Art Topics

Foundation Art and Design 2004/2005 Essay

Evaluate the set, lighting, costume and props of two performances that you have recently attended. What would you change and why?

On the 14th of February I went to the opening night of a performance of Chicago the musical at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham.

The set was simple and effective,...

An Analysis of Michael Fried’s Art and Objecthood Essay

Beginning with Michael Fried’s arguments in his 1967 essay ‘Art and Objecthood’, consider how the status of the art object (painting, sculpture, installation, etc. ) has changed over the last thirty-five years within Art History and fine practice.

Fried's essay is a kind of riposte to Judd and Morris, who...

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Object-Based Image Analysis Using Multiscale Connectivity Essay

Summary on ‘Object-Based Image Analysis Using Multiscale Connectivity. ’

This paper precedes a way for image analysis based on the concept of multiscale connectivity. The authors have suggested an approach to design several tools for object-based image representation and analysis, which attain the...

Artist Binh Danh Essay

One of the most renowned emerging artists of the contemporary art since 1945, Binh Danh was born 9 October 1977, and this Vietnamese-born photographer and artist is most renowned for opening up the enthralling method of printing directly on plant leaves. As in the case of several celebrated artists, Binh...

Art in Fashion Essay

Fashion as Art:
Is fashion today considered a high art form worthy of being exhibited in museums?
What is fashion? Is it art? Is it high art? In the world of fashion and art today, this is a contested question. Many art critics do not see fashion as an equal to the fine arts such as painting and sculpture....

What is an Art? Essay

In her article “A Shark in the Mind of One Contemplating Wilderness”, Terry Tempest Williams effectively defines what an “art” is and what is not. It goes beyond its traditional definition as a product of human creativity in which materials are outlined and selected to convey visually interesting forms....

Western Art Essay

In the Paris suburb, about 80 km from the city, there stands the one of the most exquisite samples of the French cathedrals of Gothic style, the Chartres. Numerous works on this subject someway mention that “Gothic architecture began with the quantum leap of Chartres Cathedral, France” (Vickers, 1999). To be...

Nude development of art Essay

Through the development of art, the fascination of the female body has been a main motif.  It is Venus, Roman Goddess of love who has intrigued the artist, and held their attention for well over a few centuries.  She has been not only Venus, but also Aphrodite (the Greek Goddess of Love), she has been Mary,...

The Protestant Reformation and Northern Renaissance Art Essay

The Protestant Reformation and Northern Renaissance Art

     The Northern Renaissance was greatly influenced by the Protestant Reformation and its attempts to reform the Catholic Church. The inability of the Church to aid in the Black Plague and the Western Schism had torn Europe asunder. As a result of...

Narration is the Art of Storytelling Essay

Narration is the Art of Storytelling
            A written or oral narration is the art of retelling a story or information with the use of one's own words. Rather using the standard textbook approach of education, narration utilizes the concept of catching one's imagination by infusing life into a...

Journey out of the cave Essay

                                                My Journey Out of the Cave

            In pursuing a Liberal Arts education, a student enters what is, in fact, an educational journey shaped to instruct an individual not only about academic knowledge, per se, but  in regard to the process of generating a...

17th century masters of art Essay

            In the 17th century, a new art style emerged. Baroque style  became the dominant art form during this period. This form of style is associated with “drama, energy, extravagance and intense emotions”. Many artists shifted their subject matter from biblical or mythological themes to portraiture of...

Museum art Essay

The  article  selected  for  this  essay  is  a  Moche  type  of  ceramic  art  form, originating  in  the  Viru  valley, Peru, South  America, and  belonging  to  the  Chimu culture. It  is exhibited  at  the  Peabody  museum  and  bears  number  09-3-30/75596.4


The  function  of  this ...

Edvard Munch painting Essay

Edvard Munch was a gifted artist from Norway.  His painting The Cry conveys to the viewer an immense amount of power and emotion, not only through the lines of the painting but through the way in which the lines converge and break apart.  The oeuvre of Munch’s paintings encompasses a split from the...

Mosaic and Stained Glass Essay

Mosaic and Stained Glass

Wall paintings are a form of art that uses the wall structure of a building as a base for its art. (Rosewell, p. 6) The artist uses the stone and plaster of the church as its canvas. Wall paintings are usually very large and it is meant for public audiences. This form of art is...

Mosaic art Essay


Works of art are expressions of the emotions, ideologies, and experiences of the artist. They often show what the artist feels or thinks about various experiences in his or her life. As such, when carefully making a criticism of any work of art, it is important to examine the various...

Miguel Angel Rios’s “A Morir (’til Death),” 2003 vs. Glassford’s “Nine Slat Mirror” Essay

Interpret Meaning And Rhetorical Argument They Make


A Morir is a kind of video game metaphorically used by the Rios as a violence, oppression, war, competition and power over others. Rios states “My idea was to use this game as a metaphor for our times. In this film, I express the terrible...

Monasticism and the Art of the Illuminated Manuscript Essay

Monasticism and the Art of the Illuminated Manuscript

Illuminated manuscripts, those wondrous works of sacred art that is still extant in some versions to this day, came into being as a result of a select group of monks who dedicated their lives to copying and decorating these manuscripts.

The monkish...

Mona Lisa: three different approaches Essay

Mona lisa: three different approaches


The theme, subject matter, and content in these works are all markedly different.  In da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the subject matter is the seated woman, clearly and respectfully portrayed, with the lighting as the only special effect and no irony apparent.  In...

Albers’ Bauhaus Days Essay











Josef Albers is more known for his “Homage to Square” series which resulted from his experimentations and fascination with color perception. The theme of such series all had the same subject and composition,...

Modern art Essay


Pablo Picasso’s modern art has been famous in the history of art. His artworks display several moods and thus have different histories behind them as well. A particular artwork that caught my interest was the Colombe volant (à l’Arc-en-ciel). Otherwise known as the dove with the flying rainbow, it...

20th century european modernist ceramics: Appearance, ideology, production, Function and status Essay


Modernist European ceramics categorize a broad range of works that appeared in Europe in the 20th Century, yet from the perspective of the most influential English potters, the words ‘modernist’ and ‘European’ connote differently from what can be immediately discerned from the words ‘modern’...

Milestones by Sayyid Qutb Essay

“Milestones by Sayyid Qutb”


In today’s world of scientific development and technological advancement, man has entered into a stage of spiritual vacuity- as the world has denied or ignored the spiritual life. Though the Western civilization has brought people under the umbrella of democracy, yet...

Michelangelo’s Last Judgment Essay

Michelangelo’s Last Judgment


As time pass by, the work of the famous artist Michelangelo entitled Last Judgment has been marveled from centuries to centuries, and from different civilization. The making of project in Sistine chapel was considered as Paul’s first significant commission...

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