Dancing Topics

Duration Of Dance: Explanation of Stimulus Idea Essay

My stimulus is a painting called 'The weeping Woman' by Pablo Picasso& we decided to focus on the emotional and historical basis of the painting. It symbolized the grief and suffering of the ones who stay behind in wars waiting for their loved ones to return, so we decided to focus on these feeling and...

The different aspects of a safe studio practice, which are of concern to us as dancers Essay

As dancers, safe studio practice is essential. There are many ways to keep safe and stop injury. There are three main issues that need considering when thinking about safe studio practices. These three are a safe environment, the individual dancer and the movements. These three issues include many factors...

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Dancing Our Way Out of Class through Funk, Techno or Rave Essay

Dancing Our Way Out of Class through Funk, Techno or Rave
            In her article “Dancing our way out of class, through Funk, Techno or Rave”, Beatrice Aaronson argue that Funk, Techno or Rave is able to break different boundaries that separates individuals such as race, gender, religion and politics....

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Essay

In “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven”, Sherman Alexie depicts Thomas Builds-The-Fire as a strong and determined character who lives with his stories and doesn’t bother about what others feel about him. Through Thomas Build-The-Fire’s words, Alexie tells us about our path of self attainment in...

Flamenco and Fado Essay

Flamenco and Fado
            Flamenco is a type of folk art that originated in Spain particularly in Andalusia. Originally, Flamenco is known to be the music of the underprivileged or the poor. It has become an oral tradition that is passed down from one artist to another. Because of this, many variations...

Complaint on dance Essay

I have always been an avid fan of dance, Ballet in particular, and when the opportunity of taking two elective Ballet classes knocked, I was more than willing to take both courses believing that it was the perfect opportunity of making the most of my abilities while learning more from these classes as well....

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