Romeo and Julliet

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Similarly, the relationship of Romeo and Juliet seems like an ultimate archetype of love because it appears as two soul dates that fall in love at first sight are made for each other. However, when one comes closer to characters and learns about their dispositions and values, it is easy to understand the reality of their love. In order to fulfill their desires, Romeo and Juliet abandon all other commitments including those with their families and their friends. An example of this is shown in the play, when Romeo disregards his friends and abandons them to hide within the courtyard of the Capsule family to meet Juliet after the dinner.

Juliet also shows examples of selfish seclusion from valuable people in her life when she says she is willing no longer to be a Capsule for the love of Romeo. These feelings show us that Romeo and Gullet’s passion for love is overtaking their responsibilities and values. They are acting selfishly for their benefit. They forget about everything that these people have done over the course of their entire life, just for the desire of love created in a few minutes. The relationship not only has love but also has things like expectations and lust.

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Romeos character shows a great lust for a partner to love. At the beginning of the play, Romeo loves and admires a character named Rosalie, who in return doesn’t seem to love him. Romeo feels extremely depressed and Lancelot because he is unable to find someone to love. He says things like there can be no one as beautiful as Rosalie and feels that he can’t love anyone else. However, when he comes to see Juliet he falls in love with her instantly and marries her just in a span of a day. This decision shows one that Romeos love is questionable for lust.

Looking at how easily Romeo forgets about someone he claimed to love dearly shows us that he might have a different definition for love. Romeos love seems to be more lustful because he didn’t even love Rosalie, but had a desire for her appearance. The hasty decision of Romeo and Gullet’s arraign also opens questions like if their union was for true love or just a quick decision due to the moment of passion for each other. It seems impossible that Romeo and Juliet developed true love given the short amount of time.

It seems as they just married because of their childish passion of love and other desires. One can see that hidden behind the relationship of Romeo and Juliet rests some bitter truth. The analogy of the rose also represents a similar meaning as the relationship in William Shakespearean play. The elegance and beauty of the rose is a representation of how the relationship of Romeo and Juliet is viewed at first thou full knowledge. The thorns represent the truth that is hidden behind their relationship.

It represents the disposition, the values and the legitimacy of their love. They also represent traits of Romeo and Juliet like selfishness, lust, irrational passion and ego. This simile shows us that just how a rose looks beautiful at first but is filled with painstaking thorns, Romeo and Gullet’s relationship is similar because it seems legitimate, but their motifs and love are questionable. Their relationship doesn’t represent true love but represents many other intentions and feelings.

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