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Room Reservation Script

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Desk clerk- Thank you for waiting sir, I’m glad to inform you that we have an available room on that said date,that is a deluxe room having a complete kitchenette , 2417 abele TV, and a fully air conditioned room. Would you like to book it now? Guest- yes , Please.. Desk clerk-Can I have the name , Please.. Guest- Its Henry Sys… Desk clerk-Can I have the address and the telephone number , Please.. Guest-E. R subdivision , Ph 4 Bulk 19 Lot 20 , San Studio ,Rod .

Rural, and my cellophane number Is 091 86876688.. Desk clerk-certainly , our company Is requiring you to put a 50% downplaying upon reservation.

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Room Reservation Script
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To whom and how will be the bill be settled? Is it in cash or in credit card Guest- to my company and it will be settled via credit card Desk clerk-Can I have the company name please : Yamaha.. Guest clerk-Can I have the credit card number Please …? Guest- Its 123-567-1234 Desk clerk- thank you, Would you like a wake up call Sir? Guest: Yes, Please .

. L would like a wake up call at 8:00 AM Deck clerk- Certainly, I’ll recap all the infers given.. You’re Mr.. Henry Sys and your address Is E. R Subdivision , Ph 4 Bulk 19 Lot 20 , San Studio ,Rod . Racial, having a cellophane number of 09186876688.. ND your company name Is Yamaha and your credit card number Is 123-4567-1234. Sir ? Guest-Nothing Did I forgot anything Desk clerk-I’m glad to inform you that your reservation is already guaranteed. This will ensure your booking. Now if you don’t come on date without informing us, then one night will be charge on your credit card automatically as your penalty.. L guess you understand our policy sir ? Guest – Yes, I understand Guest clerk- thank you very much for choosing Enchantment Hotel, we hope to see you soon and if you need something please don’t hesitate to call us . Because we’re always happy to serve you..

Have a wonderful day ! Guest -Thankful Welcoming [Greeting the guest, opening the door of his vehicle, unloading his luggage At the Guest’s Vehicle Enchantment Hotel.. Bellboy-(unloads the luggage of the guest) At the main lobby All Staff-Good morning Ma’am/Sir… Attending to Guest Registration Settlement of Guest’s Bill Escorting Guest to his room, Carrying his luggage and explaining room facilities Desk Clerk-welcome to Enchantment Hotel Ma’am/Sir.. What can I do for you? Guest-I’m Mr.. Henry Sys, I have my reservation today Desk Clerk-would you mind if you could wait for a moment Mr..

Sys, I’ll will Just check your reservation on our system.. By the way Sir, have you already settled your bill? Guest- Yes , I already have.. Desk Clerk-Thank you for waiting Sir, You’re reservation is already confirmed.. You will e escorted by our bellboy on your room ( The desk clerk agaves the room key to the bellboy) In the Room Bellboy- PLEASE FOLLOW ME. To the right is the lobby of the hotel, on your left is the main restaurant. ON THE SECOND FLOOR ARE IN THE-swan-Norton pool, sauna and Turkish baths. IN THE BASEMENT YOU WILL FIND THE LAUNDRY. The check out time is at 12:00. Breakfast time is from 6 to 9 am. Tool my name is Peter Tan. If you need anything Just call me Sir Guest-Thank you Bellboy-you’re welcome Sir… Updating Room Status, Preparing Guest Folio At the Front Desk Front Office Supervisor-please attached this one to Mr.. Henry sys Guest Folio.. Desk Clerk-Yes , Ma’am (compiling all documents of guests) Attending to all service request of guests, Extending various forms of Assistance like Wake-up calls, Delivery of Messages Desk Clerk-Thank you and Good Morning Mr.. Sys, thank you for choosing Enchantment Hotel for waking you up, Hope you enjoy your day.. Guest- Thank you..

Updating Guest account, preparing billing Statement, Settlement of Balance Desk Clerk-Today is Mr.. Sys last day, have you already prepared his billing statement.. Cashier-(preparing Mr.. Sys Billing Statement) Yes, Ma’am.. I’m working on it.. Desk Clerk-Good Assisting Guest for check-out Settling Bills, Giving clearance for Check-out Receptionist-Hi Mr.. Sys, Are you checking out now? Guest-Yes, I am. Guest-The room was great. The bed was really comfortable.. And facilities were so amazing.. Receptionist-I’m glad you liked it. Receptionist-Will you be putting this on your credit card? Guest-No.

I’ll pay cash. Receptionist-OK. So the total comes to UP,OHO including the tax. Guest-Here’s my payment.. Receptionist: Thank you Mr.. Sys , Now you’re bills have been settled already.. I’ll Just need to ask you for your room keys Sir. Guest-Here it is.. Bidding Goodbye, Thanking the Guest for Patronage Desk Clerk-Thank you very much for choosing Enchantment Hotel Mr.. Sys, Have a nice Day.. And please don’t hesitate to drop by again Sir Guest:Yes, I will.. Each staffs- Thank you Sir, please come again.. Receiving/Processing and documenting Guest Reservation Receptionist: Good afternoon, San Feline Hotel.

May I help you? Mrs. Airfield: Yes. I’d like to book a room, please. Certainly. When and for, madam? On November 23rd. How long will you be staying? Three nights. What kind of room would you like, madam? A deluxe room , I’d appreciate it if you could give me a room with a view over the lake. Receptionist: Certainly, madam. I’ll Just check what we have available… Yes, we have a room on the 4th floor with a really splendid view. Mrs. Airfield: Fine. How much is the charge per night? It’s Pl ,500 per night excluding the VAT.. Would you like breakfast?

Mrs. Airfield: That’s fine, Yes, Please Who’s the booking for, please, madam? MS. Manner Airfield, that’s R-Y-E-F-I-E-L-D. Okay, let me make sure I got that: Ms. Airfield. A Deluxe room for March the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Is that correct? Mrs. Airfield: Yes it is. Thank you. Let me give you your confirmation number. It’s: 7576385. I’ll repeat that: 7576385. Thank you for choosing San Feline Hotel and have a nice day. Goodbye. Mrs. Airfield: Goodbye. Doorman- Good morning Ma’am/Sir .. Welcome to San Feline Hotel.. Desk Clerk-welcome to San Feline Hotel Ma’am/Sir.. What can I do for you? Guest-I’m Ms.

Married Airfield, I have my reservation this day Desk Clerk-would you mind if you could wait for a moment Ms. Airfield, I’ll will Just check your reservation on our system.. Guest- Yes , please.. Desk Clerk-Have you already paid for the downplaying Ma’am and it will cost you UP, Guest-Not yet, can I pay it now? Desk clerk-Yes Ma’am, Desk Clerk- Here it is, Thank you for waiting Ma’am,. L have already checked your reservation.. You will be escorted by our bellboy on your room ( The desk clerk agaves the room key to the bellboy) If you need anything Just call me anytime Bellboy-you’re welcome Ma’am…

Desk Clerk- (compiling all documents of guests) Desk Clerk-Good Morning Ms. Airfield, It’s 8 o’clock in the morning like what you have requested for your wake-up call service , Have a nice day.. Cashier-(preparing Mr.. Airfield’s Billing Statement) Receptionist-Hi Ms. Airfield, Are you checking out now Ma’am? Guest-Yes.. Receptionist-How was you’re stay Ma’am? Guest-The room was great… And facilities were so luscious, It felt like I was staying on nee of the 5 Star hotels in Paris . Receptionist-I’m glad you liked it Ms.

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