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Which of the PEST contexts impacts most the marketing strategy of Special K?

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    As we know, there are four different contexts. First, there is the Political/ Regulatory/ Legal Context which involve a wide range of forces that may constrain channels distribution. Second of all, the Economic context, this can affect the marketing strategy in its communication or promotion. The Social and Cultural aspect can be very powerful in influencing marketing strategies and tactics. At last the fourth context is Technological/Physical which affect the price.

    To relate these factors to Kellogg’s Special K, we notice that cereal is a raw material, so its price can be very instable due to economic factors. In addition, the fact to be slim and good looking, and very healthy is a social in our occidental culture.

    If we look for example in Africa, where the culture is not occidental at all, Special K is not implement because they know that the population is not obsess with their physical appearance as it is not root in their culture and way of living. To conclude, if the price of cereal changes, it is going to have an impact on Special K as it is their first resource. Last but not least, if the culture in occidental countries changes and the physical appearance is not as important as today, then people are not going to put that much effort in eating low fat and healthy.

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