Student Preparedness Research Paper The article Essay

Student Preparedness Essay, Research Paper

The article titled Teaching Responsibility trades with the issue of pupil readiness after high school. The article brings up the recent instance of Jonathan Govias who is actioning his private high school saying that the school did non fix him for university. The article goes on to give two illustrations, one in Virginia and one in Ontario of how these types of jobs are being dealt with. The editor agrees s that the school system should be held more responsible for its alumnuss, but makes it clear that attorneies merely complicate affairs.

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Student Preparedness Research Paper The article
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I believe that Jonathan Govias instance should be heard in a tribunal of jurisprudence due to the fact that schools have a certain duty and if it is non met so something demands to be done about it. I am in entire dissension with the Ontario s school program to acquire rid of this job and am a entire fan of the Virginia pilot undertaking, because unlike the Ontario program they are really looking to assist the pupils and non their ain pockets.

After dropping out of his first twelvemonth technology plan at the university of Alberta, Jonathan Govias decided to action his alma mater for a sum of $ 140,000 claiming that the school failed to to the full fix him for what university had in shop for him. Jonathan attended a private school, and as we all know private schools charge a big sum of money in order to supply a better instruction for its pupils. That is why parents enroll their kids in private schools. Jonathan after graduating got accepted in the technology plan, which is a difficult plan to acquire into since a high norm is necessary. Private instruction costs money, hence doing it a concern that provides services and like any other concern should be held responsible if their services fail, or does non run into the criterion that the school promises to run into. I believe that the school is really much responsible for Jonathan s station secondary instruction. Private schools take pride in the fact that they can supply a better instruction than public schools and that they prepare their pupils with the tools they need to last in the university universe. It is besides of import to observe that this instance has non yet been decided in favour of Jonathan and that Jonathan should be given a opportunity to turn out himself. The fact that this action against the private school is taking topographic point shows that Jonathan has merely cause for his determination to take his instance before the justice.

The following country the editor trades with is what Ontario is making to work out the job of pupil readiness. A cardinal public presentation index reappraisal will shortly be in consequence. This reappraisal will look at the employment rate of the former pupils every bit good as a study of what employers think of the quality of the alumnuss. In the terminal it is said that up to six per centum of a college s provincial authorities support will be affected by these consequences. This manner the schools with successful pupils will acquire more support, where as the schools who do non make good will be faced with cutbacks. Cutbacks in any manner form or for

m are a bad thing. We are already confronting cutbacks in the simple, junior high and high school degrees. These cutbacks are the direct ground for the deficiency of pupil readiness, and now community colleges are in for it. It is interesting that Ontario is traveling to implement these regulations to community colleges and non to universities. I would wish to cognize why. I do non see how cutbacks are traveling to assist a college that already is non making good. You might every bit good close the school down because with these cutbacks that Ontario has in shop for the colleges, the school might every bit good shut its doors.

On the other manus Virginia has come up with an thought that will assist its pupils. In order for the schools to be held accountable they have come up with a pilot undertaking that provides its pupils with educational guarantees. This manner if a pupil requires remedial instruction within two old ages, the school board will cover the costs. This is how Virginia is covering with the alumnus s deficiency of basic accomplishments. This program by Virginia seems to me to be a better manner to do a difference, and shows that they are seting their pupils foremost. First thing I would wish to indicate out is that the program by Virginia is a pilot undertaking, intending that it is presently at its trial stage, therefore we must wait for the consequences to see if it is a program to be adopted by all school board territories. With that in head the pilot undertaking is still a great thought. For one it holds the schools responsible for their actions and keeps a close oculus on the schools public presentation but does non hold cut dorsums in head. Students are now given a 2nd opportunity to do things right. It is known that the high school old ages are hard on adolescence and that many find it difficult to get by with the alterations that are invariably taking topographic point. Unlike the Ontario program this undertakings does non shut any doors on its pupils. The pilot undertaking undertaken in Virginia gets the pollex ; up because it puts the pupils foremost by supplying them with a opportunity at a good instruction, which in the terminal is the psyche intent of an educational establishment.

Study difficult parents tell you. All your life you hear that in order to win in life you must analyze hard, acquire a good instruction and do something of yourself. One must non bury that the school is besides responsible for its actions and responsible for supplying a useable instruction. Unfortunately these yearss the high school sheepskin does non count much to people, it is the post-secondary piece of paper that counts. Well evidently one needs a proper high school instruction in order to be able to last in the post-secondary universe. We as a society demand to be concerned with the deficiency of pupil readiness. These pupils missing basic accomplishments are traveling to run the future universe. We need to pinch this job through the usage of undertakings such as the one introduced in Virginia. As we enter the millenium, we need to understand that investings in our hereafter are important. By supplying a better instruction we prepare our kids for all the promotions that we are headed for.


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