Language Topics

Language skills development Essay

All children are unique when it comes to their language development. Children progress at different stages, over a period of time. They are also difficult to study, as their language contains many inconsistencies and maybe ambiguous in its meaning. How do we know whether a child has understood what we are...

Language Investigation on Shampoo Bottles Essay

To investigate how the language on Shampoo bottles varies depending on what consumers want to hear and market competition; the more specialised the shampoo, the more restrained and technical the language whereas the more generalised the shampoo, the more persuasive and informal the language. To achieve this...

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Language as a Sign System, Blending, Clipping, Free and Bound Morphenes Essay


Blending is competent by taking the beginning of one word and joining it to the end of another word. Two common examples of blending would be to combine the words "breakfast/ lunch," giving us a shorter version of brunch. Or we could combine "Television / broadcast," and end up with telecast.

The Impact of Language to Us Essay

There is a famous quote that says “no man is an island”. The quote means that everyone needs a neighbour, a friend, a teacher, a society, or others that can stay by his side. But how can he stay in that society if he does not know how to communicate with others? Then isn’t it better if that man would just...

Response to Classmate’s Self Reflections in Language and Pragmatics Essay

I think that Aimee's reaction regarding communicating with others who are not close to her is natural. People naturally communicate through language especially if they do not know the other person that well. We hesitate to be physically close to them and communicate more comfortably through language because...

Code Switching & Code Mixing Essay

Code Switching happens when a person that speaks two languages mixes them, or say borrows words from one language, to be clearer and more effective in his/her communication. All over the world a lot of Code Switching happens with English words being used in other languages, pardon, all over the world BUT in...

If Everyone Spoke One Language, English for Example, It Would Lead to Better International Relations Essay

One globe but almost 200 countries on it and about 6000-7000 foreign languages. Why do people need so many languages? Is it a human aspiration of distinguishing from the others? Wouldn’t it be better and easier if there was just one code of communication common for everyone? My answer is: definitely not. It...

Saramaccan Creole Essay

Saramaccan Creole is a language spoken by about 24 000 – 26 000 people near Saramacca in Upper Surinam and French Guiana. The language is used mostly in the communities once formed by fugitive black slaves. It is unique between so-called pidgin languages in two characteristics. Firstly it has two lexifier...

Reflection on Self Study Essay

The main objective of my independent language learning this semester is to enlarge and activate my vocabulary (i. e. 120 assigned words and 120 personal words) and to improve the organization of my writing. Compared to the objective I set last semester, “to learn 100 words or expressions, including 70 active...

Why I want to go into a career of Speech and Language Pathology Essay

Speech and language are two important elements in effective communication. Without the ability to speak, a person can be functional but will experience difficulties when communicating with others. This could lead to low self-esteem and lost opportunities. Disabilities that could affect a person's dysphagia...

Morphosyntax of the Vietnamese Language Essay

Morphosyntax of the Vietnamese Language

The Vietnamese Language is known before as Annamese, when the country was under the French power. This is the common spoken language of the country, and is the mother tongue of the people of Vietnam, who makes up more than 80% of Vietnam’s population. The Vietnamese...

Analysis of metaphors Essay





The Presidential Horse-Race


One function of metaphorical language is to simplify ideas or events which might be otherwise difficult to envision or articulate. Sometimes, as in the case of religious metaphors or distinguished poetry, metaphorical language...

Genie the Wild Child Essay

Genie, the second case of wild child was found in a room tied to a potty chair. Genie was kept in a room locked away because her father thought she was retarded at birth until the age of 13, when she was rescued by a social worker. She was locked away from normal civilization and any type of socialization,...

Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and Alex Garland’s The Beach: analysis on the impacts of language to the reader Essay

As we go about are everyday life, we often see various trends and changes in technology. It has been an important part of people’s systems and surely is an indispensable aspect of humanity. Technology is constantly changing, thus giving us a very fast-paced way of life. As we live this kind of lives, we...

Modern language association (mla) brief format Essay

Modern language association (mla) brief format


Common Language Essay






It is pretty obvious that wars and conflicts would never occur in a world with a single language of understanding. If we look at populations throughout history, common origins of conflict rose in multilingualism as a necessary condition. Based on historical...

Language logic Essay

A misconception of the importance of language for philosophy is one factor that contributed to the devaluation of reason.  Language is an important subject matter for philosophy.  The investigation of language helps clarify the most important concepts.  The language that a person speaks is essentially a tool...

Language Development website Essay





This website took time to explain the different occurrences in language development in young children. They used a chart to present typical progressions as time goes on. For the most part, most...

Language and Reality Essay

Language and Reality


Human beings exist in a world blessed and fraught with various disparate meanings. Meanings translate differently from one individual to the next; the rifts in culture, gender, ideology, age, and so on, dictate how these meanings will be shaped and come to be. But these are...

Describe the types of variations in language we get with social groups, and what do Essay

Describe the types of variations in language we get with social groups, and what do

these variations tell us about (i) language and (ii) people who exhibit these variations.

For the purposes of this essay I have taken ‘social group’ to mean any group, however large or small, that shares a common way of...

Language Overview Essay


Vietnam is a hot country located in Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese folks belong to an ethnic group that came from the present southern China and northern Vietnam. They went southward towards the east of the Indochinese Peninsula. (Nationmaster, n.d.) Vietnamese is the official language of...

Language experience Essay

There is no better method of learning than being in a situation wherein one needs to learn how to communicate with others properly in order to survive.  This is my language experience and it is an unusual one to say the least.  It does not occur within the confines of the four walls of a classroom and...

Language Diversity and Schooling Essay

Language Diversity and Schooling



Learning English language begins on how the teachers teach the young ones. To be more specific those are people living in African America, these are students that are now facing many difficulties in learning the English language. Because Africa American...

Language development in children from birth to two years old Essay




Development in children refers to the acquisition of new capabilities and suggests positive readjustment of previous experiences and skills to new phenomena. Development of language refers specifically to the acquisition of skills necessary for the comprehension and use of...

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