Article Summaries Research Paper Article 1 Essay

Article Summaries Essay, Research Paper

Article 1- Excavating Egypt ( Newsprint )

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Article Summaries Research Paper Article 1
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This article tells of a typical on the job twenty-four hours for an

archeologist in Egypt. It tells of an experient

archeologist named, Dr. David O? Connor. He speaks of his

working site, Abydos, and Tells of what he has discovered

since he started working on the site. In his 30 old ages of

working at that place, he has uncovered 12 wooden boats, each about

60 pess long encased in 96-foot Gravess. He has besides found

the remains of an full colony covering approximately 16 estates.

He yearly spends up to $ 150,000 to pay of his chap

archeologists and his labourers. He does have financess from

private establishments and authorities bureaus to assist

back up his attempt in Abydos.

In reading this article, I have become puzzled as to

how so many people working at that place can divide $ 150,000. It says

that 20-25 scientists and 30-60 labourers are employed. I

understand that he does have financess from establishments,

but I would non believe that it would be upwards of adequate

money to back up so many people. I have ever respected

archeologists for what they do but now I have a deeper

regard for Egyptian archeologists. I do trust to see

Egypt someday though and see what it is like


Article 2- Cosmetic Surgery Discovered on Ancient Roman

Portrait ( Newsprint )

This article tells of creative persons in the modern twenty-four hours

executing work on damaged antediluvian artefacts. It specifies

on a caput statue that was received as a gift by the

Nelson-Atkins Museum. Scientists noticed some unusual

characteristics on the statue? s caput and investigated it to

discover that person had fixed it up before it was given

to them. They used gamma-radiographs to happen that person

had fixed the caput? s broken cervix with metal joggles and


I found it reasonably singular that some people may acquire

off making this without anybody knowing of it. It makes me

admiration if some of the great artefacts that we have on

show today have been tampered with and that they may non

be 100 % antediluvian. I don? T see that there is anything incorrect

with this. I? vitamin D instead expression at a fixed up show than position

1 that has been severely damaged and is difficult to do out.

Article 3- Forging It: A Forger? s Biography ( Newsprint )

This article tells of a modern twenty-four hours adult male, Alceo Dossena

( 1878-1937 ) , and his ability to make unreal art pieces

of ancient civilisations. He created sculptures in about

every manner: Hellenic, Etruscan, Gothic and Italian

Renaissance. He would sculpt them, so age them by giving

them acid baths and so would continue to bury them,

leting them to age. He was able to gull some of the

greatest historiographers and scientists in the universe. One of his

art pieces was sold to a trader who so sold it for

$ 225,000, the highest monetary value of any of Dossena? s graphicss.

Dossena claimed that he did non do his art to rip off people

out of their money. He so sued his trader and won.

When reading this article, I began to inquire if some of

the great graphicss today might be bogus. Possibly person

painted or sculpted them earlier in the century, and sold it

off as an ancient work of art. I am loath T

O think that

it happens more frequently than non. It likely doesn? t work on

the degree of great museums, but it might work on

unsuspecting traders looking to acquire rich.

Article 4- Joined by a Bridge

This article is truly interesting for it tells of a

adult male, William Cochran, and is attempts of painting a span.

When the topic came up of covering a little rock span in

Frederick, Maryland, Cochran ran this suggestion by and it

was approved. Many occupants rejected the thought at first and

would vandalise the work that had been done up to day of the month. As

shortly as his attempts came to an terminal, the span was seen as a

tourer attractive force for the metropolis. Since its completion, there

have been many other pictures added onto the span by

suggestion of the townsfolk.

Before reading this article, I had no hint that

something like this could be done. I am interested in how he

went about making this. I am besides interested in whether or

non this span is allowed to hold autos pass over it.

Someday if I make it to Frederick, Maryland, I? ll caput over

to the span and happen out for myself.

Article 5- Walking Encyclopedia

This article tells a little town, Columbus, in Indiana

and its claim to fame through architecture. The town is

nationally known for its edifices as many celebrated designers

have come in through the old ages and developed such

absorbing edifices. Columbus has even been declared as

one of the most of import towns in the U.S. architecturally

by the American Institute of Architecture. The article goes

on to state that some of the towns edifices are non so

popular, for they clash with the beauty of the exquisite

1s or else they are seen merely as insulting.

When reading this article, I became interested in the

town of Columbus, Indiana. Many metropoliss and towns have their

claim to fame through something, but for one town to hold so

many different exhibits seems absurd. I am like any

fellow adult male, I enjoy a good scenic visit when I travel. This

summer I am going to Indianapolis for the Olympic Tests

so when they are done, possibly I will drive down and see


Article 6- Mass-produced Masterworks From the Ancientss

This article talks about ancient Roman art. It tells of

many artefacts being sent to the Newark Museum, for an

exhibit. The exhibit will be exposing some of Romans agencies

of making cutoffs and streamlined engineerings that

enabled them to mass-produce goods without giving

quality. Some of the other objects on show include marble

gravestones and votive alleviations that provide portrayals and

pictural information about the craftsmans? tools and frock

and the insides of their workshops. The objects in the

exhibit are divided into three classs: domestic goods,

tools and public art. In add-on to all of the above

listed, there are many other points to see at the museum.

What I found interesting about this article was that

the Romans had produced slightly of an assembly line. I had

no anterior cognition of anyone making this before Henry Ford. I

think that is truly orderly that they could make such an

consequence some 2000 old ages ago with the engineering that they


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