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Shrek and the Code of Shivalry

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Fraud banished the Fairy tale creatures there. Lord Fraud is herding all the fairytale creatures out of the city of Dollop because he believes them to be a burden. Also, in order to become a king he must marry a princess, with the help of a magical mirror he chooses Princess Finn, but needs someone to rescue the princess from her castle which is surrounded by lava and guarded by a dragon. This story very much relates to the ideals found in the Code of Chivalry because Shriek risked his life to save Princess Finn and never recoiled in front of his enemy.

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Shrek and the Code of Shivalry
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Shriek did save Finn from the highest room of the tallest tower of a dragon- guarded castle after having walked over a rickety bridge, suspended over a boiling lake of lava! That is a stupefying example of the 1 10th rule in the code of chivalry, “Thou shall be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.

” Shriek also portrays this ideal when he first confronts Lord Fraud, and he orders the knights to attack the ogre, Shriek. Shriek defeats all the knights and the Lord presents Shriek with a lea which would give him his deed to his swamp back, if Shriek rescued Princess Finn from her castle.

Another example from this movie that exhibits this code is when Shriek returns to Princess Finn and tryst to win her back. Shriek realizes that Lord Fraud was only marrying Princess Finn in order to become king and Shriek realizing that he loves Finn, goes back and rescues her. Shriek’s main enemy is Lord Fraud. Shriek, who lived peacefully in his swamp, finds many fairy tale beings, including the talkative Donkey, who were forced to the swamp by order of Lord Fraud.

Shriek and the Donkey decide to travel to the country to see Fraud to try to regain Shriek’s swamp. The two make it to Farad’s palace in Dulia and come across a knight tournament to decide who will rescue Princess Finn. Shriek manages to best the other knights, and Fraud makes an agreement with Shriek, that if he goes to rescue Finn he would give Shriek his deed back. Shriek was met with a very big challenge at this point in the story, but he never recoiled in front Of his enemy, one of the ten ideals in the code Of chivalry.

When Shriek encountered the dragon at Princess Fauna’s castle, he again didn’t recoil even though he could’ve died at any second. The Ten Commandments of the Code of Chivalry ask to “love the country in the which thou waste born. ” Shriek was born in his swamp, and he just loves living there. He likes the filth in his swamp, and just living alone. When the fairy tale creatures are dropped off at his swamp, Shriek is outraged. He loved his swamp the way it was before, and travels on a quest to return things to the way they were before.

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