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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established in 1970 to encourage employees and employers to decrease workplace hazards. OSHA provides guidelines for the healthcare industry, including standards such as Hazard Communication, Bloodstone Pathogens, and Emergency Action Plan. All employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace, and records should be kept on all employees’ injuries and illnesses. It is important to stay up to date on OSHA regulations to ensure workplace safety and personal protection. Training programs are offered to educate personnel on the latest standards. Following OSHA guidelines can help prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

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OSHA Regulations in the HealthCare Field Clerical Booker CASES: Professional Presence February 10, 2014 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, was established in 1970 to encourage employees and employers to decrease workplace hazards. OSHA does recommend that both parties cooperatively establish workplace- specific safety standards. The OSHA agency also establishes training programs for occupational safety and health personnel. Finally, OSHA oversees research to find new approaches to workplace safety and health issues, not only in the deiced field but in all fields.

OSHA Guidelines for the Healthcare Industry, is very important, it also changes and it is very important to know all the up to date information. The following are some of the key OSHA standards that apply to many health care employers, Including: Hazard Communication Standard, Bloodstone Pathogens, Ionizing Radiation Standards, Exit Routes and Electrical Standards, Emergency Action Plan and Fire Safety Hazard, Medical and First Aid Standards, and Personal Protective Equipment Standards.

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These guidelines would be followed in the Healthcare field, at all times. The importance and follow up with these incidents in any workplace should be paid attention to all times. If any of these happen to come into place with any employee a report should be written up for OSHA Rule and Regulations. The importance is so that there is always an incident on file. Under the OSHA law, all employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace, for everybody. Records should be kept on all employees’ injuries and illnesses. HTTPS://www. Shah. Gob/docs/compliance_assistance/quicksteps/health_care/HCI _steps . HTML). The way I feel about OSHA and how it can help me progress as a professional is that I feel it is important in all aspects of any company. The health field is of course the most strongest because you are dealing with hazardous chemicals and illnesses, because of the clinical aspect. My personal views on this subject is that there is a lot to know and learn but I feel that it is worth it in the end.

It will help save you and any employees under you. If you have a great understanding of it, it all makes sense. Without this law or practice it would leave ways for maybe somewhere that you were working to be left liable for anything that is done or happens during any time that you are in the workplace. It definitely will help me progress because I would have the resources and knowledge with the ability to go back and relay any questions or concerns to these rules and regulations.

I once worked in the healthcare field and there were trainings held n a monthly basis to catch us up on every new regulation or update to any of the standards underneath the OSHA rules and regulations. This also helps a person to keep from themselves being open to any disease or infectious cold or disease as long as you know what it is that you need to do if you are open or come into contact with anything. Basically it is for your safety and I recommend anyone that wants to protect and have the knowledge even if not in medical field to read up on this and keep that knowledge.

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