New Understanding and Renewed Perception of Ourselves Analysis

This text reveals that discoveries and discovering can offer new understanding and renewed perception of ourselves and others. These can be far reaching and transformation fort the individual and broader society. The young girl in the story, whilst away, on the island, makes many discoveries. For example, she discovers the “web of life”. The web of life represents the process of “hatching, growing, hunting, mating, dying” showing how a person’s life is always through the same process.

This process is similar to her life. She is born, growing. However, her growth is slightly different from other people. As a child her way of going through the process of growing is different and she discovers life is through the experiences she has with her mother. As she wants to leave her mother and discover the world herself, “That body thrashed and whitened the water, thronging out, vibrating, parts shearing away, roaring white hot, and all the way down she felt young and strong and perfect in the cold darkness” symbolizing that she might have passed away during her swim away from reality. The concept of discovery is represented through the use of literary techniques. The title of the book And the Water was Dark and It Went Forever Down gives the readers thoughts on what will happen as the story goes on. The alliteration of W,W and D,D’ shows the undiscovered world of the deep ocean. Moreover, the word “Dark” and “forever” down makes us readers reader curious. It makes us readers reader want to discover what the book is going to lead us to and it already increases the intensity of the story.

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Imagery of “packed white sand” shows us the setting of the worth story, an untouched and undisturbed beach. Contrastingly, the use of a simile in describing her mother’s face which looked ” like a charred side of a beef” leads the reader to question the circumstance of their life. Her mother looks like this because she was smoking on her bed and the next morning her face was burning in flames. The protagonist of the ghostwriter compares herself as to the an engine. What she needed was a swim; to be an engine” This metaphor allows us as readers to see that we the girl’s only way to escape reality of life at home was to swim and that she has o stay strong to continue living life. As the reader arrived at the island ” Cryostat passed it, their motors coming from weird directions in the wind. ” symbolizing that her life is very unstable and there are still a lot of questions in her lifebelt unanswered. However, “She felt within the grasp of something important, something she might understand. Discovering and realizing the realities of life, for example death. During the progression of the story, the protagonist discovers the realities of life, “There was no more room, she decided, for feeling sorry for dead things and yin things and sick things; for her mother or even herself. ” This discovery allows her to make a decision that she could not stay home and take care of her mother all of the time but that she needs to leave her mother to discover new understanding and renewed perception of ourselves and others. 6.

She felt within the grasp of something important, something she might understand: The girl in the short story is very similar to the character Coral in the book Away. They are both living with misery. The girl in the short story lives in misery because she has to experience all of the hard times with her mother and the difficulties of seeing how her mother is acting all of the time. Whereas Coral living with the misery of grieving for her dead son. Both the misery that the characters have to go through restricts them from living a normal life.

They both find the solution to their miseries on the beach, but in different ways. Coral finds the solution of her misery when she left Roy and went down to the beach by herself. Where as the girl in the short story finds coverer on the beach after she has arrived at the island after a long swim. She was able to solve her misery after “she went, broken eggshells mashed and blew. ” showing the fragility of the shell symbolizing the fragility of her life. This allows her to understand that life is so fragile that she should not be wasting too much time of her life on her mother only but that she has to go and discover the world by herself.

 The poem focuses on a mother trying to talk to the girl to encourage her to leave omen and discover the world. The mother explains the discoveries that the child will go through during the road to discovery. In addition, there are things that she must be aware of in order to discover “stranger holding the future”. She continuously uses words such as “Go on. Goon. Goon. ” to encourage and motivate the child to go out to the world and discover. The mother is also using the images of the multi-colored world, imaginary characters etc. O try and convince her child to go and discover. While the mother uses powerful imagery as a form of encouragement “New fruit sing n the flipped of the night”, she is coaxing and speaking gently “skedaddle”. This poem reveals that discoveries can lead us to new worlds and enable us to speculate about future possibilities. Going through new worlds needs a person to use their senses “listen and touch, smell believe” to enjoy the unfolding of new discoveries. However, without “Let in the new, the vivid, horror and pity, passion, the stranger holding the future” it is impossible to gain experience in life during the discovery of the world. Walk. Fly. Take a boat till land reappears, altered forever, inning its bells, alive. ” Shows that discoveries that the mother wants the child to make, but in order to discover the world, she would need to go through all the difficulties until she overcomes the problems. The concept of discovery is represented through the use of poetic techniques. The title Away and See is an informal phrase that a mother might use to a child as she encourages her child to go off and explore the world. Early in the poem “New fruits sing on the flipped of night” this metaphor depicts the new experiences and the opportunities that the world has to offer.

Comparing them to fruit singing is a positive image and shows that these new discoveries can be very Joyful ones. Each of the five stanzas finishes with The use of imperative and short sentences at the end of each stanza emphasizes the point that the mother wants the person to go and discover new places, new flavors and new relationships. “Write to me soon”, “Taste it for me”, “spell them for me”. These quotes show that the mother is encouraging the child to leave home and discover the world. Then show the experiences that the child experiences during the road of discovery. Skedaddle” is a colloquial language where parents would say to a child to make them leave home and go out. The mother saying skedaddle to her child shows that the mother believes that the kid should leave home to discover the world as there are always the unexpected in the world. “Let in the new, the vivid, horror and pity, passion, the stranger holding the future”. By listing the experiences that the child have allows us to realize that the mother might have good and bad times during her road of discovery and that she thinks that the child should go and discover to under the world.

The poem Away and See is very similar to the play, Away. The character Coral in Away and the child in the poem Away and See are subjects who are addressed and encouraged to go out and discover new worlds to stimulate new ideas. Both characters do not Just go and discover themselves, but they are motivated to discover by the people around them. Coral was helped by Tom to overcome her difficulties and to move on. The repetition of “I’m walking, I’m walking” shows that Coral was finally able to discover that she could walk and return to Roy after all the help that Tom. This also symbolisms that she is moving forward and discovers she has moved on already. On the other hand, the child in the story Away and See is motivated by the mother to go out to discover. The eventual contraction of “Go on. Goon. Goon” shows that the mother would expect the child to go and discover. This shows that the child has already moved on and is in the process of discovery. When she is discovering the world, she will be leaving home sooner her later and her mother will miss the child. There is also another similarity with the book AWAY. “Walk. Fly.

Take a oat till land reappears” shows that problems are also solved on the beach. Similar to the characters in Away the discovery and cleansing process occurs on a beach. The water represents cleansing while land illustrates the discovery that has happened.  Away and see an ocean suck at a boiled sun and say to someone things I’d blush even to dream. Slip off your dress in a high room over the harbor. Write to me soon. New fruits sing on the flipped of night in a market of language, light, a tune from the chapel nearby stopping you dead, the peach in your palm respiring. Taste it for me. Away and see the things that words give a name to, the flight of syllables, wingspan stretching a noun. Test words wherever they live; listen and touch, smell, believe. Spell them with love. Skedaddle. Somebody chaps at the door at a year’s end, hopeful. Away and see who it is. Let in the new, the vivid, horror and pity, passion, the stranger holding the future. Ask him his name. Nothings the same as anything else.

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