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Villa Rufolo On The Amalfi Coast

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    I am astounded with its loveliness at, in the town of Ravello, at the providence of Salerno, Campania within Italy. Dating from the 13th century, it overlooks the front of the cathedral square. Initially, it was owned by a wealthy and influential Rufolo Family, who during their glorious phase constructed the villa. It emulated their societal position of majestic and luxurious status. Its authentic structure was a blend of Sicilian, Arabic and Norman architecture. After the downturn, the Rufolo family divided the property. The villa was inherited to various families and eventually a large part of the villa fell into ruins. Until finally a Scottish Noble Sir Francis Nevile Reid acquired the villa and renewed it creating an astonishing monument. We start with the grand entrance. ‘La Torre d’Ingresso,’ meaning the tower entrance, is through an appointed arched entrance. Then there is ‘La Torre Maggiore’ meaning the tower which is the connection to the Villa. It stands at 30 meters tall with a ribbed dome and embellished with interweaved arches embraced by compact terracotta pillars. La Torre is a dynamic scenery to a multitude of gardens that give a rendition of eye-catching scenes of the Church. IL Chiostro meaning courtyard is glorious with a long sequence of thirty-six compact pillars and two arches with six matching pillars accompanied by friezes.

    A pathway of lime and cypress trees takes you to La Sala de Cavalieri or Il Giardino or the ‘Garden of the Soul,’ with its dual levels. There is a section in the garden that has the well-known umbrella tree. The garden has an array of tropical trees which include various palm trees and domestic plants. It holds a massive amount of antique collection of roses inclusive the rare pink Dijon, which is an endangered breed. There are also hydrangeas, euonymus, variegated box, and some cream-colored and blackish purple salvia. What I adore of the garden is the symmetrical way the plants are aligned. Most trees roots are adorned with flowers. Some areas have perfect circles created from flowers. The building themselves also have foliage advancing on walls. Out of terrace, you can experience the mind-blowing perspective as far as over one thousand feet to the sea. Another section of the villa is IL Pozzo, the area of the fountain surround with plants. The higher garden or Il Belvedere is between the grounds floor for endeavors of the Ravello Festival with a platform extending to the sea. The home now considered ‘La Cappella’ the chapel holds exhibits and other venues.



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