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Spending Lives Avoiding Changes

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Prompt: “Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think the change is always a good thing. ” It is quite clear that everything around us changes as time passes. There are a large amount of arguments showing pros and cons that people should admit changes in their life and strive to adopt themselves with contemporary states of affairs. In this essay both ideas will be covered and my point of view is going to be offered.

Those who maintain the idea that changes are not mandatory in their personal life make a momentous argument in support of it.

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Spending Lives Avoiding Changes
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The argument is that any change is prone to disturb the convenience, even in short term. To be more precise, it can be argued that change in life does not happen without assuming any risk, so that it is wise to prevent unforeseen circumstances that may lead in tragedy not only for themselves but society also.

For example, most employees refuse to make any innovation regarding their activities in factories and it would prevent them from promoting to higher position there. In contrast, there is another group of people who hold the view that human beings ought to adapt themselves with alternatives.

This implies that nature dictates its discipline to any aspect of life. They believe that people who comply with this discipline have the chance to enhance their positions in the society. For example the owners of some giants such as Microsoft and Apple Corporations could benefit of this secret and make revolutions in technology. In my opinion, despite the fact that any change has potential to disturb our life, it can aid us to revolutionize our future but in this respect, it would be better that the amount of risk of any action or decision be considered.

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Spending Lives Avoiding Changes. (2016, Sep 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/spending-lives-avoiding-changes/

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