Margaret Atwood Topics

Explore the significance of the Historical Notes in light of the rest of the novel

The historical notes are an important part of the novel, they create an insight into Offred's story objectively and the way in which it came about. We observe Offreds story outside Gilead with another time shift into the future. The historical notes provide the background information of Gilead which Offred...

Do you think the commander is a sympathetic or corrupt character with in the book?

We first met the Commander within Offred's description of his appearance just before the impregnating ceremony. 'His black uniform, in which he looks like a museum guard. A semi-retired man... midwestern bank president... ' his appearance, in Offred's eyes is morphing which ultimately means that his...

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Margaret Atwood’s Portrayal of an Artist in Lady Oracle Essay

Margaret Atwood’s Portrayal of an Artist in Lady Oracle

All modes of inquiry correlate with each other due to their tendency to coalesce in their emphasis on issues that tackle autonomy, justice, and politics. The differences of literary theories, for example, only spring from their construal of the...

Hooked: Atwood’s View of Violence against Women Essay

Hooked: Atwood’s View of Violence against Women
Margaret Atwood’s poem “You Fit Into Me” is a warning against women rather than a poem against men.  It is either the perception and poor judgment, or the strong love for her abuser that betrays the speaker of the poem.  The point of view of the male involved...

Dear Margaret Atwood Essay

Dear Margaret Atwood

In her essay, “Dear America,” writer and novelist Margaret Atwood frames a personal letter to a personified American in which she laments that the strong, proud, artistic, kind, open and fearless America had changed.  The war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, and the national debt have given...

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