to get away other jobs or believing that love would work out their jobs. They were merely to na ve teens that were confused and saw love and their pure physical attractive force as a manner out. As they became infatuated with each other they wanted to love and to be loved. But in world one can obviously see that their love was no more than lecherousness.

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