Slim Is the Only Character in the Novel Who Is Not Handicapped in Some Way Do You Agree?

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< p > Slim is always described with dignity and majesty. When he enters the bunkhouse, he moves with the grace of royalty and skilled craftsmen. He is tall, ageless, and an expert in his job. When Carlson suggests killing Candy’s dog, Candy turns to Slim as the ultimate authority. Slim is so highly respected and admired on the ranch that even Curley listens to him. When Lennie crushes Curley’s hand, it is Slim who intervenes and assures Curley that George and Lennie will not be fired. Slim understands Curley’s fear of being mocked, and he uses that fear to assist George and Lennie. < /p >

Slim inspires confidences because he is non-judgmental. When George initially encounters Slim, George discusses the issues Lennie faced in Weed. George perceives in Slim a person with intelligence and empathy. Slim interacts with and connects to everyone, comprehending their emotions. His perception, intuition, kindness, and natural authority effortlessly attract the other ranch hands to him, making him the only character who truly comprehends the bond between George and Lennie.

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Slim is not handicapped in some way, I agree. Lennie’s personality resembles that of a child, as he is innocent and mentally challenged, unable to grasp abstract concepts such as death. Although Lennie shows immense loyalty towards George, he lacks the understanding of the concept of loyalty itself. Consequently, he often finds himself in troublesome situations unintentionally, and due to his lack of conscience, he cannot interpret his actions in terms of guilt.

Lennie’s understanding of his relationship with George is solely based on the consequences he expects: “George is going to give me hell” or “George won’t let me tend the rabbits.” He displays a loyalty towards George similar to that of a dog towards its master, and he earnestly tries to follow George’s instructions. Lennie’s childlike awe is evident when he discovers a pool of water and eagerly drinks from it, mimicking a horse. Candy, described as an old man with a tall, stoop-shouldered figure, is dressed in blue jeans and carries a large push-broom in his left hand. Unfortunately, his right hand is reduced to a stump due to a previous accident that occurred on the ranch.

Now the owners of the ranch keep him on as long as he can “swamp” out or clean the bunkhouse. Candy exemplifies the fate of aging individuals in American society: They are released, terminated, discarded, depleted. Candy and his dog symbolize the dynamic between George and Lennie. Similar to Candy’s dog, Lennie relies on George for protection and guidance. Both Candy and George differ from the other ranch workers as they have a loyal companion in their respective dogs.

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