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Romeo and Juliet Vs. West Side Story

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There are many similarities between Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. Many of the characters in West Side Story resemble those in Romeo and Juliet. Many plot events in West Side Story mirror those in Romeo and Juliet, such as the two houses compare to the t-von. Or gangs. Many of the conflicts can be compared to each other because of the characters involved and how they play out in the novel. These works of literature portray very similar accounts in two different time periods.

Many of the character’s traits can be seen in both arks of literature.

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Romeo and Juliet Vs. West Side Story
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For example, Tony and Romeo can be compared to each other because both are in love with the girl from the opposing faction. Maria reflects many of the same traits as Juliet, both fathom are young in a sense because Maria is new to America and is unsure Of what her brother thinks to be true, while Juliet is Newton becoming an adult.

The nurse can be compared to Anita, because both of them advise Maria/Juliet to stay away from the boy they like. Many of the characters have the same role and relationships with other characters as the ones in the other work.

Many events of Romeo and Juliet are emulated in West Side Story and can be viewed in a very similar way. The famous balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet is also depicted in West Side Story, but instead takes place on a fire escape. The fight between Bernard and Tony can also be seen with Table and Romeo. This scene has an enormous impact on both stories because it leads to the female protagonist to choose sides between the argument Many major events that affect the storyline are in both works are very similar and only few events differ from each other.

Numerous accounts of conflicts in the works are very related to each other and involve the same characters and have similar outcomes. The most effective conflict was one between Riff/Mercuric and Bernard/Table because this conflict forced Maria/Juliet choose and caused the death of many major characters such as Romeo, Tony and Juliet. Maria and Juliet are stuck in a very difficult place; they must choose between their family or the men they love who had just killed their relative. They both choose the option most would not which leads to their demise.

The characters face many animal strife and react to them synonymously, leading to the same or similar outcomes. Much of West Side Story is embodied from Romeo and Juliet. The characters traits are seen in both works and all characters are relatable to the other work. These works of literature have about the same storyline and major events. Conflicts of similar type can be seen in both stories. Both stories can be seen with have the same morals behind them.

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