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The novel revolves around the life of Moorish, a Brahmin who discovers a half-buried ‘lingo’ in his village and installs it. The temple that is built there becomes the center point of village life, where all ceremonies and festivals are celebrated. Hair-Kathy, a traditional form of storytelling, is practiced in the village, which are stories of God. Moorish leaves for the city to learn more about Gandhi’s philosophy and follows it in letter and spirit. However, his actions turn the village priest and Brahmin against him, and he is excommunicated. Moorish starts living with a Widow Ramadan, who takes part in India’s struggle for freedom. He is invited to create awareness among the collies of Ossification coffee estate, but Bade Khan hits him, causing Moorish to go on a three-day-long fasting. He is later arrested and punished for three years of rigorous imprisonment. Women of Suntrap take charge of the struggle for freedom under the leadership of Ramadan. After his release, Moorish continues to lead the struggle against police brutality and atrocities against women. In the end, people of the village are settled in Shipper, and Suntrap is occupied by people from Bombay.

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The main character of the novel Moorish sis Brahmins who discovered a half buried ‘lingo’ from the village and installed it. A temple is built there, which later became the centre point of the village life. All ceremonies and festivals are celebrated Within the temple premises. Hair-Kathy, a traditional form Of storytelling, was practiced in the village. Hair-Kathy are stories of Hair(God). One Hair-Kathy man. Character, narrated a Hair Kathy based on Gandhi and his ideals. The narrator was arrested cause of the political propaganda instilled in the story.

The novel begins course of action when Moorish leaves for the city where he got familiar with Gandhi philosophy through pamphlets and other literatures. He followed Gandhi in letter and spirit, He wore home spun cheddar. Discarded foreign clothes and fought against intractability. This turned the village priest, a Brahmins, against him who complained to the swami who was a supporter towering government and Moorish was fecundation. Heartbroken to hear it, his mother Marksman passed away. Bade Khan was a police officer, a non Hindu of Suntrap.

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He was brought and supported by the coffee planters who were Englishmen. Considered as an outsider, Bade khan is an enemy of the people who refuses to provide shelter to him. After the death of his mother, Moorish started living with an educated Widow Ramadan, Who took part in Indian’s struggle for freedom. Moorish was invited by Brahmins clerks at Ossification coffee estate to create an awareness among the collies Of the estate. When Moorish turned up, Bade Khan hit him and the pariah collies stood with Moorish. Though he succeeded in following Gandhi non violence principle, the incident made him sad and unhappy.

Archaic and family were thrown out of the estate because of their role in beating Bade Khan Meanwhile, Moorish continued his fight against injustice and social inequality and became a staunchest ally of Gandhi. Taking the responsibility of the violent actions happened at the estate; Moorish went on a three day long fasting and came out victorious and morally elated. Following the footsteps of Gandhi, a unit Of the congress committee was formed in Suntrap. Goads, Ramadan, Archaic and seen were elected as the office bearers Of the committee and they avowed to follow Sandhog’s teachings. Raring the greater mobility Of people Of Suntrap under the leadership of Moorish, the foreign government accused him of provoking people to inflict violence it and arrested him. Though Armagnac and Archaic were willing to release him on bail, he refused. He was punished for three years rigorous imprisonment. While Moorish spent his days in prison, the women of Suntrap took charge of the struggle for freedom, They formed Women’s Volunteer Corps under the leadership to Ramadan who instilled patriotism among the women by presenting thro historical figures like Laxly ABA obtains, ragout princess, Serotonin

Naiad etc… Moorish was released later and he came out as strong as he was. People thronged at his house were dispersed peacefully, Danni March, Picketing of Abrasion’s toddy grove were other activities led by Moorish after his release. Arrest of the satyriasis, and police brutality to women became a part of the everyday life of the people in Suntrap_ Atrocities against women added miseries of the people. In the last part o the novel, it is mentioned that people of the village were settled in Shipper and Suntrap was occupied by people from Bombay.

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