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Romeo and Juliet Modern Day Film Script

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Paul looks up at Jenny’s balcony hidden from her underneath a garage. PAUL Gosh she is so hot, she’s the chick from the party. Ann.’s phone rings. Oh how I wish to be that phone so that I may touch that cheek. JENNY Oh Paul Paul why must you be a Maintain Montague deny your group and don’t attend Maintain high. PAUL Should I say something? JENNY Or swear that you love me and I will be a Maintain high girl.

PAUL It’s Just the school that I hate. I mean if u call a rose a shoe is still a rose, if you call dirt delicious is still dirt so if Paul was Paul Montague id still call him my love, so Paul take me but Just the name cause its keeping us apart.

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Romeo and Juliet Modern Day Film Script
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Paul steps out from garage into Jenny’s sight Only call me love and I will never again be Montague. Whoso there! , I have a cricket bat.

My name, did rather not tell you I only hate it because you hate it and if it was on a piece of paper id scrunch it up and shred it to pieces. JENNY How did u get past my dog? Nothing can keep me from seeing my love, not dogs or fences nor senor lights. JENNY How did u get directions here? I put it in Google maps. How long have you been listening? Long enough. Crap.. Ell do you love me? Don’t answer that I already know you do, who doesn’t right. PAUL I swear by the sun I do love you. Don’t swear by the sun it doesn’t always shine, swear by yourself cause u know you always will. JENNY’S SISTER Jenny come get our nails done! I have to go, night Wait, will you leave me so unsatisfied. I don’t do that on the first date sorry… Wait what satisfaction do you mean. PAUL Let’s get married like right now, I know someone that can do it for free. JENNY Of course ill marry you id marry you a hundred times. Nail time Jenny.

Jenny exits the balcony quickly to get inside Is this a dream am I really going to get this girl tomorrow night. Jenny re exits balcony in a hurry Okay Paul I’ll talk to you tomorrow, text me about his hole marriage thing. PAUL Wait I don’t have your number. Okay, Just throw me your phone. Paul throws phone up to Jenny Jenny enters her phone number Put in your home number too. Hurry up Jenny. Text me Paul text me, I’ll be waiting for your reply. I will goodnight. Jenny leaves balcony Paul walks away from the house

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