Skateboarding Is Not A Crime

Throughout the 1880ss and even still into the 1890ss skateboarders have been stereotyped, fined, arrested, and kicked out of topographic points for merely holding merriment. To many people this doesn. T sound that bad since skateboarders are a clump of punks and cause problem all the clip. They smoke pot and acquire high and do nil with their lives. These last two statements could be seen as false since they could be disproven in many ways.

Tony Hawk is a pro skater who has achieved many ends in his life. Many people won. Ts know him but for the people that followed his calling as a skateboarder they would cognize that is the Michael Jordan of skateboarding. Tony started his calling in the 1880ss and at that clip skateboarding was non excessively popular with the governments. He has dealt with the adversities of being discriminated and rose to the top. He was in the films Glittering the Cube and Police Academy four. He besides came up with his ain company which is Birdhouse, and has invented many of the fast ones for vert skating, such as the Madonna and the Bennihaha.

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This past twelvemonth in the X-games he landed the impossible, the 900. This trick involves two and a half rotary motions. I don t think Tony Hawk is a problem shaper and a hood for skateboarding. I think he is a great function theoretical account to many of the other skaters out at that place working hard to make good at the athletics.

Ed Tempelton is a pro skater for Toy Machine. He has run in with the jurisprudence for skating plentifulness of times. On the Toy Machine Video, Jump off a Building, Ed Tempelton is shown acquiring kicked out of some topographic point. Most of the artworks on the underside of the Toy Machine decks are painted by Ed as a manner to demo his artistic ability. He said that he got into paintin g because he liked it even though he said his first pictures were crapy. He said it was better than acquiring into drugs and that he truly doesn t drink. Ed Tempelton is merely another skater that doesn? t fit the stereotype of skaters.

If you heard of Andy MacDonald it was likely from the latest commercial Where Andy speaks about skateboarding and his version of acquiring high. This was one of those Drug awareness commercials stating childs non to make drugs. Andy is 27 and has chosen skateboarding other than drugs and hanging out acquiring into problem. He has besides accomplished many things in life. He has been a pro for about 7 old ages and he now does commercials and is on Television on such Stations as Espn, Fox athleticss cyberspace and Msg. He has helped in Board Aid which is an event where snowboarders and skateboarders have a large demo and people pay to listen to music, watch the athleticss, and the chief ground is to raise money for Aids consciousness, and besides for drugs.

To speak from experience, I have been kicked out of school belongings, the promenade, the parking batch of Betz Funeral place and the constabulary have shown up to my door besides. In each of these incidents neither my friends or I were non making anything incorrect except skateboard. I got kicked out of the Middle School parking batch with my friend because the lady said that we were traveling to action the school or something.

In contrast if my friend and I were siting a motorcycle or on Rollerblades making leap we would hold ne’er even acquire hassled. Skateboarding has progressed but some of the jobs that skaters have faced in the yesteryear are still here in the present. For instince in Albany the constabulary can take your board and in many topographic points in California theres marks stating no skateboarding or the governments merely love to harass us skaters still.

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