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SQ3R Reading One Study Strategy



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    The major characteristics of my preferred learning style is working in groups with others or working alone where I can be by myself, somewhere peaceful. I prefer to work visually. Writing things become boring to me, so I have to do little drawings, or visually see what something is for me to understand it better. I also like to help others understand some of the information we are learning if they do not understand it because I feel like if you help others, they will help you.

    One study strategy I have are working in a quite room with no distractions, or outside were it is quite and peaceful and the sound of the birds just take your mind off any stress. Another strategy I have is to highlight or take notes of what I feel may be important information. This is my visual strategy. The third strategy I have is sitting in a group working together. Sometimes if one person misses something, another person could catch it. Working in a group is easier for some people because they are not sitting alone and because they can help each other out.

    The link between my learning style and my effective study is that my learning style is exactly what I would do during my effective study, or what I am already doing. Everything I thought that would make studying easier is the same things that my learning style told me is what I was most strong .

    Five parts of the SQ3R reading technique would be subtitles, titles, bold words, headings and prior knowledge. Subtitles and titles help you to understand what the writing is about and what information is in the writing. When reading or scanning over a book, the title is the first thing you will come across. The bold words in the reading are words that are important in the reading, and are words that you need to remember. They are usually the key words that are in the reading. The key words are the words that the author made a central point about and felt that they were major details about the reading. Headings usually come after the title does.

    The heading is a different font then the title and the main body of the reading is larger than the heading itself. Prior knowledge is what you already know about the reading before you read it. It helps your interest in the book. There could be some information in the reading that you didn’t know before that you just learned now.

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