Living on Campus or Not Essay

Some students prefer to live on campus in a dormitory. Others prefer to live in an apartment or house off campus. Which do you prefer? Use specific reason and examples to support your opinion. While young people go to study at university they must choose place where they will live. Some people choose live on campus other people live an apartment or house. Each one has good and bad way but I prefer to live in apartment or house because is safer and quiet than to live on campus.

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Living on Campus or Not
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When I go to the university I will live in an apartment because this place is safer. I can choose person which I will live. On campus I don’t have this kind of option. If we live on campus in a dormitory we have roommate which we don’t know this person behavior. On campus is more to someone can still something from you. If you live in an apartment you have security and cameras so you feel safer.

Fore example, when one my friend lived on campus in a dormitory some person stole some her clothes. After that she moved to an apartment.

The second reason to live an apartment is that there is quieter. I can concentrate about my study. No one can disturb me. If I have some important exam I could go to my room and study in silent. When students live in dormitory they can’t concentrate and in the end they have bad grade because of some student’s bad behavior. In college I lived for three months on campus I had bad roommate because she really didn’t want to study. She talks on phone and listen loud music. I didn’t can concentrate so I move an apartment and then I was so happy.

When we go to university we must decide carefully where we want live. We must think about our study and future so I think to live in an apartment is the best way to live in this time.

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