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Another problem which arises during this act is the possible war be;men Denmark and Norway (Hamlet and Formations) over the killing of old formations by the most recent king of Denmark, Hamlet (Old Hamlet). In this event I predict the future of the play will reveille a more depth into the conflict between these two actions and a win or lose situation between them. So far into the play , the way Hamlet is being taught to me is a very easily understood method. I am understanding the story line as well as increasing my grasp for old enlist and overall am enjoying the method which is being taught. Act Two: In this act the problem begins to grow , as does Hamlets way to resolve his problem.

Characters such as the King, Queen, Aphelia, and friends such as aristocrat nag guilelessness begin to notice Hamlet appears to be going mad. Throughout the act, many attempts are made to find the anger behind Hamlet, but as Dramatic Irony takes place and the act progresses what the readers know and the characters do not , is Hamlets true madness comes from his suspicion of his uncle (the present king) being the murdered of his father (the previous king). Throughout the act as the other characters try to discover Hamlets madness , he himself is constructing a plan to determine the truth about his fathers death. In an upcoming play Hamlet decides to add a scene in it of what he believes the king did to murder Hamlets father.

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His idea is to let the scene play on and capture the reactions of his uncle, the inning. If no reaction he will conclude the death of his father natural, but if he discovers a reaction by his uncle then he will conclude the death of his father, a murder. I predict the outcome of these even to take place in the near acts (three and four). At this point in the play I am still understanding the story line of the play and what is being said to each other and am finding a better concentration on it compared to the precious ways I have been taught Shakespeare. Act Three: In This act Shakespeare leads up to the play in which Hamlet will test King Claudia. In this act a play is to be watched by all of the kingdom.

Hamlet has asked Horntail- his true friend- to Spy on the king as well for another witness on his reaction to the scene Hamlet has added to the play. As the play begins Horntail spy on the kings reaction from a distance. At this point there is much tension between Aphelia as before the play had started , as instructed by Claudia and Polonium (aphelia father) had broken up with Hamlet. This being true, anger had added to Hamlets mood. At this point the scene takes place Horopito and Hamlet notice actions that show guilt from Claudia, as Hamlets anger rises he pokes fun and shoves this fact in the kings face in an arrogant but envious way. Hamlet then concludes the murder of his father. Following this much anger and argument arise within the kingdom.

Hamlets mother has asked to speak with Hamlet as Restaurant and Guilelessness reported to Hamlet also angry at the humiliation caused towards the king. While Hamlet reports to the Queen the King in revenge arranges for Restaurant and Guilelessness to ride England with Hamlet and letters to the king telling him to Kill Hamlet as soon as he arrives. Another problem Occurs hill Hamlet talks to the Queen. Polonium hides behind the arras in the same room as the Queen And Hamlet, at anger arises between The Queen And Hamlet, Polonium calls for help, Hamlet hears his voice walks to the arras and stabs through it killing polonium. Following the death Hamlet speaks further with his mother and she beings to understand that Hamlets anger comes from the king and her relationship with him.

The Ghost appears once more to Hamlet telling him his visitation has much purpose and to come between her and the king, as Hamlet is the only one to see this ghost his mother suddenly egging to think he is really going mad. At this point in the play am better understanding everyone’s reaction and feelings towards the situation Of Hamlets madness. Not only have I enjoyed the method of teaching but I have also discovered much more understanding in old English writing. Act Four: This act begins with the search for Polonium’ body as Hamlet after slaying him had removes the body from the room. The king searches and sends Orchestrate and Guilelessness to find Hamlet , which they do and there encounter with him is not a good one.

Hamlet shows anger towards them as e believe they are playing him to find the body. Hamlet eventually tells where the body is and The king demand Aristocrat and Guilelessness to exit Hamlet to his ship to England with this letters to kill him. As Hamlet Discovers the plan to send him to England he reveals the letters to kill him when he arrives and changes them to instead instruct to kill Aristocrat and Guilelessness, instead of him. On their way to their ship they run into Young Formations army who is supposable walking through Denmark to get to Poland but as the reader can tell will not happen as Hamlets father has killed Formations Father and is seeking revenge on the kingdom.

Hamlet finds suspicion to this and escapes back to the king in Denmark as Aristocrat and Guilelessness continue their journey to England. During the run in with Formations Aphelia has found her father dead and the fact of this drives her crazy. At this point alerts (son of polonium) returns from France to find his father dead and convinced Hamlet was responsible. After talking to the king they name to the conclusion of a duel with Hamlet to poison him with a glass of wine and if that fails alerts will have a poisoned tip on his sword to strike Hamlet and kill him. At the end of the act The queen has found aphelia has drowned herself in madness of her fathers death.

Act Five: This act begins with the funeral and gravediggers of Aphelia, Hamlet and Horopito approach the grave diggers as they are joking around talking to catheter. Hamlet notices the skull of a jester named Hayrick who used to entertain Hamlet as a child, as childhood memories and reflection on Hayrick come into Hamlets head. As the funeral approaches Hamlet hides and discovers it is Aphelia who has died, as Alerts (Aphelia brother) jumps into he grave hugging his sister, Hamlet runs into the grave as well fighting with Alerts over whoso love was stronger for Aphelia. The kind reminds Alerts of Hamlets soon to come death and Alerts suddenly settles himself down.

As Hamlet explains to Horntail what is in store for Aristocrat and Guilelessness, a courier named ISRC approaches Hamlet asking for his response on a duel between Hamlet and Alerts in where The king will wager 6 horses and 6 Of the finest swords on victory for Hamlet (this way when Hamlet did die it would appear as if the king had nothing to do with it as he bet for him). Before the duel Hamlet had told Horopito his feelings of this duel ignoring horopito suspicions of events taking place during the event and at this point they bond as friends to the hope of the outcome of the fight against Alerts. As instructed by his mother Hamlet apologized to Alerts for his actions earlier in the graveyard, and Alerts responds with an acceptance of the apology but his heart remaining the same towards Hamlet and his love for his sister.

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