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Song of China Spring Snowfall

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  • Pages 4
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    Spring Snowfall is one of the top ten ancient songs in China, one of the top ten famous songs of Guqin. It revealed that how Chinese people feel after the snowing winter, the spring comes, people are very happy to see that kind of scene. The whole song sounds fresh and smooth, the rhythm is lively and brisk, and there are a wonderful ‘big bead beads falling jade plate’. Listening to the music, people feel that warm wind is blowing through the face; smelling the fragrance of the earth with the breath of life; seeing the spring of ‘the grass is close to but not.’ Listening to the songs, closing your eyes, the minds of the river suddenly appear ‘the thousands of miles of green and red’ Jiangnan spring color, the emergence of the swallows north, the mud nesting, the ice skin began to solve, sparkling, all things revitalized, vibrant The scene makes people feel the cry of life. Life is so beautiful, with a passion, invites the spring breeze to accompany, and walk with the birds. Go outdoors, go to the fields, go to the grass, look at the mountains, children playing hide and seek with; touch the water of the first melt, play with the little fish; step on the green grass and enjoy the dance of the butterfly.

    Looking at the land where the snow and ice melted, the communicator broke free from the myth of blasphemy. The white, yellow, and green earth echoed the swan song of life! This piece could show to the listeners that people are happy when winter passed and spring is here. That means warmness is coming. Everything comes back to life. Flowers and plants bloom. The main mood of this piece is springy and happy. It is a violin piece created by a Chinese violinist. This song describes an ancient Chinese legend depicting the story of two loving couples being forced to separate and not together. The whole tune of the whole song is brisk and With a bit of sadness. The song begins with a brisk melody to depict the joy between lovers’ love. As the song continues, the song slowly carries some sadness. This is because the couple is forced to separate, the song Depicting the helplessness and bitterness between them. This song can give the audience a unique experience, experience the beautiful love between lovers, and experience the feelings of lovers when they are separated.

    The song can truly show humanity when lovers are experiencing love and difficulty. Even though they are forced by some reasons but they still deeply love each other. I think this piece can perfectly show extra-terrestrials that how humans lovers express love. Moreover, when how humans feel when their love faces difficulty. It perfectly shows the situation when the couples struggle to get love. The introduction of ‘Blue Danube’ is to depict the dawn scene of the Danube: the background of the violin broken bow is slightly gentle, like the turbulent water in the mist, gently swaying; the fare and near horn theme tone, vast and cheerful, attracting people The reverie; the brief and harmonious echo of the wood tube group seems to be a distant recollection; the cello repeats the horn tone and gradually develops gradually and loudly, and seems to be white in the east; the bright melody that comes with it symbolizes the rise of the rising sun and the thinning.

    The four sides and the light of the earth brought to light and warmth to the banks of the Danube; people could not help but gather on the banks of the river, full of hope and joy, and greet the ‘Dawn of the Danube’. After listening to this work, I have a good aftertaste. Its music The image is distinct, and its styling factors are particularly prominent in the introduction. This is a background of “water ripples”. The tremolo effect of the violin seems to depict the morning sun on the river and the wake of nature from sleep. The slow flowing river forms the music. The basic melody. It seems to depict the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Danube River. Giving people a feeling of vigor and vitality. The music in the middle section is soft and beautiful, the violin plays the theme, and the harp is accompanied by a voice. It seems that the youths of the Alps are whispering and whispering in the warm and cheerful dance. The third waltz is a two-part style. The first paragraph is new, elegant and noble. After repeated, the contrasting second tune is lively, fluid and rotational.

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