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Summary of ‘Villa for Sale’

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A for sale is a drama written by Each Guitar. In this drama Juliet puts up her villa for sale. Some customers come to see the villa but they do not buy it. After almost a month, Juliet gets a call saying a lady Veil come to buy it. A French couple Gaston and Jeanne come to take a look at the villa. While waiting for the owner of the villa, Gaston indicated that he has no intention Of buying a villa.

Juliet enters and gives a complete description of the villa. After much bargaining Juliet reduces the price from Frances to Frances. Gaston seen ‘t agree and is about to leave when Jeanne wants to have a look around the villa.

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Summary of ‘Villa for Sale’
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Jeanne wants to see the upper floor Gaston doses ‘t joins them. Mrs. al Smith arrives to look at the villa. She mistakes Gaston as the owner of the villa. She buys the villa for Frances. When Jeanne returns after looking at the top floor,she indicates that she has lost the idea of buying the villa but Gaston desires to buy the villa for principalities is still unaware that Gaston has sold the villa to Mrs.

al smith, Gaston ‘s ingenuity is later discovered by Jeanne. Villa for sale is nothing but just about a woman(Juliet) who sells her house to a couple in hastiness,and Mr..

Gaston who buys the house sells it to another American who assumes Garrison to be the husband of Juliet when his wife Jeanne and Juliet go to inspect the top floor of the house, it is all about the tricky minded Gaston. ] n my point of view – the whole drama itself is a satire (wrote with one intention, to ridicule a person in the form of a poem or a play), Here Gaston is a witty character and throughout the drama he does not agree with Jeanne thinking that his villa is impossible His words are short but very thoughtful He is extremely witty and clever in his replies. On the principle of people who like children and haven’t any can always go live near a school” As the summary we can conclude that the use of a character like Gaston enhanced the thoughts Of the Miter thus helping the reader visualize What the real story is about. By another post I have described all the the characters of Villa For Sale.

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