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    In literature evil often triumphs but never conquers. ” This means that in literature there is often a case where evil wins a battle but it never wins a war. This consensus seems reasonable because most books or movies the characters overcome the evil. This is especially true in the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Evil may appear to be dominating, but in the end, good prevails. The major evil that Melinda, overcomes is that she has been raped. This is the main conflict of the story.

    This is a man vs. man conflict. Melinda, the main character, overcomes the evil that is Andy Evans, her rapist, by telling him no and to stop. Later, when Evans tries to rape her again, she screams and the lacrosse team finds them in the closet. Another evil that Melinda experiences is Heather using their friendship for her own benefit. The literary element used here is character. One prime example of this is when Heather asks Melinda to help decorate the staff room for Thanksgiving.

    Melinda helps her just wanting to keep her friend happy. When Melinda’s decorations are praised, Heather takes all the credit. Melinda overcomes this evil by telling Heather she won’t help her decorate for the prom. Heather on her own does a horrible job and all off the seniors end up hating her. In the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Melinda faces many evils. She is raped and used and somehow manages to come out on top. This is a prime example of evil ultimately losing to the greater power of good.

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    Speak. (2017, Jan 24). Retrieved from

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    Does Speak have a happy ending?
    Another reason we consider the ending happy: Andy Evans, who seems to be a serial rapist, is finally revealed for what he truly is. As the graffiti on the bathroom wall of the girls' bathroom shows, Andy has sexually assaulted dozens of girls at Merryweather High, and probably other places, too.
    How old was Melinda in Speak?
    Speak, by Laurie Halse AndersonLaurie Halse AndersonLaurie Halse Anderson is an American writer, known for children's and young adult novels. She received the Margaret A. Edwards Award from the American Library Association in 2010 for her contribution to young adult literature. She was first recognized for her novel Speak, published in 1999. › wiki › Laurie_Halse_AndersonLaurie Halse Anderson - Wikipedia, chronicles the struggles of thirteen-year-old Melinda Sordino after she is a raped by at a party the summer before her freshman year of high school by another student. Melinda tells her story in first person narrative.
    Is Speak a true story?
    The novel was based on Anderson's personal experience of having been raped as a teenager and the trauma she faced. Since its publication, the novel has won several awards and has been translated into sixteen languages. However, the book has faced censorship for its mature content.

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