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Subliminal Messages in Disney Movies



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    First, lets start by me explaining what Subliminal Messages are. Subliminal messages are words, images, or sounds that might appear in television or radio commercials, TV shows or movies, print ads or recorded music. Usually when subliminal messages are seen or heard, they’re not recognized for what they are. In fact they may be ignored by the conscious brain and be beyond the level of conscious perception. The first question many people ask is do subliminal messages in Disney movies really exist? The answer is, yes, they do. The next question would likely be, why?

    No one know for certain, but the popular belief is that it started when a few Disney animators were angry that their names were not included in the credits, and wanted to get revenge. The type of subliminal messages in Disney movies varies. Some are innocent references to other Disney characters, and others have a much darker side. There is a scene in The Rescuers where Bianca and Bernard are riding through the city in a sardine box. There are two frames in this scene that shows a perfect image of a topless woman. It is clear to see if you are looking closely.

    The Little Mermaid contains a scene in which a character has an erection, and on the cover of every little girls favorite Disney movie, is something rather disturbing, something that wouldn’t be spotted out right away. It just so happens that on one of the spires of the golden castle is the shape and detail of a penis. It is confirmed that the artists added this drawing because he was angry at Disney Studios, In The Lion King Timon, Simba and Pumba are lying down, staring up at the sky. Simba gets up, walks a distance and flops himself to the ground, forming dust particles in the air.

    The dust particles become a rolling cloud and in the cloud read the letters S-E-X. This frame passes to quick for the naked eye to see, but it is there. It is confirmed that the animators meant to put the letter S-F-X, an abbreviation for Disney’s special effects department. The word “sex” is in almost every scene in this movie and most of them are hidden in the background. In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the message is in the last two frames of the scene and comes very quickly. Jessica Rabbit bounces out a taxi and as the scene continues, Disney’s Chief Executive, Michael Eisner’s telephone number appears to be on the toon town wall.

    In another scene, once again, Jessica Rabbit hops out of a taxi and her skirt flies up. As her skirt flies up, it shows her nude with her legs open for only a couple frames. Disney animators added these subliminal messages for their own humor. It is proven that they were tired of drawing the same things over and over again and added things only they could see. Or so they thought. Today, if you were to slip one of these movies in and try to find these secrets, it would be impossible. Disney had a reputation to hold and would stop at nothing to keep it.

    When the DVD’s and VHS tapes were released, the messages were no longer a part of the movie. The scenes I have listed here are just a few of the many subliminal messages in our favorite Disney movies. It seems as though almost all of these messages consist of sexual behavior and it has not yet been confirmed as to why this is the subject of these secrets. While these subliminal messages in Disney movies are of a darker nature, there are just as many that are not. Of course, the messages that are sexual in nature get the most attention.

    The others, which mostly go unmentioned, are likely just a method used by animators to link our brains to other Disney offerings. For instance, in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, several Disney characters make quick cameos. While some individuals do not appreciate the use of any type of subliminal message being included in the movie they are watching, this type of “clean” message is harmless. Other Disney subliminal messages are up for debate. Often, the mind can play tricks on us, and what one person thinks is something out of the ordinary, another may not.

    The same thing goes for voices. Many claim that Aladdin says, “Good teenagers take off your clothes” during one scene in the movie. However, others do not hear this at all. Some of these messages were taken out before the movies were released on video, therefore you may not be able to locate all of the subliminal messages in Disney movies if you are watching them at home. Others, however, were allowed to stay, so if you look hard enough, you just might find one. As a child, Disney movies were always my favorite and I never wanted to watch anything else.

    Seeing these hidden messages and secrets did not change my mind one bit. Walt Disney and his studio are filled with such brilliant people and if adding their own humor makes the magic flow. Disney is not the only company to have hidden subliminal messages in their entertainment. Over the years this type of message has appeared in music, video games, movies, television shows and cartoons. One thing is certain, if you are not paying extremely close attention to what you are listening to and watching, you just might not know what you are missing.

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