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Students’ Behavior in Cavite State University Imus Campus

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    Resident university students mostly treat Irregular students as insignificant due to differences in the attitudes and behaviors because of the reason of not easily coping up in classes due to the new event of the irregular students’ university life. Far Eastern University defined the term irregular student as “One who is unable to follow the sequence of the subjects outlined in the program curriculum, due to reasons of failure, dropping, leave of absence, and/or shifting. The program may or may not be finished within the immediate prescribed number of semesters/years”.

    As such, the researcher wanted to know the true reason behind these behaviors that affect these irregular students’ in their respective classes in entering Cavite State University- Imus. The objective of this paper was to identify and explain the factors affecting the behavior of Business Management Irregular Students in class as well as in performance in school and to give knowledge and guide to the future Business Management Irregular students. The purpose of this study was to understand and overcome the difficulty and struggles of an Irregular Business Management student.

    The significance of the study is to help the Irregular Business Management students about what the respondents might encounter and experience in their college in Cavite State University- Imus Campus. The study focused on the factors affecting and the behavior of Business Management Irregular Students. With 29 number of respondents, the study was conducted in Cavite State University- Imus Campus during the second semester, A. Y. 2012-2013. This study used the questionnaire survey in gathering data.

    The Questionnaire Survey Method is a list of a research or survey questions asked to respondents, and designed to extract specific information (WebFinance, 2013). This method was used because it was easy to make and not time- consuming. The cluster sampling was used in choosing the respondents, to be equal and fair in all Business Management Irregular students. Results and Discussions There were two parts of the questionnaire answered by the respondents. In the first part, there were five questions, the respondents were asked to encircle their answers.

    Based on the results that were gathered on the first part of the survey, in the first question, Why did you become an Irregular Student? , majority of the respondent answered I’m a transferee from other school, and only 5 respondents answered, I stopped going in school for awhile. In the second question, Did you really like to enter in CVSU- Imus? , many answered I have no choice, and only few answered No. The third question was, How do you find CVSU- Imus? , Average, was the majority’s answered and the least answer was, I don’t care.

    In the fourth question, Who influenced you in studying CVSU- Imus, many answered that, Friends influenced them and few answered, Family. The last question was, Are you enjoying your stay in CVSU-Imus, majority answered A little bit while the least answered was No. The part 2 of the questionnaire was a table. The respondents were asked to check the answers agree, strongly agree, disagree or strongly disagree in the factors specified in the questionnaire about the topic. These were the results that were collected. Factors| SA| A| SD| D| 1.

    Too much pressure in school (academic)| 16| 21| 0| 6| 2. Hard to socialize and interact with other students and professors| 3| 20| 5| 17| 3. Stress| 10| 14| 1| 3| 4. Many/few subjects to attend to| 2| 20| 2| 2| 5. Professors’ way of teaching| 5| 15| 6| 0| 6. Facilities of the school| 10| 7| 6| 4| 7. Tuition and Miscellaneousfees in school| 6| 13| 4| 5| 8. Time management| 7| 17| 2| 1| 9. Not confident in class| 4| 13| 4| 6| 10. Lack of money| 3| 13| 4| 8| 11. Health problems| 1| 10| 8| 9| Table 1. List of the number of respondents that answered the questionnaires respectively.

    Interpretation of Data In the first part of the questionnaire, the result showed that Irregular Business Management students became such due to transferring into the university. While in the survey, the respondents said that the tuition fee in Cavite State University- Imus was lower compared to other universities. Some said that the university was near in their residence. It also showed that the respondents had no choice in entering the university, rated it as an average university, and considered friends as the most influential factor in entering the university.

    Lastly, it was emphasized that the respondents were a little bit happy in studying in Cavite State University- Imus Campus. In the second part of the questionnaire, the data gathered showed that in all of the factors specified, the respondents agreed with all the factors given. The result showed that too much pressure in school was indeed a big factor in the behavior ofIrregular Business Management students. The academic pressure the respondents felt could be derived from a need for perfection, worry over grades, parental pressure, competition, sports, or a tough class load (Palo Alto Medical Foundation, 2013).

    It was also noted in the survey that the professors sometimes demand more of what the respondents could give, therefore resulting to pressure in school. Second, the factor that also affected the behavior of the respondents was that it was Hard to Socialize and Interact with Other Students and Professors. It was also specified that Stress and Professors’ way of teaching played a huge role in the behavior as well as in the performance of the students in school.

    Health problems, Facilities of the school and Not confident in class factors were the least of the factors affecting and influencing the behavior of the respondents. It is because some of the respondents were already irregular students in the past in Cavite State University- Imus and were used to that way. Summary The problem Factors Affecting the Behavior of Business Management Irregular Students in class in Cavite State University Imus Campus used questionnaires in gathering data and information. There were two parts of the questionnaire, Part 1 and Part 2.

    The Part 1 consisted of the basic questions all regarding about the Irregular Students. Part 2 consisted of the factors that the respondents must rate if the factors given affect their behavior in class. In the first part of the questionnaire, many answered that it was due to transferring that the respondents became Irregular Business Management students and had no choice but to study in the university, Average was the majority’s rate in Cavite State University- Imus, friends and peers influenced the respondents in studying in the university and enjoyed a little bit in staying in the university.

    The second part of the questionnaire, the factors that affected the respondent’s behavior was Too Much Pressure in School, Hard to Socialize with Other Students and Professors, Stress and Professors’ way of Teaching. These factors were the most favored, especially the factor Too Much Pressure in School. The factors that were not commonly answered positively were Health problems, Not confident in class and Facilities of the school. Among these, Health Problems was the least factor that affected the respondent’s behavior in class. Conclusion

    In the study done by the researcher, the results showed that most of the respondents were transferees from other universities and became Irregular students of Cavite State University-Imus. Many factors and conditions had contributed to this, but most transferred because the tuition fee was lower compared with other universities and that the university is near the homes of the respondents. The survey also showed that the respondents’ rate in Cavite State University- Imus as an average university. Majority answered that the respondents have no choice in entering the university and were a little joyous/happy in entering the university.

    The factors that affected and influenced the behavior of the Business Management Irregular students the most was Too Much Pressure in school and the least factor was Health Problems. Recommendation The study is concerned in the people, the Business Management Irregular students to benefit from it. The researchers recommend this study, to serve as reference for students who are conducting the same research. It could also serve as a guide that will produce more results, when used. The study is also recommended for further enhancement and improvement.


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